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Piece73 t1_jdv3imw wrote

While also wearing the shirt of him riding the motorcycle.


Darkstar_k t1_jdv6qvk wrote



[deleted] t1_jdw782j wrote



Throway_No1 t1_jdwc9mq wrote

That’s what she said


AgreeableStep69 t1_jdxh9cp wrote

while we crawled further into the abyss that were the mcdonalds plastic playtubes, searching for the gold nuggets the clown promised us


AgreeableStep69 t1_jdxgwvv wrote

wait zoom in.. on the reflection, to the right.. stop!

upload it to the mainframe, then cross-reference it on the database

..oh my god..

- a 90's serie, probably


Outrageous_Zebra_221 t1_jdvgaxx wrote

I hear the next shirt is going to have this picture on it...


Doodle_Brush t1_jdypu4b wrote

Which covers the full back tattoo of him wearing the t-shirt of him wearing the t-shirt of him driving the motorcycle.


Antiswear-bot t1_jdv3xim wrote

That's his back camera


andersonfmly t1_jdv501v wrote

Especially with a phone in his left back pocket...


xtilexx t1_jdwon0z wrote

Which is awful for sciatic nerve pain, iirc. Wallets are worse though


unwittingprotagonist t1_jdxfdw5 wrote

I'd be paranoid that I shift in the seat the wrong way, or I hit the wrong bump, and I'd never realize it was gone.


xtilexx t1_jdxfo2i wrote

Got myself a few pairs of cargo pants and shorts for work in which every pocket zips, specifically for this problem. I tend to sit in weird ways on the bus to work so I have always worried about losing my phone half asleep on the ride home


sepseven t1_jdy72x4 wrote

Wait, as in wearing one in that pocket in general? Shit, that might explain some things.


xtilexx t1_jdyb7ww wrote

Back pockets, so both. I forget what exactly it's called, probably back pocket sciatica

Wallet neuritis apparently


TheArCwielderNyc t1_jdv9ztk wrote

Different bike.


Reeferologist- t1_jdvirfe wrote

100%. I’m thinking this guy is wearing a memorial shirt. The guy on the shirt has probably passed. Front of the shirt probably says something like “Riding with Angels” or the classic “riding those golden highways.”


ThePantser t1_jdwactb wrote

The fact that the guy on the shirt is not wearing a helmet is probably right. And he is wearing on so maybe that death resonated with him.


AndroidMyAndroid t1_jdwi2r0 wrote

He's wearing a skullcap, which is only a helmet in the legal sense (and even then, helmet manufacturers give themselves a DOT rating and are not independently tested). Those things are useless in a crash.


TheFightingQuaker t1_jdws9mg wrote

Hey now, it's possible you'll crash in such a way where you slide on the tippy top of your head!


leglesslegolegolas t1_jdxiclo wrote

It's also possible that you'll plant the top of your head directly into the A-pillar of the truck that turned into your path. Ask me how I know...


AndroidMyAndroid t1_jdxor14 wrote

Sure, it's possible that you'll bounce off the ground like a pogo stick. It's just very unlikely.


Why_T t1_jdxoz17 wrote

That's thicker than a skull cap. It what my wife and I were wearing when we had our wreck. It without a doubt saved her life.


AndroidMyAndroid t1_jdxrqjx wrote

I'm glad you both made it out of your crash alive, but statistically the face and jaw are most likely to be impacted in a motorcycle crash and the DOT standard that half helmets are designed to pass (because they can't pass ECE or SNELL tests) can still kill you at moderate impact speeds. I wear a 6D helmet, which has game-changing slip plane technology (generations ahead of MIPS) but any kind of MIPS helmet can do more than just save your life, but prevent common traumatic brain injuries that are hard to statistically quantify but can really make a difference in actual recovery and quality of life post-crash.


Why_T t1_jdxt26i wrote

We both wear full face helmets now. No idea what their rating is, I know it was good when I bought them.


AndroidMyAndroid t1_jdxvnsq wrote

Look at the sticker on the back of the helmet. You'll (hopefully) see the legally required DOT sticker, and likely a SNELL or ECE sticker. ECE is best.


leglesslegolegolas t1_jdxi4m6 wrote

> Those things are useless in a crash.

Depends on the crash. Mine definitely saved me the last time I crashed.


AndroidMyAndroid t1_jdxquil wrote

It's possible but it's a fact that the face and lower jaw is the most common impact zone on your head. And it's also a fact that the DOT standard to which half helmets are tested to (because they absolutely can't pass any tougher standard) allows enough force to be transmitted to the head to kill you. They're better than nothing but please get a proper, preferably ECE rated helmet. I have a 6D and honestly believe it's objectively, and by some margin the safest helmet on the market, but anything with MIPS will not only save your life it'll prevent traumatic brain injuries. There's a lot of things that can happen to your head between "dead" and "normal", and a good helmet can not only keep you alive but keep your from drooling on yourself for the rest of your life.


hairysperm t1_jdxddof wrote

Guy on the shirt looks like he's wearing the same type of helmet. Not sure what you're seeing


Oryon- t1_jdvwes7 wrote

Lmfao now I really want to see the front cuz I’m pretty sure you’re right


Westerdutch t1_jdwln3o wrote

> The guy on the shirt has probably passed.

If you want to break that cycle then you might want to stop wearing shirts as if its protective clothing....


srcorvettez06 t1_jdvpkfv wrote

Wild guess that’s a photo is someone who’s since passed.

Edit: words hard.


Electric_Bagpipes t1_jdxx9vh wrote

No gloves and short sleeves no protection. I frown on you people now, because I’m recovering from an accident where my gear literally saved my life, and I was only going 45-50.


JUANesBUENO t1_jdwu9bx wrote

Nice fool's gear he's got there.


jamaicanadiens t1_jdvanli wrote

I once saw a guy wearing a t-shirt with a picture of Che Guevera wearing a Che Guevera t-shirt...


fifty2weekhi t1_jdvclq0 wrote

OP's dashcam comes with a high-powered head-up display


Carteeg_Struve t1_jdw15bn wrote

It’s him riding a motorcycle all the way down.


impreprex t1_jdxwg3u wrote

I love this comment more than I think I should.


turdfarmer1969 t1_jdwck29 wrote

Is that Governor's drive in Huntsville? Noticed the Alabama plate.


BlackThundaCat t1_jdwdv3s wrote

How deep does that rabbit hole go? Does it go forever?


TheBlindBean t1_jdwvilu wrote

I once worked with a guy who only wore shorts. When we would spend entire days outside in 20 degree weather, he wore his shorts. I never asked him why and I wish I did.


fenrslfr t1_jdx28m9 wrote

So you have to find him now and give him this picture.


fursphere t1_jdx6dm5 wrote

I’d rather be riding…..oh wait.


Random_Introvert_42 t1_jdxdhw3 wrote

"Dress for the slide, not the ride"

"Nah, I'mma be a meat crayon some day."


ilikemydawgs t1_jdy3dun wrote

You need to send him this picture so he can make a shirt of it.


billpaycheck t1_jdycxal wrote

“Look, saturdays are me days… okay?”


real_quizle t1_jdweqq4 wrote

careful i think you might have expanded his shirt collection


EggCouncilCreeps t1_jdwfyad wrote

There's a dude in my town who we'd frequently be behind on our commute. He rode this little hot yellow scooter and wore a white helmet. Most days he was wearing a white T, including rainy days. He really should have invested in the rear fender because, uh, mud stripes. But we always enjoyed seeing our scooter dude.


ThatOneGuy7832 t1_jdwgev7 wrote

I was driving to a place where would go hiking when I saw a guy on a motorcycle with a full-on barbarian wolf-skin cloak. He even had the pelt's head over his like a hood.


jpritchard t1_jdxh4lu wrote

Here in the Phoenix area we would get Captain America on a army green motorcycle complete with shield on back every day. The shield was a backpack.


Single_Raspberry9539 t1_jdwl6x2 wrote

What was he wearing when they took the last photo to make the shirt in the first place?!?


tsokiyZan t1_jdwl77k wrote

they call him the rolling recursion...


hairybogwoppit t1_jdwlrmr wrote

Do not look too will be consumed by your curiosity and simply implode on yourself into an alternative version of now as a person looking at a person who is looking at a person on a bike with a picture of a person on bike


bstylz01 t1_jdwma85 wrote

Proof we're in the matrix


Takardo t1_jdwtr8g wrote

gotta make sure he's right at their bumper so the only thing they see is how cool he is in the rearview


Elmondo2 t1_jdx1e66 wrote

I have a shirt with a picture of me watching him drive by.


Tha_Watcher t1_jdx7xix wrote

I would probably have an existential crisis staring into that infinite mirror in rush hour traffic. Thank goodness I work from home!


Poobmania t1_jdx88sb wrote

Thats not him. Probably a friend that died


MaggieJaneRiot t1_jdxap8y wrote

This is what this sub is about. Bravo.👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻


DorisCrockford t1_jdxb048 wrote

One of these days, my weird bike turn signaling is going to make it onto this sub. I can feel it.


hairysperm t1_jdxcjvq wrote

And it looks like he's wearing the shirt too... Shirtception


BadBeach_ t1_jdxffmn wrote

inception of a motorcyclist


Snoo_65717 t1_jdxih8g wrote

If you zoom in he’s wearing the shirt in the picture.


jankyspankybank t1_jdxipor wrote

Took this picture in my state on the road we all joke about not going down.


jbone09 t1_jdxlule wrote

The simple joys of life. This man gets it.


shelsilverstien t1_jdxmr3d wrote

It's like wearing a band shirt to see the same band


KmartQuality t1_jdxpi12 wrote

I like his style.

A gang of one.


BADGERxxxFACE t1_jdxpve5 wrote

I hope you followed him and sent him this pic


twospirits t1_jdxtze0 wrote

You are looking into his soul.


PatriotSpectre t1_jdxvlff wrote

I wonder if he has a shirt that shows him being a meat crayon with the same shirt he's wearing now?


senorita2475 t1_jdyhu6j wrote

This is Huntsville, AL isn't it? I recognized the road signs and traffic light. Born and raised here


Background_Guess_742 t1_jdyzu0y wrote

I'm so mind fucked right now. He's riding a motorcycle with a red shirt with a picture on it of him riding a motorcycle in the same red shirt with his picture on the back.


urmomolaf_ t1_jdz1pvj wrote

He’s riding his own inception. Also our screen shows a guy riding the motorcycle wearing a shirt of that guy riding the motorcycle reflects in our eyes of the guy riding wearing the shirt of the guy riding. Damn.


Necessary_Sun_4392 t1_jdz7k7p wrote

Plot twist: He has the same tattoo.

Normies who get into biking LOVE to tell and show you that they are bikers.


BrockChocolate t1_jdzsze5 wrote

Jokes on you I can read the plate on the shirt. It says "I P 3 LEE"


Original_A_Cast t1_je0iub2 wrote

Honestly, probably one of the coolest shirts I’ve seen in a long time!

Never seen one like it before and not sure why.


gigaswardblade t1_je0uanz wrote

It’s actually a dimensional rift. If you were to put your hand in it, it would go through his shirt and into another dimension.


FeDdY0368 t1_jdvxjed wrote

he is wearing the shit of hin wearing thw ahirt of him wearing the shirt of him wearing the shirt


edWORD27 t1_jdx8huz wrote



kg2k t1_je503aw wrote