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WhistlingBread t1_iu5wozv wrote

Either this is a bad picture or it’s doesn’t look like a skull to anyone but you


cautiouslyinterested OP t1_iu6016w wrote

I think it’s a bad photo. My phone camera isn’t the best quality sadly. But when we were nose to nose I saw it and it spooked me. Tried to get it on camera so he could see. I had to zoom in a bit for him to see it.


WhistlingBread t1_iu60xz7 wrote

It seems like these post pop up multiple times a day. Someone sees a face and posts it and nobody else agrees there is much of a face.

Are you just the type of person that sees tons of stuff in clouds? Do you hear words when you hear static or running water? It probably comes down to peoples ability to differentiate signal from noise, which is different for everybody