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FatigueVVV t1_ixz5ulr wrote

This is a particularly awful looking d100, which is an already terrible die. Percentile d10s will always be preferable.


dmaster1213 t1_ixzuqhq wrote

My dad had a d100 and it looked nothing like OP's picture. It rolled alright and didn't feel unbalanced.


Amiiboid t1_ixzwfb6 wrote

Was it the “Zocchihedron” or something like that from the 80s? I had one of those. It did, in fact, roll alright. Sometimes the challenge was getting it to stop rolling.


dmaster1213 t1_ixzx4di wrote

Oh yea he said it was hell to roll, and never liked it.


ExceptionCollection t1_iy0mzx1 wrote

It's a conversation piece, really. You can roll it but why.

My other "conversation piece" dice are a D12 from an old National Geographic game and a metal D20. I also have "long" dice I use sometimes, but at least those are functional. (

Oh, and a set of D6 that have a D6 inside of them.


Amiiboid t1_ixzye04 wrote

Apparently weights were added at some point as a braking mechanism. Your dad and I must’ve had the first generation.


dmaster1213 t1_ixzyjfy wrote

Oh yea he was into it in the 80s, he even still had his old characters from campaigns back then.


HellbellyUK t1_iy0ebm0 wrote

I’ve still got one. I seem to remember someone wrote into White Dwarf magazine claiming that the D100 was biased against results at the extreme low and high numbers. They showed this with a graph produced by tabulating something like 2-3000 dice rolls. Some people really need a hobby :)


WalkerBRiley t1_iy0p78m wrote

What if that WAS their hobby? Just because you don't approve of it doesn't make it valid.


BikesGamesWeed t1_ixyeq0a wrote

That's just a ball with numbers


The_RockObama t1_ixzgvrr wrote

"Dude, I told you we should have played in the basement like usual. But NoOo wE hAd To pLaY oN a HiLl. You're climbing into the storm drain this time."


[deleted] t1_iy00vob wrote



The_RockObama t1_iy02f4c wrote

I grew up by a golf course, and the number of instances of cars getting hit and squealing to a stop was crazy. I don't know why they designed the course the way they did, but damn.. many people had bad days along that stretch of road.


cutelyaware t1_ixyin0e wrote

No way is this a fair die. And that's a shame because it is possible.


dreck_disp t1_ixzfh2w wrote

Dicelab makes a legit d120.


SmithersMcNuggins t1_ixzoxht wrote

Got a d120. It's a glorious thing, but takes a second to be 100% sure you read it right because from different angles it looks like a different side is on top


Working-Raspberry185 t1_ixysywh wrote

Wow, that’s a lot of Darkest Timelines


PeanutBrittle55 t1_ixyuqnv wrote

Wait, there are other timelines?


Working-Raspberry185 t1_ixyzbe9 wrote

According to Community, 😂


Gordon_Explosion t1_ixz9tyr wrote

Looks like it would be most likely to come to rest on a junction of 3 raised number panels.


Dorocche t1_iy05xrx wrote

I assume each junction is opposite a single number, rather than another junction. I hope so, at least.


Lucky_Squirrel t1_ixyg3uf wrote

How they determine which number is up ?


cloudrunner69 t1_ixygqqd wrote

They line them up with the ones that are down.


Turtlebug42 t1_ixze9n1 wrote

As a dm, these things appear in my nightmares. I hope I'll never see one in real life because i night go insane if one of my players pulls out one of these.


fourtotheside t1_ixzksyw wrote

You: “Roll 2d10 for percentage.” Them: Rolls this monstrosity You: (while it is still rolling) “You died of old age.”


farrenkm t1_ixz9yza wrote

I'm still waiting to see an infinity-sided die.


DenethorsTomatoRIP t1_ixzed9f wrote

They actually do make those. The technical term is “sphere”, but some manufacturers call them “ball”, depending on the application. You can find them pretty easily.


joyfall t1_ixzgtij wrote

You can even find them at the dollar store labeled as marbles!


NinjaHDD t1_ixyeliz wrote

Do not give the lottery any ideas…


iFormus t1_ixzllt3 wrote



ghost_n_the_shell t1_ixzl2bi wrote

I’m sure it’s the angle - but I don’t see what number is clearly on top.


Twentydragon t1_iy2j52g wrote

The angle isn't helping, but this type of d100 is poorly designed. It's resting between the 95 and two other faces just over the horizon.

The original didn't have this problem.


Ibetya t1_ixzke1y wrote

That almost looks like it was intended to not have spacing between the numbers and someone messed up the math


stalphonzo t1_iy0ewgh wrote

That's just a basketball with hotel room plaques stuck to it.


h3rpad3rp t1_ixzu95m wrote

I'd rather just use 2 d10s since they wont just roll off the table. That thing looks like it would take ages to stop, and the gaps between the numbers could make it rest lop sided so it would be hard to tell the result.


Green_Routine_7916 t1_ixzvdcl wrote

there is no die function here, like what number does it show now? there is no number straight on top


DerMagicSheep OP t1_ixzwawi wrote

It's a bit difficult to tell sometimes, but there's always one number on the complete opposite side of the number touching the table (an example, the number on top is 85)


Twentydragon t1_iy2ii1x wrote

OP's photo shows the die resting in the middle of the gap between the 95 and two other faces just past the horizon. There's no number on top here, which is what makes me wonder why manufacturers decided to do it this way instead of the way Lou Zocchi did.


DJYippy t1_iy11bd1 wrote

I have the same die, I play a wild magic Sorcerer in my Dnd game so i roll a lot of D100s
but this is so shit to roll, it lands between 3 numbers most of the time, and you need a big surface to get a proper roll. so I'm back to just rolling the 2 d10's method


Twentydragon t1_iy2hzr7 wrote

I have an earlier model of d100. It's basically a sphere with circles truncated out of it, so it doesn't stop between numbers, and it contains some kind of sand to bring it to rest quicker and not roll off the table (as much).


Shortbarj t1_iy1xnhm wrote

But which number do you look at?


siecin t1_ixzj7sx wrote

You could have at least taken a picture with a number at the top... It's just a fancy golf ball.


xicexdejavu t1_ixzmflf wrote

Most useless thing i saw today


MoistPaperNapkin t1_ixzodmg wrote

The only way to get more sides at that point is to find a sphere


sincinati t1_ixzoinu wrote

No serious DM would permit this monstrosity. I call BS.


robo-dragon t1_ixzqdo5 wrote

I have one of these, but never want to use it for a game because I think my DM would kill me the moment I took it out of my bag.


SEND_PUNS_PLZ t1_ixzqtop wrote

Wow so many people gave it their stamp of approval


A_Mirabeau_702 t1_ixzriw0 wrote

How is it that we can see half of the die and only like 25 numbers are visible?


rlprice74 t1_ixztb2y wrote

I remember having a "zocchihedron" back around 1990 while playing in high school. It looked like this, but was plastic and had some kind of beads or something inside of it (I presume for weight). Useless things, since they tending to roll right off the table.


Twentydragon t1_iy2ixp0 wrote

I still have my zocchihedron!

It does roll for a while, but stopping it faster is what the beads/sand is for. Without it (especially if it's metal like OP's photo), these things would roll like a golf ball. They still do, but I can get them to stop on a reasonably level table.

It also doesn't have empty spaces between the numbered faces; it's basically a sphere with 100 circular divots cut out of it. This means that it won't rest between values like the one in OP's photo is doing.


bwanabass t1_iy004m3 wrote

For rolling on a piece of elite dropped gear. /ran 1 100


INFJ_witchergirl t1_iy0atga wrote

Can you tell which side faces up easily? From this pic it looks like the highest point is between three numbers. Could be the angle, but I'd like to see one in person


Twentydragon t1_iy2ia71 wrote

I have an earlier version of d100, and it's not terribly difficult to tell at all.

The one in the photo is a poor example, since the die can rest between intended values (the original cannot). That's what it's doing here: resting between the 95 and the other two faces just past the horizon.


INFJ_witchergirl t1_iy3wmlj wrote

Ah. I see. Interesring. I've not even come across a situation where you need a d100. What do you use them for?


Twentydragon t1_iy5vang wrote

Usually it's used to pull a result from a randomization table, or in generating setting attributes like a town's population size or a shopkeep's gold on hand.

There are still a few edge cases where a player might need to roll a d100, but usually players just use percentile dice. The zocchihedron is still a fun thing to have if you like dice!


INFJ_witchergirl t1_iy71p3d wrote

Yeah. I have a fascination with dice. I love all the cool DnD dice, even though I don't play. I'd love to but none of my friends do, sadly. Did you see the kickstarter for the coin dice? Very clever


zubbs99 t1_iy0lr4e wrote

Chance of insta-killing a dragon with your slingshot - 1/100.


Mhind1 t1_iy0uas0 wrote

Some say it’s still rolling to this day


grantbullock t1_iy0uhcp wrote

I heard a guy called grits n gravy once rolled 77 7s in a row on this die, winning a million in the process


Triskalaire t1_iy10f4f wrote

wow, rerolls all your items, and rocks, enemies, pickups in the room


battleaxworier t1_iy1gf9h wrote

Does this belong in r/technicallythetruth


Blue_Jays t1_iy1vir1 wrote

Imagine rolling 100! That's 2 1/2 times around the monopoly board!


TheReoDeo t1_iy21bfq wrote

As cool as it seems this looks really heavy lol. I'd imagine rolling it and then it drops onto someones toe.


BinaryFinary98 t1_iy27rk4 wrote

This looks like a ball with numbers glued onto it


Fat_catman t1_iy29o8i wrote

It's seems my angel role it every morning, like a wild magic


WasabiZone13 t1_iy2desl wrote

This reminds me of the time I rolled a 9 9 and scored psionics on my first cleric.


SpudButters t1_iy2jb3p wrote

That’s a ball with hexagons glued onto it lol


Jwn5k t1_iy2v19a wrote

This is the D100 I decided to buy, it weighs almost a whole pound (14.8oz), and i looked at a dozen or so includin the one in the pic OP posted, I dont really like the potential for it to land in between any of the numbers in those gaps, that was what I was mostly worried about. The one I picked might not look as prety but I think the design is arguable better.


BagFun3507 t1_ixz2pfp wrote

Gaddamn imagine the hilarity with nat d100s


Gonergonegone t1_iy0ghmd wrote

And you successfully kicked the dragon back into his own lair, to his death, while using a double sided dildo and one hit.


queenofnightmare t1_ixzbd6i wrote

So how do you read it and know what number is facing up


Twentydragon t1_iy2jdg9 wrote

It's much easier if you can see it in 3D.

And also if the die doesn't have gaps between the values for it to land on — OP's photo shows it resting between 95 and two other faces. The original zocchihedron didn't have this issue.


IncubusMaybe t1_ixzj7fk wrote

Ha, that same one is on my Amazon wishlist


WalkerBRiley t1_iy0p50y wrote

I had a d100 that was far better than this hunk of....mess.

It still took forever to finish rolling, unless you rolled it against bumpers. Two d10 are still the preferred method.


MilRet t1_iy0shsu wrote

How the hell can you tell what number you've rolled?


newaccountzuerich t1_iy0t5d4 wrote

Not a valid die. Opposite number should total (dX+1) where X is the die value. I can see a 76 and a 35 which should be opposed.

Also valid dice will have the same values totalled on each side of any plane through the centre.


AshDenver t1_iy16wla wrote

But … what number is at the top / winning? Because it’s a ball and there’s not a clear cubic surface that is UP to show the landed number. I’d fight over this. I don’t care if you think 95 is up, 88 is facing me so that’s the winning number. Cubes, people. CUBES.


wMeteo t1_ixyrz53 wrote

when the dm asks you to roll a d100