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Ghazh t1_iy32903 wrote

Sorry but thats a phillip head nail, not a threadless screw.


ScrizzBillington t1_iy3o8yv wrote

Great, now I gotta tell the new guy to pick up a Phillips head hammer


motor1_is_stopping t1_iy2zddp wrote

It missed a step in the forging process. If you use fasteners often, you will see this a lot.


Random_Introvert_42 t1_iy32ykt wrote

Use it as a nail. Confuse whoever has to take apart what you put together.


Simon7419 t1_iy32hxi wrote

Damn this screw without a thread is not screwing around


timo1324 t1_iy34f8d wrote

it's just a Phillips nail so you can get it out easier using your nail driver


winkman t1_iy4m0gs wrote

It's just a nail.


Dan_Is t1_iy324g8 wrote

I found a screw without a thread.... And proceeded to do some quaint photography with a quite pleasant scene and good composition of color and shapes

Edit: why is this being down voted... I'm saying that the picture looks nice