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sighdoihaveto t1_ix2mhsy wrote

You ate your earbud, didn't you?


MrGizthewiz t1_ix3t2nc wrote

He can't hear you, there's a cashew in his ear.


Wildvikeman t1_ix446nf wrote

Caju. He’s Brazilian.


SuprememeOverlordt t1_ix4d72t wrote

A Brazilian? Wow, Now that is a lot of cashews


DaBurgaRapta t1_ix7b3z2 wrote

"What's that, I can't hear you I've go beans in my ears"


rav007 t1_ix53kqw wrote

Literally my first thought 🤣


Mysterytophat t1_ix2lmq6 wrote

This is the first time ive ever seen brown earbuds


lokemon_35 t1_ix2rdxz wrote

It's Pinkish Gold on the other side. They're from Samsung and I have a pair of these too. Apparently, they're colored this way partly to look like and nornalise wearing hearing aids.


TotalWarthog93 t1_ix32edi wrote

Well that’s pointless, as the hearing aids that are made now are made to be pretty much impossible to see


IShallSealTheHeavens t1_ix3a39s wrote

Have hearing aids, I think you might be referring to the implants. Those are for serious hearing loss only from my understanding. I have fairly recent hearing aids too, got them in 2019? They basically function like wireless ear buds and can connect to devices via Bluetooth. You can definitely tell they're still hearing aids tho since they'll sit on the back of your ear.


Kurai_Tora t1_ix3fxxl wrote

There are tiny hearing aids like the Phonak Virto that resemble ear plugs and stay hidden in the canal.


HPfan94 t1_ix3h9p7 wrote

A lot of people can't use hearing aids like that though. Depending on the degree of hearing loss they may not be able to provide enough power, and they definitely aren't practical for children with hearing loss.


ggdisney t1_ix3m41b wrote

Yes! My kids Dr. Said never before 18 and zero sports after. BTE (behind the ear) is what most deaf people use


aclockworkporridge t1_ix3tb9i wrote

Are they implants? Can they be taken out? Surely a doctor can't recommend a product that disallows participation in any athletic activity... Basically the only thing that's truly good for us


bziggy91 t1_ix3vog5 wrote

I believe the hearing aids they're referring to are semi-implantables. They're inserted into the ear and then left there for 3-4 months, at which point they're removed, thrown away, and replaced.


aclockworkporridge t1_ix4007f wrote

Yikes, no athletic activity for 4 months at a time sounds like a recipe for disaster later in life. But maybe it's just no contact sports or something.


Plainy_Jane t1_ix7z3kq wrote

>Basically the only thing that's truly good for us

this is such a strange way to say physical activity is good


Kurai_Tora t1_ix3hjg1 wrote

That's why they're mostly advertised for lighter hearing loss. And people who wouldn't want an external aid or implants would prefer those.


HPfan94 t1_ix3l1r4 wrote

Sorry, I probably should've replied to u/TotalWarthog93

I was just trying to explain why it's still beneficial to normalize hearing aids since not everyone can wear the nearly invisible ones.


spontan3ous_ t1_ix3hwqc wrote

Has hearing aid technology gotten infinitely better since the foray of the wireless earbud era?


Idkhfjeje t1_ix3r9ue wrote

The only thing I can think of is ergonomics but hearing aids don't transfer and decode files via Bluetooth so there's very little technological connection.


IShallSealTheHeavens t1_ix95m2c wrote

Nope, I had them when I was in 5th grade, about.20 years ago. They still function the exact same except they now have Bluetooth. That's it lol. The shape, form factor, basically the same.


_Wraith t1_ix3lyah wrote

That's an interesting assertion. I just assumed they were colored the same as phones from that generation. I have the matching rose gold phone and earbuds.


TheInfamous313 t1_ix3iepq wrote

I'd guess they're so a wearer with brown hair and/or skin can use them without being noticed as much (ie, at work or school). Solid design idea


Paulo27 t1_ix42ca6 wrote

Except in this case it'd be someone with pinkish gold hair or skin.


zezxz t1_ix44rne wrote

Do you also think they come in black/white so black or white people can use them without being noticed as much or something?


MrWeirdoFace t1_ix46z4s wrote

That's for when they're shooting in old school film noir movie.


beardslap t1_ix2qnel wrote

Maybe it’s a hearing device rather than a music device? As such they may be coloured to fit in with a wider range of skin tones.


spooky825 t1_ix2saya wrote

It's a samsung bluetooth headphone. Source: I currently have one in my ear


sundark94 t1_ix2ttpb wrote

Bluetooth? More like brownpoop, amirite?


Kasti0 t1_ix323wy wrote

Every 4th comment shall be downvoted. That’s the rule.


Ragor005 t1_ix409zc wrote

Don't let him lie to you, it's just a bean with holes


GoodDay2You_Sir t1_ix4r06l wrote

They the rose gold galaxy buds. The other side is shiny. But yeah. They still blend into ears pretty well.


darlin-clementine OP t1_ix3qalx wrote

Y’all are nuts! Lol, to answer your questions: I did not put the cashew in my ear, nor did I eat my earbud.

My headphones fell off of my nightstand. As, I occasionally enjoy a packet of chocolate cashews, there was a rogue one on the floor. When I went to pick up my headphones, I grabbed a headphone and the cashew thinking they were the pair.


MrWeirdoFace t1_ix477fo wrote

>I did not put the cashew in my ear, nor did I eat my earbud.

Don't knock it till you try it.


Dr_Troglodyte t1_ix48us4 wrote

And then you realised you're wearing your safety glasses instead of prescription ones.


puffmaster5000 t1_ix4bufd wrote

How do you even wear those, that's a design I've never seen before


manyahadam t1_ix53yqx wrote

Even this example is hilarious thnx man skskskdsk


KatzMwwow t1_ix6vv2g wrote

Seth Meyers taught me that cashews are not nuts.


joe199799 t1_ix2vkpo wrote

First of all


second I really did not like these headphones at all, they don't work for my ears whatsoever and they did not get that loud (for me anyway) not judging you if you enjoy them, just found I'm definitely more of an in ear earphone kinda person instead of sitting in your ear if that makes sense.


prime3vl t1_ix3dqwx wrote

Keep em away from the One Grit.


coffeecatmint t1_ix3abap wrote

It’s okay that you hate them, but they are the ONLY in ear bud that doesn’t hurt my ears. I love ‘em a lot.


Hugh_Man t1_ix3vddl wrote

I took me a while to figure out how to wear them properly, but once I did they are super comfortable, and I love how they are not in-ear.

The sound quality is a little meh though. Same for the noise cancelling.


Rubcionnnnn t1_ix361jw wrote

I think they are pretty good. The only thing I hate is that of course Samsung refuses to use the open standard APTX bluetooth protocol that everyone else uses and instead uses a proprietary one so there is an insane amount of latency (almost a full second) unless you use them with a samsung phone.


joe199799 t1_ix36eft wrote

I would look into that personally, I used them with a OnePlus 7t pro and a pixel 4a and never had that issue I believe I was using sbc for the audio codec or aac one of the two (you can switch in developer options on Android) (tap build number a shit ton of times in about phone until it says you are now a developer)


ArienSha t1_ix300do wrote

I have to be honest.. I have tried apple ones a couple time and i absolutely hated the feeling of any crap being in my ears (maybe i have freaky ears or something, i dunno), so i am actually quite passionately disliking any of them in any colour from any brand... No offense to anyone who likes them, but on top of clogging your ears, to me they all look absolutely ridonkulous. Its kinda like fleece sweaters. They look horrible, but they are terribly practical, so people wear them.


joe199799 t1_ix369st wrote

That's fair I just don't think my canals work for ones that sit in my ears like they just don't seal and I hate it so I get ones that go on my ear so I can get a seal


jennana100 t1_ix2mw0r wrote

My guy...did you eat your ear bud?


sciencewonders t1_ix3poqt wrote

more interesting thing here is brown earbuds' existence


gwaydms t1_ix3xxp5 wrote

Makes more sense for POC than pale ones.


Suekru t1_ix5t7q9 wrote

I didn’t realize people tried to get skin colored earbuds. Seems a bit odd to me.


probenation t1_ix2nj0z wrote

You will need a pear to connect that thing to Bluetooth.


skunk_ink t1_ix2u5sb wrote

Pears aren't compatible, it's Apple only.


RockyDify t1_ix2q98j wrote

How close did it come to your ear?


KeenJelly t1_ix37g4v wrote

Chocolate cashews?! Goddamn, I didn't know these existed. I guess I'll just speed run to 300lbs now.


Jokkitch t1_ix41pkn wrote

At least it wasn’t the other way around


Sentsuizan t1_ix2q3yf wrote

Are these the Samsung bean buds because I can't fathom why the design is so bad


ArienSha t1_ix30ar9 wrote

I used to love Samsung Galaxy phones. The earphones they came with however.... Geesh... it's like they were insisting to make them as bad humanly possible.. so now I've moved on to a diff android phone and only use big earphones gif


leaife t1_ix2rog3 wrote

These some cronchy beats.

Just don't mistake your earbud for the chocolate-covered cashew.


ghostfreckle611 t1_ix3mz2p wrote

Why? Did you pull it out of the case and stick in your ear?

Did it charge?


StnMtn_ t1_ix3lkhq wrote

Did your hearing go nutty on you?


dkl65 t1_ix44cbz wrote

This immediately reminded me of Bob the Builder mistaking a banana for his yellow cellphone.


professor_doom t1_ix484b7 wrote

I went to lint a stick of incense and it turned out to be a sparkler, which scared the shit out of me.

Another time, I accidentally started to brush my teeth with hemorrhoid cream because someone left that in the wrong drawer and they looked identical. O


IamToddDebeikis t1_ix4dd19 wrote

Found a bag of chocolate chips on the pool table. 9 year old me is in stealth mode bc im not allowed to est sugar. Pop one in my mouth and it tastes horrible. Spit it out. My grandparents walk in, I ask them about the bag. It was my grandpas kidney stones.


jacktalife t1_ix4lmgj wrote

Just tell us where to get chocolate coated cashews we don’t care about anything else


zuldrahn t1_ix4lz4j wrote

TIL chocolate cashews are a thing (and someone actually chooses to buy brown coloured products)


lazermaniac t1_ix4ntoj wrote

I had that happen with gum and a silicone earplug. Not a fun morning.


chev327fox t1_ix4uur7 wrote

How’s the sound quality of that cashew?


CraftyKuko t1_ix52pl4 wrote

Was this before or after you took the cashew out of your ear?


Lovat69 t1_ix62xcr wrote

Please tell me you didn't eat your ear bud.


go_half_the_way t1_ix2s02o wrote

And this is how my farther chewed on his hearing aid.


NenPame t1_ix2wl3g wrote

What did it sound like? Could you hear the ocean?


idiBanashapan t1_ix2z10k wrote

Chocolate covered cashews? I have never heard of these.


Ishidan01 t1_ix34lhr wrote

ok so...where is your other earbud?


Raichu7 t1_ix3c5ji wrote

Imagine having to explain to a doctor why a grown adult is in to have a chocolate covered cashew removed from their ear.


R-2000 t1_ix3d6qw wrote

I think that you might need glasses as well.


andzno1 t1_ix3eq54 wrote



Skagganauk t1_ix3f753 wrote

Did you put it in your ear? Because if you didn’t I’ll eat it.


WeepingAgnello t1_ix3hh8h wrote

Did it go in your ear? Let the cat lick it!


[deleted] t1_ix3i1jo wrote

Question is: Did you put candy in your ear, or did you put buds in your mouth.


mpg111 t1_ix3ia74 wrote

I need arrows and circles


DeltaBob42 t1_ix3nzls wrote

Soooo... where'd the other one go?


Doomtrooper12 t1_ix3saed wrote

I hated those earbuds, they never seemed it stay on my ears, so I bought the galaxy buds pro to replace them.


2Legit2Quiz t1_ix4eym5 wrote

How are the pros? I decided to buy the Buds 2 instead, because most reviews I've read said the pros won't fit snuggly in the ear.


Doomtrooper12 t1_ix4t5io wrote

I haven't really had too many issues with them, haven't used them much but I think that stupid active noise cancellation is on by default. Sounds pretty good.


pmurcsregnig t1_ix3teoc wrote

I thought they were mini crocs


FlameHank t1_ix3twid wrote

I thought that was a kidney


Shadowdragon409 t1_ix3vgj2 wrote

How do you even stick that in your ear? It's massive


ShortThought t1_ix3w04h wrote



TheHancock t1_ix3xuyk wrote

Dang cheap earbuds! Melted in my pocket again!


omnifeeder t1_ix40ffm wrote

So that must mean you ate your other earbud.


MinerDiner t1_ix43xq8 wrote

How the hell do people wear earbuds shaped like this. They don't even fit in the ear in any way


cyk123 t1_ix43y0b wrote

That's a bean, not earbud :p


BDMblue t1_ix448i8 wrote

Are they dark to match your skin tone? I hope so because if your not black or brown it must look like poo in your ear.


Vorc70 t1_ix44lyy wrote

How does that earbud actually fit in your ear?


[deleted] t1_ix45r4w wrote

omg I have those exact same ones


Max0_o123 t1_ix467p7 wrote

"Hey, why isn't my left earbud working?"


Khaoz_Se7en t1_ix478w8 wrote

I didn’t think either of these were cashews or earbuds at first glance


Pyrox645 t1_ix479ju wrote

He bought the beans!


TheKrakenIV t1_ix47m3f wrote

Well I though you'd mistake it for something else.... You know 😜


SlapmyFace t1_ix483eo wrote

Trust me wearing a cashew is infinitely better than eating an earbud.


Ifureadthisyoulldie t1_ix48dco wrote

A skinned toned ear bud for me! Brilliant! Just in time for Black Friday. I need these


Clever_Angel_PL t1_ix4gioc wrote

I have Samsung Beans too! but black ones :)


Knife-yWife-y t1_ix4jt5p wrote

I've seen ads for this color earbud. Now I know exactly why they bothered me so much.


Akwagazod t1_ix4kqs2 wrote

Your earbud looks like doodoo.


Griffin_Throwaway t1_ix55dch wrote

ah, the Samsung Beans

what a bizarre little wireless bud that abuses the corpse of AKG for clot


SirKittyton t1_ix5a3d9 wrote

How do you keep your beans so clean?!


MrJuniperBreath t1_ix5azip wrote

Said cashew also has a face. It's like a cocoa manatee with a bloodhound head.


liam_redit1st t1_ix5ccbh wrote

Worse if it was the other way around, bit crunchy


Actual_Mortician t1_ix5ealr wrote

Now where is my right ear bud? Looks like yours, but black.


itchymus t1_ix6eajp wrote

it took 3 hours to figure out why you weren't getting any sound out of that side. by then you had brown ear


jeepney_danger t1_ix6erl7 wrote

Are those the Samsung Galaxy Buds Live?


dr_greenwall t1_ix6gy09 wrote

.... no longer quite so delicious ...


mbrad7 t1_ix6j1sz wrote

Honestly you’re earbud looks tastier than the chocolate cashew.


limberacci t1_ix719j8 wrote

This reminds me of getting a chocolate chip stuck in my ear as a kid - from sneaking chocolate chip cookies into bed.


spec360 t1_ix7r5fn wrote

Dude wake up


brianinohio t1_ix2m2d6 wrote

Eww... chocolate gooey ear....try hydrogen


AvidSoapLover t1_ix2wyi6 wrote

why your earbud(s) built like that 💀💀


ArienSha t1_ix2ldc8 wrote

Oh no.. they now also come in turd colour? gifgif


MACh518 t1_ix2y4g6 wrote



puddlejumpers t1_ix2qn4o wrote

Why did you just have a cashew hanging out with your earbuds? r/quityourbullshit