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karmasalwayswatching t1_iy9ppn9 wrote

It's a very common thing in most restaurants with those style tables. They're inexpensive and can be purchased in bulk, especially for a major chain restaurant like this.


jonny24eh t1_iya8a9d wrote

Whats funny is that it's covering something cheap (particle board) with something also cheap* (plywood) instead of end grain veneer to make it look like solid wood.

*plywood is of course more expensive than particle board but it's generally not considered as a finish material using the edge grain like this


CovidPangolin t1_iycc1xa wrote

This is like hyper capitalism. Soon only the truly wealthy will be able to have plywood finished like solid wood.


Nenotriple t1_iycqhdh wrote

The kind of plywood the grain depicts would be very high quality solid veneer core furniture grade plywood. Not the same stuff you might build a shed with, and probably 2 or 3 times the cost.

You can find a lot of high end furniture using this kind of plywood. It's commonly used with steam bending chairs here's an example


jonny24eh t1_iycvcx9 wrote

It's still a substitute for solid wood 99% of the time.

A chair like that I would assume the craftsman is laminating their own veneer and not bending purchased plywood.


pvfjr OP t1_iy9q3yg wrote

What's funny is right behind me they have two counters made from legit 2x6 stock, biscuit joined, from Ash, I believe. I guess they ran out of budget after buying those.


karmasalwayswatching t1_iy9qa4x wrote

Who knows. That may also be a franchise location and the franchise owner(s) did something else.

Just a wild guess 🤷‍♀️


saraphilipp t1_iy9zuws wrote

We had veneer covered tables in the 70s at our house. All affordable tables are this way.


pvfjr OP t1_iyb3cyu wrote

Yes, veneer has been around forever.

This is not veneer, however.


saraphilipp t1_iybjyfk wrote

There's literally a piece of verneer on top of that particle board.


nicholasjof816 t1_iybnn6n wrote

I think I can settle this as someone who works with these materials daily. The edge that has broken off is simply called edgebanding. Put on by an edgebander. The table here most certainly is a laminate capped particle board with edgebanding. Likely the underside of this table is either raw brown paper or potentially another laminate layer or melamine. You can tell it is laminate by the distinctive 0.8mm thick decorative layer exposed now that the edge has failed.


pvfjr OP t1_iybk6uv wrote

Perhaps colloquially, but not literally. The top is synthetic. No traditional wood veneers to be found here.


Not_Smrt t1_iyc55c7 wrote

That's a wood print HPL, not actually a wood veneer which wouldn't last very long in a restaurant environment.


Ya-Dikobraz t1_iyb2qgy wrote

Why not have real raw plywood cracked edges, then?


pvfjr OP t1_iyb36rh wrote

Plywood is the new hardwood, apparently. Prices of it are pretty high I suppose.


thorpie88 t1_iybyulu wrote

120aud a metre for some of the LVLs my company makes


Maria_506 t1_iyc5zz3 wrote

That and from what I was thought in school they are much lighter than normal wood.


-m7kks- t1_iy9p4fq wrote

Best not think too much about their burger meat


the_stooge_nugget t1_iy9p82k wrote

Pretty sure it's a common thing to do.


Connor49999 t1_iyc9ddq wrote

Yeah but the point of the post isn't why does it have a veneer. It's why does it have a plywood veneer when you could just make it look like the top of the table as if it were a full block of wood


badMother1 t1_iy9qezf wrote

BurgerKing cuts corners.


pvfjr OP t1_iy9qlyh wrote

Very nice. My daughter would surely roll her eyes at that one.


badMother1 t1_iydhc5b wrote

OK I dig it, I'm an old fart. However, by the time kids have to pay the rent eye-rolling stops ;-)


artaig t1_iya7fxt wrote

Very common. Don't look into Ikea tables and shelves... they are made of cardboard.


ambermoon81 t1_iya9h6q wrote

Veneer of a fake wood on fake wood in a place that serves junk/fake food. Color me surprised


rafaalvfe t1_iyaksbp wrote

It would’ve been amazing if the fake plywood was covering real wood


Drackar39 t1_iyatm6a wrote

That is absolutely hilarious.


CygnusX-1-2112b t1_iyavroe wrote

But I mean, why fake plywood? It's not like it looks good or anything.


the_nobodys t1_iyb233n wrote

Ugh, next you'll be telling me the crowns are made of paper


Peligreaux t1_iybu84b wrote

Local Burger King has fake…


Regnes t1_iyao1rs wrote

I mean, we make laminate or vinyl flooring look like hardwood and nobody bats an eye. Not much difference here.


pvfjr OP t1_iyapunb wrote

Except those are faking quality hardwood. This is faking plywood. I wasn't aware we were mimicking the plywood aesthetic these days.


GiantRiverSquid t1_iyar1z3 wrote

lol, I just wanted to show my support. I'm with you, but I'm also wondering if all these people not immediately equating plywood with poor quality, nor understanding what a veneer says about the thing it's pretending not to be, says more about me than anything.


pvfjr OP t1_iyarecg wrote

Things are getting philosophical in here!


manInTheWoods t1_iycautu wrote

Plywood is very natural compared to MDF or particle board... :)

I have these in my IKEA kitchen set up 15 years ago. The bench top is particle board, and the edges are faked plywood. Top is grey laminate. Were quite popular at the time, but perhaps works best when the top isn't wood grain.


series_hybrid t1_iyascpf wrote

If you like the look of the edging, its pretending to be "Baltic Birch Plywood" like Ikea stuff...


S550Stang t1_iyb7rk9 wrote

Considering a real wood table with these dimensions would cost 40 grand to outfit a burger King.


GaryB2220 t1_iybgh8t wrote

Veneer. How It's Made has a good video about the process.


pvfjr OP t1_iybgk3p wrote

It's not veneer though.


GaryB2220 t1_iybh4u2 wrote

The principal is the same. The application is the same. The reason is the same. Unless that's straight up plastic, the materials are basically the same


pvfjr OP t1_iybhgc8 wrote

It's about 1/8" thick clear plastic, with the woodgrain pattern printed on the backside.

The oddity to me, is the fact that they faked a raw plywood edge when you could just as easily fake a hardwood pattern that actually matches the top.


GaryB2220 t1_iybi31j wrote

That sure is odd. If the pattern holds, I expect to see fake reclaimed pallet wood veneeresque "edges". What would be the best term for this? Feneer?


OverrFlow t1_iyc3pm4 wrote

Me an Indian : first time?


Pusfilledonut t1_iyc6ue9 wrote

Wait til you find out what’s in the burgers


CheezyCock t1_iyfbqaq wrote

Isn’t this a thing with most restaurants?


KruxAF t1_iya0bt5 wrote



highs_a_kite t1_iybaws7 wrote

What do you expect? It’s a Burger King. I once got pie with mold on it lol 😆


AccaEmme t1_iyceevd wrote

OMG sue them !


Inside-Way4895 t1_iyaumst wrote

Hate to tell you this but the grain direction on this edge would not go this way if it was real timber.


pvfjr OP t1_iyb4234 wrote

Hate to tell you this, but conventional plywood is biaxial, so there's really no "wrong direction". We're also not comparing it to real lumber. The surface veneer of cabinet grade plywood is also exceedingly thin, doesn't count as one of the structural plies, and has no bearing on the grain direction of the underlying plies.

The point is, they're faking the fake stuff now.


sumelar t1_iybk520 wrote

I really cannot fathom looking at that and assuming it's meant to look like plywood.

Like, you can literally see actual plywood in the damaged part, and they look nothing alike.

This is like seeing a dog and saying it looks like a chicken.


pvfjr OP t1_iyblapv wrote

It's made of particle board, not plywood. But you're right, they look nothing alike.