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sashinexists t1_jdq3nko wrote

This is fucking sick! It would be cool if this was standard


KnudsonRegime t1_jdriiz6 wrote

The only reason it’s not is logistics. Bananas are notoriously quick to spoil in transit and fast transit is expensive. The banana trains in the US are still the fastest long haul freight method and they have priority over any other train on the tracks.

Since you can fit more bananas without their stalks it’s vastly more economical than wasting a bunch of space with non-edible material.

What nobody talks about is how stalked bananas are shipped LTL (less than truck load) and their carbon footprint is 20x+ that of bulk bunches.


SwaggerEilte t1_jdqspiz wrote

Here in india its pretty much the standard in the usual fruit shops. The shopkeepers cut the bunch from the stalk depending on how much the customers want.