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berry9993 t1_iybx4wm wrote

Ngl this isn't mildly interesting, you can't go anywhere without some type of political view being shoved down your throat.


spiderborland t1_iye13nw wrote

The legality of Trump's actions shouldn't be political. It's only political because he was a politician.


Status_Fox_1474 t1_iycu91l wrote

To be fair, having signs that said "whites only" was some pretty political view shoved down everyone's throat, right?


Nigredo78 t1_iydjipn wrote

show me where "whites only " is a thing still.. feckless muppet..


oiiSuPreSSeDo t1_iydmkr4 wrote

They have black only schools and charities, fundraisers etc. Specifically for black people where I live. They even have it written in their laws that certain skin tones, religions and races are actually legally protected from criticism (which the legislation actually calls "offense" which is totally subjective) there are also incentives for employers to hire minorities over white people.

My point being is that in the west, the discrimination (and literal, actual systemic racism) is against white people, not for them.

Before anyone calls me the usual buzzwords, as they so often do when I mention any of this, don't embarras yourself, I'm indian 🙃🤷🏾‍♂️


CrimsonW1ld t1_iye8xc5 wrote

The amount of facts you are speaking is just 🤌 I'd give you an award if I could


CoyRogers t1_iyekgqm wrote

in Perry Florida there are still 'Whites Only' signs up in some resturants, saw one there last year.

heres a news story about the place

Perry, Fla.Gerald Walker works less than a mile from Deal's Oyster Bar, but he's never been there.It's not that Walker doesn't like oysters. It's just that as a black man, he's not interested in eating at a white establishment.That's the way things are in this Gulf Coast hamlet, southeast of Tallahassee."All the bars are segregated," said 67-year-old William Monroe, who is black. "They have a part for the blacks and a part for the whites."While segregation is no longer legal, people's habits haven't changed. Blacks and whites still live, worship and drink separately. And nobody seems to mind.Nobody in Perry, that is.But three weeks ago when Talmadge Branch, a black Maryland lawmaker, was told he had to drink in a back room at the Perry Package Store and Lounge, residents found themselves staring into news cameras while state and federal officials swarmed the area investigating the complaint.Branch, 45, told investigators he was en route to a political meeting Feb. 3 when he stopped at Perry Package. Branch asked for a draft beer and was told by bartender Patricia Hughes she would have to serve him in the back room. He heard a female voice say that "coloreds are served back there."Hughes and bar owner David Holton, whose liquor license is now in jeopardy, admitted Branch was sent to the other side of the bar and, in an agreement with prosecutors, they apologized and paid a $5 fine.


Nigredo78 t1_iyelaoi wrote

so not a thing sounds like they paid for being cunts..


CoyRogers t1_iyelp6t wrote

they didnt change the rules just paid the fine....


Nigredo78 t1_iyemrfx wrote

the law is the law.. keep fining them.. or burn it the fuck down but since were in a passive aggressive society.. use the legal method..


m3003 t1_iyb8yn2 wrote

Arre St. Trump! Idk if he's a saint just yet. Give it time.


acqz t1_iybb6b1 wrote

Here for the comments 🍿


69city420 t1_iyc7rov wrote

So George Bush is just totally off the hook for the war crimes at this point, huh?


Otfd t1_iydbm76 wrote

Just arrest all past presidents. Fuck it.


spiderborland t1_iye15uh wrote

Hey now... what did Jimmy Carter do? I always heard that he never did anything at all!


CoyRogers t1_iyel8ve wrote

he built houses for poor folks


spiderborland t1_iyelcnx wrote

Right. He's definitely done the most POST Presidency than many others.


Sid15666 t1_iybk00b wrote

Trump for prison 2024 !


Cheap-Solution-905 t1_iychd82 wrote

People have too much time on their hands. I've personally got better things to do that will actually help me accomplish something.

I don't give a shit who's in office. They're all pieces of shit.


Stillstuckinarizona t1_iyc1fdy wrote

It's not just the subject matter that proves they're not maga hat wearing morons, rather it's the fact that the words are all spelled correctly.


HRamos_3 t1_iyctb6h wrote

How long till something like "We're trying, but we need your help. Donate now!" appears written in blue?


Northman67 t1_iye4aor wrote

How many people could steal top secret documents from the government store them in a terrible manner in their personal residence and then lie to the FBI about possessing them and still be walking the streets today still be talking about a presidential run?

I don't think even Obama could have pulled it off. Although maybe one of our top oligarchs could get away with it?


lebob01 t1_iyc58ub wrote

Is your cam on water painting mode or something?


supercoincidence OP t1_iycz16e wrote

The phones try to sharpen, then smooth over images when you zoom in. They also do odd things to faces. They try to keep them exposed properly, which sometimes makes people look like bad cardboard cutouts. Pretty annoying.


TheAlpheus t1_iydem5o wrote

remember that FBI raided his home and speculated that he has nuclear codes? what happened then?


CoyRogers t1_iyeljup wrote

they found the documents he stole and the nuclear launch codes are just 12345, same code as on my luggage.


Stlouisken t1_iyd6060 wrote

And just above the Hunter (Biden) sign. Wonder if planned😉


Raspberry-Leather t1_iybztem wrote

Thank you for reading it for me


supercoincidence OP t1_iyczi8b wrote

Previous post was titled “sign over highway” or something like that , but got taken down for not being specific enough. Rule #6, if you’re wondering.


mzivtins t1_iycxcge wrote

Is this right:

I have learnt (Through cesspool social media sites like reddit) that Americans, if they disagree with someone either:

  • Want to shoot them
  • Want them to be arrested

Is there any in-between?


BaconIsAVeg2 t1_iydj1ew wrote

Or you know, have them arrested if they're guilty of crimes and not simply walk free due to wealth and or influence. Pretty sure that's a global problem.


mzivtins t1_iydl8gx wrote

Thats strange, I can only talk from experience of living in the UK as a Briton, but you have to be found guilty like you say.

But in these scenarios, I cannot find anywhere, any piece of legal documentation that refers to the person mentioned in this sign being guilty of any crime?

So what are you referring to when you say guilty of crime? that does happen right? If someone is guilty as charged then they are arrested/incarcerated as needed?

Or do they not need to be guilty in America for them to be arrested and charged?


BaconIsAVeg2 t1_iyeag0t wrote

> but you have to be found guilty

Being found guilty implies there was a trial that you didn't simply refuse to be part of. It means there was an investigation that wasn't manipulated by individuals you put in those positions. It means evidence was seized and not destroyed. It means the evidence that was presented wasn't ignored because the people in charge of actually convicting you refused to do so due to political party affiliations.

None of the things I listed above are the signs of an innocent person. The people are well within their rights to expect justice to be done.


mzivtins t1_iyf6qh4 wrote

Ok. You are making false truths.

Again, where is a legal document anywhere that states the individual was tried as guilty?

Thats all there needs to be for it to be true, until then, you are just making up conspiracies that are so outrageous it makes you sound like you are part of a flat earth cult.


Dox_Equis t1_iycau6l wrote

For what?

6 years of failed witch hunts, all based on lies by the Democrats, 2 failed impeachments, one where the lying democrats used edited footage of Jan 6th to try to get him impeached.

Here's a better idea, stop watching lame stream fake media.


Cracraftc t1_iydpgv7 wrote

I thought the Jan 6th stuff was Antifa? Now it’s edited footage?


Dox_Equis t1_iyes7li wrote

Or FBI agents in disguise!

But I dunno. However the footage used at the impeachment trial to try to get Trump impeached was edited in a way to make him look guilty.

The defense then showed the full versions which completely exonerated Trump, The democrats LIED again and again and again. So far its 6 years of lying about Trump.


king332 t1_iyf0vst wrote

Post that please, I'd like to see


Dox_Equis t1_iyf1jsv wrote

feel free to look it up.


king332 t1_iyf2pfp wrote

Bahaha. How did I know you weren't gonna link it. The burden of proof is on those who make the outlandish claim.


Dox_Equis t1_iyf4r1v wrote

Google it yourself. Its there. If this is your response you lefties are dumber than previously thought.


king332 t1_iyf5o6d wrote

makes claim

Refuses to back it up with facts

Starts name calling

Yup... Sounds like your argument is based in fact all right. XD


mkfandpj t1_iybd7df wrote

LOVE IT!!! ♡♡♡


Reddit_Dan t1_iybqi7b wrote

Lol so true, to be honest, the whole republican party should be in jail.

There's only one forever party for America, that's the Democratic party


completeenvoy t1_iybrv4o wrote

Regardless of what side you fall on, this is a really shallow take. Jailing your opposition and espousing that you’re views are the only way forward is a very dangerous extremist mindset that’s toxic to change and civil dialogue.


scoundrel1680 t1_iybrnlu wrote

"my team vs yours"

Is this politics or sports?

People who think like this are the problem lol.


mopsyd t1_iybuwsr wrote

Does the GOP or DNC logo really look all that different from the Buffalo Bills one? If I point out people wearing face paint waving big foam fingers, am I talking about a football game or a political rally?


Fthewigg t1_iydeevd wrote

My daughter needs an abortion or she could die and we can’t afford to leave the state is not the same as rooting for a sports franchise. There are real world implications to who wins or loses here. Go ask people from Iraq about the 2000 election.

I admit what the other person said is totally ridiculous, but the overall concept is a little deeper than just being a sports fan.


Phillysean23 t1_iycgyrd wrote

I believe there were a few instances of government that had a one party system but I forget how it faired ….


GodLikePlaya t1_iyc1jp7 wrote

Biden's organization forces New York retirement homes to take in covid positive patients knowing full well the elderly are at most risk for Covid. This results in massive loss of life. Yes. Arrest Trump.

Edit: If you are going to downvote, at least comment why. And keep emotion out of it.


spiderborland t1_iye1ecp wrote

That was a lot word vomit but I agree with your final statement.


8-15ToTheCity t1_iybibq0 wrote

I'm not American nor do I really care for Trump or Biden,

But I wonder what there is to arrest him for?, His house was raided by the FBI and they found nothing, He was impeached twice and nothing was found,

Where as look at the likes of Hunter he had clear evidence of breaking the law on a laptop, There's evidence to suggest Nancy's husband Paul has had insider trading information, Why are we not asking for them to be investigated,

Regardless of the colour you vote, We should hold criminals accountable.


lord_zetsuei t1_iybpc0s wrote

His house was raided by the fbi and they found documents of various stages of classification that he had no authority to possess. That case is still ongoing.


8-15ToTheCity t1_iybpguw wrote

I stand corrected about the FBI then,

Thank you.


lord_zetsuei t1_iybq2mn wrote

No worries, even as an American, it's hard to keep the shitshow we call our political system straight sometimes. Everyone's breaking a law, just depends on whether they get caught or not.


PopularSciGuy t1_iyc52gm wrote

Impeachment is a political, not criminal process.


BuilderNB t1_iyclj5v wrote

It is but he’s stating that nothing was founded. They have literally been trying everything they can to catch Trump doing something but nothing has stuck.


calynx3 t1_iybshc9 wrote

>His house was raided by the FBI and they found nothing, He was impeached twice and nothing was found,

Trump has literally admitted to taking the documents. From the beginning, the FBI found illegal shit there. You can Google, right?


aristidedn t1_iybxoua wrote

"I'm not right-wing, but Hunter Biden Nancy Pelosi Trump Innocent!"


HUNTER46391 t1_iydcj2x wrote

Oh the downvotes for holding an opinion or asking questions roflol. I love Reddit


SCHRUTTFARMS t1_iybo74q wrote

Thank you!!!! I keep seeing posts calling for more investigating. Investigate what? What is left?


aristidedn t1_iybxlbn wrote

Trump is currently under investigation by the Manhattan GA for tax crimes, under investigation by the NY State AG for tax crimes, under investigation by the Fulton County DA for election-related crimes, under investigation by the DOJ for election-related crimes, and under investigation by the FBI/DOJ for national security crimes.

And the above doesn't include any of the civil lawsuits he's facing.


BuilderNB t1_iycltn8 wrote

They can “investigate” for anything. Doesn’t mean he’s guilty. He might be, I don’t know, but you can’t tell me these investigations aren’t politically motivated. I can’t stand trump but he’s not stupid.


Skulldetta t1_iyeebcf wrote

Yeah, I'm sure Donald "I promised to release my tax returns and now sue people so that I don't have to, I surrounded myself with people who were criminally convicted on various charges, I praised authoritarian dictators who kill their enemies, I lied more than any other President in recorded history and I have a decades-long reputation for conducting shady businesses" Trump is totally clean and has nothing whatsoever to hide.


BuilderNB t1_iyf03ph wrote

That “quote” could be inserted with literally any other President that we’ve had in recent history. Except saying that he would release his taxes but I don’t think saying that and not doing it broke any laws.

Don’t get me wrong, he’s as shady as they come. But you can be shady without breaking laws.

Btw I’m not defending him. But this isn’t his first rodeo. He had teams of lawyers. I’m just saying all the investigations are politically motivated. You know they are.


SCHRUTTFARMS t1_iybycc0 wrote

Yes, I know this...When I questioned the poster he couldn't tell why he wanted an investigation. So he was uninformed and parroting. He was the anti Trump version of Tucker Carlson.