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DenL4242 t1_jeeu3qf wrote

Why is this so hard for people to understand? The BEP doesn't shuffle bills before sending them to banks.


tthrow22 t1_jef7spl wrote

Well these are from 6 years ago. Mildly interesting that they haven’t been in circulation during that time


DenL4242 t1_jefnytv wrote

They're not actually from 6 years ago. The dates on bills don't change every year like they do on coins. They only change when something about the design changes. 2017A bills are the most recent. These could've been printed yesterday.


Thiccaca t1_jefmv00 wrote

Yeah, my dad was a banker for years and always had money that was sequential, because he took money out of his account at work and everything was "fresh."