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Hundred_Fold t1_iuk8dms wrote

That sticker will outlive the car. Quality.


maybeinoregon t1_iukadpb wrote

Someone wanted those little pieces between the bumper and quarter panel? Must be hard to get…


Connect-Swing8980 t1_iukapyo wrote

They used to steal bumpers off these big time. Lotta pieces, high retail


maybeinoregon t1_iukbdck wrote

Damn that Midnight Auto! Jeez, and here I thought coming out and finding the plastic center caps (rims) missing on my 1977 Ford Thunderbird Town Landau was a bitch…it happened so often, I carried 8 extra in the trunk. I don’t think there was room in there for an extra bumper though lol


Tad-Disingenuous t1_iukbua1 wrote

Member when Obama did this? Deny it like the right denies everything but it still fucking happened.


Pr1meKn1ght t1_iuk9jqh wrote

Tells non-americans that Orange man has nothing to worry about.