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geak78 t1_je55ax4 wrote

If contraceptives aren't going to be free, they should all be in vending machines. No 16yo is going to ask a manager to unlock condoms...


GustavoSugawara t1_je5a0fb wrote

Are they kept locked where you live?


cinnamon_troll t1_je5eqcm wrote

At the grocery store by my house they are in a plastic box and the attendant has to take them out. Any embarrassment I feel is better than having a baby.


Zen_Diesel t1_je9nskm wrote

Embarrassed? Ask for 2 boxes with a big shit eating grin. Nothing wrong with protecting yourself.


geak78 t1_je5hz10 wrote

They are locked in most cities (at least in the US) due to being a high theft item...


GameDestiny2 t1_je60819 wrote

Also being from the US, I can confirm this must be a “big city” issue as they’re right out in open here.


geak78 t1_je60u74 wrote

Ya know, right where the most people that need them are...


GameDestiny2 t1_je61jrr wrote

Frankly, if you can’t bring yourself to ask someone to unlock the condom cabinet, you’re probably not mature enough to be fucking.


geak78 t1_je61zt8 wrote

I'm sure that stops the horny teens. As long as sex is free and fun, it will always happen. Making it harder and more expensive to do so safely is just dumb.


GameDestiny2 t1_je68w7y wrote

Alright big brain, you’re saying not having the courage to ask someone to unlock the condom cabinet makes sex expensive and prohibited? It’s a basic concept of responsibility and accountability. If you can’t speak up, then I can’t imagine your partner should feel very optimistic about you sticking around after you bring another human being into this world since you decide not to wear a condom.


incendiary_bandit t1_je6kgwl wrote

You're assuming teens can think this way yet. Most of this rational thought doesn't finish developing until their early twenties.


geak78 t1_je6kisx wrote

It's not a decision when someone else decides to make them cost money even though you have no disposable income. It is not a decision when society makes them hard to get and you don't have transportation to get them away from your overbearing parents.

Contraceptives should be free and available everywhere people are. Anything less is just asking for even more unwanted children. I work with unwanted children. The world does not need anymore.


SilverCyberStreak t1_je694yz wrote

Bitch, if you can’t even ask the guy behind the counter for a dick wrapper then get the fuck out of my sight. “Embarrassed”


treknaut t1_je5f7q9 wrote

There's literally a condom called Retard in there!


TrashPanda592 t1_je5i8zr wrote

Ok i'm curious what is a retard condom. Going by pricing it's in europe or the uk?


purple_pixie t1_je5k419 wrote

Presumably somewhere that speaks a Romance language, and it'll retard in the sense of to slow down / delay.

Given the name it's next to I'd have to assume Italian

(Also the UK doesn't use the Euro)


Riegler77 t1_je5kijn wrote

To retard means to delay. (This is also used in medicine). In this case it means that it's designed to make the man come later.


RichestMangInBabylon t1_je7fzmo wrote

That seems inconvenient. I'm not really sure where I'll be later but I probably won't want to cum then.


Maverick_1882 t1_je5lk62 wrote

Retard is a product line from Control condoms. Retard is lined with Benzocaine, which temporarily numbs nerve endings.


camelzigzag t1_je5n11z wrote

This reminds me of the Curb Your Enthusiasm episode where Larry wears a condom backwards before having sex.


Elfonso8az t1_je78jan wrote

I think that might be what is trying to prevent lol


loverlyone t1_je63suz wrote

They have these machines outside every pharmacy in Italy. “Retard” was definitely our fave name.


GrandProblem8034 t1_jeayopm wrote

It’s for the gentlemen that’s curved to the left or right two degrees like how you would retard your timing in your vehicle -2 degrees back.


murdmart t1_je540ug wrote

I approve all vending machines on general principle.


jmm166 t1_je5go2i wrote

If this is a cheep hotel you can say that they do know their business.


loverlyone t1_je643b3 wrote

Outside of the pharmacies in Italy. Some were built right into the wall of the building so they can be filled from the inside. We found it fascinating in this Catholic country.


milkarcane t1_je663xp wrote

Dat reflection though ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


Ken_from_Barbie t1_je55opi wrote

I'd like to see some plan b in there


loverlyone t1_je647h7 wrote

In Italy you have to ask the pharmacist for any medicines, including antacids like Maalox, although this seems like it’s from Spain.


Jacaxagain t1_je568z7 wrote

Cheaper than diapers and or child support


ryukvmi t1_je5jsq0 wrote

Condoms in vending machines? Seen it, it's common. Lube? Nah thats the god damn sex dispenser


Plan0nIt t1_je5qqlo wrote

Be ironic if an item got..........stuck


deanrihpee t1_je5rocl wrote

I know it's probably not Japan, but the first my brain thought of is Japan because they have some stupid and weird vending machines


ggfchl t1_je5wack wrote

"Aw dangit. My box got stuck. Oh well. I guess I'm buying that lube after all!"


throw123454321purple t1_je66iwq wrote

Now ironic it would be if one of the lubes got stuck in the machine while dispensing...


VegetablePlastic9744 t1_je67iar wrote

You don’t have those in your country? I thought they were common everywhere


bsievers t1_je69jd4 wrote

Someone is finally old enough to go into bars!


LegoStevenMC t1_je6is84 wrote

These are all over the country in universities


Giygas_8000 t1_je6s3vl wrote

Would be totally useless here, since condoms are distributed for free (Yet people keep having ''accidents'')


GamerKilroy t1_je6szj9 wrote

In Italy it's pretty normal. Never bought condoms from ppl, only vending machines


aDangOlePolecat t1_je6v3oy wrote

Damn the invisibles are so expensive, definitely my fav Durex tho


aooelsner t1_je7tdoh wrote

Where is this located? Wrong answers only.


shiroboi t1_je8kwm1 wrote

So if the box of condoms get stuck, do you try to drop lube on it to get it unstuck?


AssCumBoi t1_je9o8qa wrote

After I orgasm I'm going to yell out "Finissimo!"


ptofl t1_jea005c wrote

No Sagami .02 Ls, no buy. Literally the only rubber I will use with a smile on my face.


MissA-Mikasa-5737 t1_je5chvv wrote

Seems like something Japan would.(they have a lot of vending machines for basically everything for those who don't know)


Maverick_1882 t1_je5m59u wrote

If you search Reddit for Retard Condoms you'll see this photo posted all the time.