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Dry-Fill9591 t1_iu3bzfl wrote

In some European countries, and probably others too, it's very illegal to pass on the right and you absolutely do get pulled over for it. I wish it was like that in the US, as well as enforcement of "left lane is for passing only" laws that are already on the books in most places.

But that's a pipe dream, in the US it's a god-given right to drive like a complete selfish dipshit and keep your license.


neckos t1_iu41uv7 wrote

Police should be dealing with crime, not shaking down drivers for money.


JustDubbinAround t1_iu4ftn5 wrote

There are more fatal car accidents every year than there are intentional homicides. Traffic enforcement is just as important for saving lives.


neckos t1_iu4ojvp wrote

Again, they are a crime fighting force and not a particularly effective one. We don't need American police shaking down civilians for money based on minor traffic offenses.


JustDubbinAround t1_iu4xdpb wrote

They are a law enforcement force, and that includes enforcement of traffic laws.

In 20 years of driving, I've never had them try to shake me down. Must be because I know how to follow simple traffic laws.


Dry-Fill9591 t1_iu42bqc wrote

Only someone who knows they're a shit driver says things like that.


neckos t1_iu42q54 wrote

Lol, what? Ok champ, enjoy being a miserable prick.