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152centimetres t1_je2kg3q wrote

gonna start telling people im 4'12 bc it sounds better than "5 nothing"


aught4naught t1_je2vlg0 wrote

Six foot minus 3 here


trashlogin48 t1_je5n2q6 wrote

missed opportunity here. You are 69 inches tall my friend.


DjuriWarface t1_je3nsjp wrote

>gonna start telling people im 4'12 bc it sounds better than "5 nothing"

I think that works the opposite of how you think it does.

There are probably a lot of people who would think 4'13" is shorter than 5'.

Unless you're trying to sound petite, then you do you.


152centimetres t1_je3o6n5 wrote

i'm actually more like 4'11.75 but usually round up, so i think 4'12 is just the funniest thing to say


-Raskyl t1_je5for4 wrote

I used to know a couple, the woman was 5'0". And her husband would call her 4'12", and it made her so irritated. I thought it was great, and also better than 5'0". But ya, she did not.


mjolnir76 t1_je63cyl wrote

Had a friend in college who was tall. When people would ask, she’d say 5’12”. Loved the confused looks.


Salarian_American t1_je2xyl3 wrote

I once heard a guy I know respond to be asked how tall he was with "5 foot 12." This was also the guy who, when asked how long he thought a task would take, said: "I don't know, twenty minutes, maybe fifteen at most."


_BRZRKR t1_je33hat wrote

He sounds fun to be around


Salarian_American t1_je3rx4m wrote

It depends on how much you're amused by people who say stupid shit all the time


enehar t1_je3w72v wrote

If they say it in jest, absolutely.


DH8814 t1_je38a4k wrote

I used to tell people I was 5’12” lol. I was a good bit taller than 5’11” but felt like a liar to say I was 6’ when I didn’t quite hit the mark. Got that extra quarter inch and now I’m a guilt free 6’ 😝


The92nd t1_je4kn6m wrote

Similar here, I'm like 6'1 and ¾ and I don't like saying 6'2 even though with shoes on I'm over it.


saforrest t1_je3w4rc wrote

Reminds of a dude I knew named Daryl who, when asked how long a task would take, would say something like “a maximum of fifteen to twenty minutes”.


ThingCalledLight t1_je5h93n wrote

I was looking to help a guy with some voice acting. I asked him to describe the character.

“He’s pretty lazy, but energetic.”

When I asked what kinda timeframe he had, he said,

“Take your time, but I’m pretty impatient.”

I did not take on the job.


JayKronos t1_je3l788 wrote



dclxvi616 t1_je2a4u8 wrote

Better choice than 5'0", and we all know that simply 5' is going to leave people saying, 'Five foot what? Did the numbers get scratched off?'


Sanity_LARP t1_je2jxol wrote

At that point why even put a number if they can't look 1 up or down and tell it's 5ft? It's not more intuitive to just diverge from the standard that everyone learns. I would kick these out from under people if I saw them.


SlartieB t1_je4lotj wrote

Half of the world's population is below average intelligence


Sanity_LARP t1_je4rbc8 wrote

Well really most of the world falls into the "average" section of the IQ bell curve but I do see your point


SlartieB t1_je4rg6o wrote

Yeah it's a tongue in cheek statement lol


Koendeijck t1_je4cj91 wrote

Is this some sick American joke I'm too European for to understand?


Bara_Chat OP t1_je4mm4e wrote

In Canada, but basically it's like saying my height is 1m100 instead of 2m.


Wolfgang1234 t1_je4s1kn wrote

There are 12 inches (") in 1 foot ('), so 4'12" would usually be written as 5'0".


J3FRS0N t1_je4rsqv wrote

You borrowed. Borrowed = take, loaned = give.


Bara_Chat OP t1_je4v7zk wrote

Oh you're right. I wasn't sure so I used loaned. Thanks.


J3FRS0N t1_je4vfyj wrote

👍 I'm a bit of a grammar nut but it always comes from a good place. Thanks for taking it well, most people freak out at me.


Bara_Chat OP t1_je6jfww wrote

English is not my first language, so if I make mistakes, I'd rather be told so I can improve.


commentninja t1_je5o5gz wrote

You could also throw a helping verb in there.

crutches I was loaned

Meaning someone else did the loaning

English is a wacky language.


ObsoleteReference t1_je39mhp wrote

Honestly I’m just happy they went on To 5’1” after that, rather that 4-12,5-0,5-1.


DarkAngelBaM t1_je2c5ji wrote



saforrest t1_je3wakj wrote

To be honest this looks like something made for the U.S. market by someone who grew up with metric.


crunchyfrog555 t1_je37sjg wrote

Lol, maybe that's a setting only for leap years? :)


Falcon3492 t1_je5s7w8 wrote

Well at least they didn't put it down as 960/16ths.


noopcm t1_je6gv96 wrote

It’s technically correct, which is the best kind of correct.


Mokkiki t1_je4yiqs wrote

That’s for folks born on a leap day/year!


Nandy-bear t1_je5cfkp wrote

This should be in the dictionary for mildlyinteresting. Nailed it, no notes.

Although I am wondering on the why.


derliebesmuskel t1_je5lt24 wrote

I don’t see the problem. There are, after all, 12 inches to the foot.


Hashashin455 t1_je5ox3l wrote

At least they didn't label the one after it 5 ft


Razur_1 t1_je3ez2c wrote

Nah hes 6-3, bro has negative inches on em.


IdealIdeas t1_je3itcg wrote

Maybe im 5' 12"
Because whenever I go to the doctors and get prescribed drugs they question my height if I say im 6' and they question my height when I say im 5'11". Every time I have to explain im like right on the line between the 2 heights.


AffectionateGrape184 t1_je5q2e6 wrote

That's why normal people measure the height of an average adult with 180 lines, not 70

No offense


Y34rZer0 t1_je3qk7z wrote

There must be some curious reason, cos there’s no 5’0”. I wonder what it is


SlartieB t1_je4lbgd wrote

Risk of misinterpreting that as 50 inches if someone's not able to see the decimal clearly. 5 feet = 60 inches. 4ft 2 = 50 inches. Risk of someone setting it up far too high or low


OniDelta t1_je3sd7c wrote

Definitely wasn't a programmer.


bostiq t1_je3ufb6 wrote

Well I'm 3'40'' so what?


bostiq t1_je3ukcd wrote

I'm also surprised they are not measuring you in hummingbirds... it's more accurate than hamsters


AndrewPurnell t1_je3vata wrote

Spent a few months working with my brother doing residential construction. When I would call out a length for him to cut I would ask for 5 foot 23 inches


Beersink t1_je3wkij wrote

Well there are twelve inches in a foot so you must have to list them all.


[deleted] t1_je3wz9q wrote

Gonna start telling people I'm 4'24"


[deleted] t1_je3yghe wrote

Haha that’s hilarious


noahnear t1_je3ys36 wrote

5foot is unlucky in Mandarin.


reflirt t1_je41wnd wrote

I mean I’m 1’60” so


Fillmore43 t1_je43ynq wrote

Sucks for me being 4’25”


Kiflaam t1_je44run wrote

maybe the print came from an automated machine of some sort that doesn't have a null option for the inches?


misterfuss t1_je47ar6 wrote

I knew a really tall girl who said she 5’ 12” when asked due to the stigma of being 6’ tall.


toaster98 t1_je4dhn7 wrote

Can someone explain this to me who uses normal units ?


Shortsleevedpant t1_je4l2qf wrote

You could probably extended them all the way to 4’14” if you needed.


great9 t1_je51fku wrote

that's what you get for using imperial units


Hreny1 t1_je55qb3 wrote

Whats that in normal units?


fermat9997 t1_je57zgx wrote

Less interesting than 4'11.99repeating"


Birthday_dad420 t1_je5jx1g wrote

Just remember that 1/3 pounder failed because people though 1/4 is bigger


smartyy86 t1_je6g91m wrote

in a country where a 7/64" nut exists, which exists between the 3/32" and 1/8" nut, but is bigger than the 3/32", yet smaller than the 1/8" nut, you should not dare to complain about such a thing.


Bara_Chat OP t1_je6iuoe wrote

I live in Canada, but even here tools are sold in both imperial and metric sizes. It's a bit of a mess.


Elfonso8az t1_je78tm6 wrote

As a European I can say that this made me understand the imperial system even less


tila1993 t1_je4mjlz wrote

That’s like when I heard how to read a clock in second grade I put 2:60 instead of 3 and got yelled at.