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spoof17 t1_iy16s68 wrote

Prices are locked.*

^ *at the highest prices they have ever been because we matched the arbitrary price hikes that the big brand names did.


Relative_Ad1685 t1_iy1ekfv wrote

Yeah....and for a whole 2 months. All bets are off Jan 31st.


TheRC135 t1_iy2be77 wrote

Also, the period from around Thanksgiving to Christmas is insane in grocery stores. Season changeover, tons of special holiday products, decorations, unusual delivery schedules, some of the busiest days of the entire year...

They generally don't mess with prices at this time of the year anyway.


[deleted] t1_iy1imrt wrote



spoof17 t1_iy1iswa wrote

Legit though, have you seen any of those videos weighing what your paying for vs what your getting. False atvertisment at best in some cases.


artraeu82 t1_iy4jlon wrote

Their products are also shit, the worst of the off brand stuff.


lolmemelol t1_iy1s238 wrote

Fuck Galen Weston and this fake-as-fuck price freeze PR move.

They froze the prices while they were high. They only "froze" the shitty No Name house brand; they didn't freeze their Presidents Choice house brand. They previously got caught price fixing - we all know they are up to shady shit considering all the major grocers in Canada are making record profits during a pandemic and massive inflation.


jenkinsonfire t1_iy289vp wrote

Why is Canada just a dirty breeding ground for this type of fuckery?


lolmemelol t1_iy29tsl wrote

It sure is interesting when the three cellular providers all release the same plans on the same day. Not shady at all is it, CRTC?


skmo8 t1_iy2f05z wrote

Because Canada has always had a small group of wealthy people who act toward their collective benefit, often by influencing government decision making.

The Family Compact never went away.


010011100000 t1_iy32ri5 wrote

Because the government actively encourages oligopolies


unebellecoeur t1_iy2s981 wrote

I also read somewhere that its pretty typical to “freeze” prices in Q4 for budgeting purposes etc…so its just all around so ridiculous


pokepoke t1_iy4syel wrote

Loblaws does over $50 billion per year in revenue. This is not about making things better for the average consumer.


Taniwha_NZ t1_iy1rvsn wrote

Here in NZ, shortly after the inflation scare got going, the major supermarkets all introduced some kind of price-freeze marketing ploy. They promised to keep prices the same on all essentials, or took prices back to 2 years ago, etc.

In every single case, the deals turned out to be lies. They either raised prices beforehand, or chose items they controlled themselves, or the offer had all sorts of conditions.

These companies aren't charities, the modern supermarket CEO would kill his own grandmother to hit their bonus targets and trigger share-buybacks or splits or vesting or whatever their contract promises them.

Whatever they are promising, they are actually just profiting even more than usual.


MetricJester t1_iy2mmge wrote

The company that own No Name has a stranglehold on our food in Canada. They have like a 75% market share of everything. They owned half of all bakeries, one third of all frozen food processing, and had deals with nearly every farm. They own entire corners of some markets, and have eked out or bought up 2/3 of all grocery stores, and drug stores.


TamanduaShuffle t1_iy3u4ms wrote

Canada really likes monopoly eh?


spoof17 t1_iy437te wrote

Check out internet and cellphone plans

Goverment sanctioned monopoly.


Lorneehax37 t1_iy4jfbf wrote

Power companies and liquor stores in every province.


MetricJester t1_iy3x8vg wrote

No we complain about it nearly as much as we complain about the weather. The trouble is there's not much room in a market with only 38 million people. In the states that's like three major cities, here that's the whole country.


spoof17 t1_iy1s96a wrote

No, you see my insert big business name here is different they really care for my time and dedication I've spent 10 years oh I'm fired for not attending a meeting that I was out of the country on vacation for?

At least I can trust that they won't be making record breaking profits through shady business practices off of me and my fellow citizens who are struggling financially since the world decided to get a little kooky.


223454 t1_iy3vu4p wrote

>raised prices beforehand

This is common in the US too. I've heard that stores will raise prices leading up to a sale (like Black Friday). JCPenney was known to do this.


Ladymistery t1_iy2ne45 wrote


"and Feb 1, prices will get jacked up again because we can."




Crackersnuf t1_iy2w3ps wrote

Prices locked, so our suppliers can wear the inflationary costs and potentially go out of business


spoof17 t1_iy43fld wrote

How are corporations raking in >30% margin with record breaking profits facing going out of business?


TossMeAwayToTheMount t1_iy1giwn wrote

not as wholesome as you'd think, this move came after calls into investigating massive price gauging and profits during peak inflation


its a smokescreen


grilledcheese2332 t1_iy1tqjl wrote

Exactly they've already raised them so high this price freeze is a joke


Queasy_Recover5164 t1_iy23n04 wrote

Exactly the same thing happened here in New Zealand. Massive investigation, recommendations to breakup our grocery duopoly, force the sale of stores, separate wholesale distribution, etc.

Suddenly everyone one “price locked” and the scrutiny went away.


Revampted t1_iy4aw89 wrote

Canada is built off of oligopolies. It’s why we have some of the highest telecom rates in the world. Our government would rather twiddle their thumbs than go break them apart and it’s pathetic.


OutWithTheNew t1_iy1yo2y wrote

Brought to you by the family who got busted fixing the price of bread.


LuxAlpha OP t1_iy1h0ky wrote



buzzhavoc t1_iy1pxzr wrote

They literally raised all their prices, THEN said we're locking the new all time high prices in. Golly gee, thanks you pieces of merde.


lolmemelol t1_iy1v9zw wrote

Where did you find this? Curious how you came to believe this was a good thing.

This PR move didn't go over so well with anyone who has been paying attention to the price of groceries.

Are you Canadian? Do you buy groceries?


patman_007 t1_iy266xu wrote

In addition to this they announced it heading into a quarter all grocery stores freeze prices. It's common practice for everyone to virtually freeze prices through January. So they just made an announcement about a common practice that always happens.


CommissarAJ t1_iy2eepv wrote

Yeah, I think that was Metro's (a competing grocery chain) immediate response: 'we all do this around this time of the year'


ButtMcNuggets t1_iy29xvb wrote

And after they were caught price fixing bread just a few years ago.


eiksnaglesn t1_iy495rg wrote

Ffs my country’s most common bus stop/terminal food and tobacco chain(idk what to call it but you probably know what I mean) tried to advertise price locking cinnamon buns. I don’t think anyone bought into it though, cause the ads disappeared pretty quickly.


tribefan_12 t1_iy2lux7 wrote

Lol. The government investigating price gouging is a joke. If they really were gouging, they would be punished by the market without the need for government


thatsandwizard t1_iy2up3b wrote

What market? Our grocery system is three conglomerates in a trench coat


toucheduck t1_iy4bqlx wrote

Are you also Canadian? Our market doesn't have real competition, consumers have extremely limited options to turn to.


DiedWhileDictating t1_iy0zvei wrote

Prices are locked .. until we raise them again. Then we’ll lock them again!


lord_machin t1_iy1syqv wrote

They said that prices are frozen until january 2023. So we're expecting hikes in two month.


Kjolter t1_iy4ly08 wrote

Private label brands freezing prices from Oct-Jan is standard for the industry, so it’s really just a norm being communicated as a USP. You know, typical shady grocery store shit.


Snowedin-69 t1_iy1vkx7 wrote

Did you also notice that they raised prices just before the lock?


MetricJester t1_iy2muae wrote

They locked down pricing when pecans were at $12 when usually they are $4.


woundedbearhair t1_iy2hg0h wrote

People don’t track pricing very well and you could raise prices while saying they locked in; very few people would even notice.


ballarn123 t1_iy1bx3c wrote

Oh yeah, from the grocery chain that just posted record profits. Fuck weston.


Harkannin t1_iy3svu0 wrote

Doesn't he own all the competition too? Save On Foods, Nature's fare etc?


BlinkReanimated t1_iy3v066 wrote

Not all, but most. Something like 95% of all grocery stores in Canada are owned by three groups.


[deleted] t1_iy4iwo1 wrote



lolmemelol t1_iy4znqb wrote

> Your Independent Grocer (yes, seriously)

It's so insulting every time I stumble across one of these; that name, holy shit. They still use the Loblaws logo too which makes it even worse - the name is lying straight to your face while winking at you.


Sopixil t1_iy50qhd wrote

And then just when you think you've found another store to go to that isn't owned by Loblaws, you find yourself giving money to Empire (fitting name), who owns:



Farm Boy




Thrifty Foods


As far as I'm aware, FoodBasics is the only store left as long as you don't have anything against Metro (yet).


Nuck_7 t1_iy51i0h wrote

Save On Foods is owned by Jim Pattison.


monkmasta t1_iy4uo4n wrote

exactly! on super crappy products too


MathResponsibly t1_iyevmfm wrote

By super crappy, I'm assuming you're talking about no-name toilet paper - it has a name now, John Wayne paper - it's rough and it's tough and it don't take no shit from indians


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TheSeansei t1_iy19o74 wrote

Louder for the people in the back!


buzzhavoc t1_iy1q0oi wrote



gachunt t1_iy2d83f wrote

Thank you. (From a guy sitting in the back row)


nickeypants t1_iy2q1z4 wrote



Taligan t1_iy3cw9l wrote

🎶 Who price controls pineapple, and owns PC?

(Ga-len Wes-ton!)

Abhorrent a fellow with yellow you see!

(Ga-len Wes-ton!)

If financial nonsense be something you wish,

(Ga-len Wes-ton!)

You'll just have to like spending twenty on fish!

Ga-len Wes-ton!

Ga-len Wes-ton!

Ga-len Wes-ton!

Gaaaaa-len Wes-TON!

(Ah ha ha...yarrr.🎶


RememberPerlHorber t1_iy13nh3 wrote

Vertical integration: the NoName brand is owned by the retailer who sells it. They earn a higher profit from selling this brand than they do anyone else's and routinely have "shortages" of name products with only their own brand on the shelves. This is of course the very same grocery retailer chain who was caught price-fixing on their bread, ripping off Canadians for over a decade.

TL;DR: Galen Weston is a cunt.


CivicOnda t1_iy1nx60 wrote

It's a fucking marketing plot. Jesus how can you not see this


SheWhoMustNotB_Named t1_iy1adjt wrote

I feel like I read an article way back when this was announced, that grocery stores tend to do this at this time of the year anyway, so it’s not like he was doing anything special but I might be totally wrong.


Dr_Keyser_Soze t1_iy1lbdz wrote

Other chains called him out on it. Totally a smokescreen.


lolmemelol t1_iy1td46 wrote

I'd like to point out that the other grocer chains suck too - they are all reporting record profits while gaslighting us that they aren't using record inflation to their advantage; they seem to think they should be immune from criticism because number went up, while stores are understaffed, workers are overworked, produce quality is at an all time low, shelves are poorly stocked, etc. etc. etc.:

Sobeys CEO:

“Quite frankly, I am tired of these armchair quarterbacks who make little effort to understand even the basics of our business but are comfortable sitting on the sidelines pontificating about how Canadian companies are reaping unreasonable profits on the backs of inflation,” Medline told shareholders assembled at a movie theatre in New Glasgow, N.S.

“This is absolutely not true,” he continued. “These reckless and incendiary attacks are meant to divide us, and sit in stark contrast to the collaboration and problem solving that we experienced in the darkest moments of the pandemic.”


The scrutiny was being stoked by “a handful of politicians, media sources and think-tanks — not because we are struggling, but for being too successful in this difficult environment of high inflation,” Medline told shareholders. “I guess it makes for easy headlines and ignores what is truly driving our success,” he added. “I refuse to apologize for our success.”


mrdannyg21 t1_iy2dc69 wrote

I have met quite a few of the Sobey family through various personal and work things, and it’s amazing how different even closely related people are. Some are pretty awesome and some are just absolute tools. Not surprisingly, the most senior ones running the grocery business are the worst. I remember Rob Sobey showed up to an award show late, so had his limo driver (no one else had a limo because it’s Halifax for fucks sake) idle in front of the venue in the middle of downtown for 2 hours. And while basicallg all the other award winners RSVP’ed a +1 for a spouse, he didn’t RSVP at all, but brought two personal assistants. To an award show. Oh, and neither sat with him at his table, both had to loiter outside the room, in case he needed them I guess? We had to sneak them off one at a time to eat because it was 8pm and both looked like they were going to pass out (both were under-25 and could’ve been models) and told us they were expected not to eat on duty, one admitted she hadn’t eaten all day.

At the end of the night he walked out with his arms around both of them like he was pimping them, and handed his award to one of the staff to ‘hold for him’ because he was going out. (Apparently neither he nor his personal assistants could hold on to a small statue for 5 minutes until they got to his car?) Last I heard, the award was still in storage because he never got someone to pick it up or responded to emails as to where he’d like it delivered.


little-rosie t1_iy3b3xn wrote

He is being considered to cochair a gala I’m involved with. I’m considering this a heads up, so thank you lol


mrdannyg21 t1_iy3h7rw wrote

This was a long time ago so hopefully he’s learned a bit of humanity but definitely be prepared to pretend that he’s a foreign dignitary. Oh, and make sure it’s not at all obvious that the only reason he is involved is his corporate money and he hasn’t actually earned anything himself…he doesn’t like those jokes.


aledba t1_iy1lisw wrote

It's a bullshit lie from Galen Weston.


GoodGoodGoody t1_iy1b7db wrote

Nice, truly. This same mega grocery company Loblaw got caught fixing the price of bread a few years ago. They gave out a few gift cards and all good.


leetokeen t1_iy1gf9w wrote

Yeah, locked at an all-time high. Wonderful


Extra1233 t1_iy20cbg wrote

More like mildlybullshit


TheSeansei t1_iy19msq wrote

Yep, until January 31. I wonder if they realize they are part of the problem though.


Zlifbar t1_iy1ggyc wrote

you misspelled "Corporate price gouging"


JubbaTheHott t1_iy1niy5 wrote

They are locked until end of year? We’re they even going to go up in that time to begin with? It’s also one of the crappiest brands in Canada. This seems like a PR stunt at best.


Dontuselogic t1_iy23gty wrote

Record profits 6 years runing..


UpstairsFlat4634 t1_iy2ce5w wrote

Can't believe corporate ads like this make it on to my page.


thisrandomnguy t1_iy1zjz7 wrote

Price freeze for inflation "We're proudly fucking you anyway".


[deleted] t1_iy1puil wrote

Eat the rich


the_fly_guy0423 t1_iy25j55 wrote

cannibalism is bad. Let's put them in a woodchipper instead, at least you can use the remains to fertilise your fields


christo334 t1_iy1stqb wrote

they do that ever year though the only reason they announce it this year is because it makes them look good.


Junspinar t1_iy26ezr wrote

Marketing is calculated, data driven, public image stroking beast. Nothing is what it seems.


Soramaro t1_iy1nlab wrote

Also, good luck finding any of the No-name products in stock. What are you gonna do after you’ve already hauled your ass to the store?


nillbyeguyencescuy t1_iy1wv3w wrote

Yeah meanwhile they’ve been raising prices on everything else.


lolmemelol t1_iy2jxfg wrote

PC Smokies (hotdogs) were $8.99 per pack just over two weeks ago. Then two weeks ago they started running a "promotion" where they are 2 packs for $25 ($13.79 individually).

They did the same shit during the summer; the promotional price is literally just a huge price increase.

IIRC they were $7.99/pack before Russia attacked Ukraine.


stony80 t1_iy249nv wrote



Jak_n_Dax t1_iy2dt9w wrote

Way to capitalize on the cap.

The economy is beginning to turn downward. I wonder if this “noble company” will reduce prices when the market falls.

Press X to doubt.


zenigata_mondatta t1_iy1zrtc wrote

Because this inflation is being manufactured. It not real.


not_a_mantis_shrimp t1_iy2bd93 wrote

Did you miss the big thing in the news a few weeks ago? Loblaws is trying to make us think they are doing us a huge solid. They were called out by other brands in the industry, apparently this is standard practice every year from November to February.


Big_Expression6572 t1_iy2jqhh wrote

You know that Loblaws does not allow any suppliers to do price increases for the month leading up to and after the month of holidays. It’s part of their contract. So that 2 month thing is just a regular part of their business. Be informed not tricked.


garry4321 t1_iy292qf wrote

The grocery store making record profits off of price increases, promises that if you buy THEIR generic brand, they wont gouge you as hard. Both profiting and trying to cut out the competition. When you are the store and a direct substitution provider, you control the price game.


Thesujman t1_iy29lh2 wrote

Loblaws after reaching record profits this quarter. How insulting!!!!


Babock93 t1_iy2c1w9 wrote

Same company guilty and shamed for price fixing a couple years ago


LolJoey t1_iy2cxgh wrote

I'm still not desperate enough to put no name in mouf. Bullshit or not it's kinda meh coming from the lowest brand on the totem.


TlN4C t1_iy2jbzw wrote

Puts prices up tot he highest they have ever been, then pays for massive marketing effort cause “Prices are locked”

Wonder if pack sizes are locked too - wouldn’t put it passed them to reduce pack sizes instead of easing prices.

Presidents Choice and Loblaws Group have been fined millions for price fixing and are currently under investigation for their role in pushing inflation through the roof because they have put prices up by far more than the inflationary amount. Squeezing already strapped Canadians for more and more


deathanhonour t1_iy2jz8i wrote

It's a marketing ploy. Historically food prices are locked over the holidays in Canada. They are just taking credit for something everyone has always done.


guiltynate t1_iy2ku6c wrote

*After already inflating prices


ElliottCoe t1_iy2tcgj wrote

Then they will reduce the size of the products....


mwason t1_iy2zcsz wrote

Lots of private brand name labels in Canada. Walmart, No Ad. Canadain Tire, Frank. No Frills, No Name. Food Basics, Selection. Prices usualy increase after new years. And packaging shinkflation occurs before that.


yeusus t1_iy3fs0p wrote

Look past the surface.

Loblaws is a terrible employer


GanacheWeak6896 t1_iy3squy wrote

Welcome to Canada, where we artificially inflate products because our investors need profits to soar.

And Canadians are willing to eat the price quite happily.


Moe_Syzlak_ t1_iy3ubhs wrote

Thank god I got a $25 gift card for decades of price fixing on bread.


SpaghettiSandwich t1_iy1y8hf wrote

Most price raising from inflation is a cover anyway. Walmart just reported yet another record quarter.


MatsGry t1_iy25lzo wrote

Prices locked for what 3 months? Then immediately raise them



I-CameISawIConcurred t1_iy2938m wrote

Prices remain the same…but you’ll get a bit more air in your chips bag.


florieans t1_iy2m8pj wrote

Maybe someone will read it after 88 comments: Hungary did this in the past year. The price of sugar, milk, egg, flour is locked by the government. This caused amount limitations and shortages - not because the shops are out of them, they just leave it in the storages to sell it when normal price come back. It is actually a "puppet move" to show the government indeed takes measures against the inflation however it does not.


whatIfYoutube t1_iy2n222 wrote

It’s not inflation if it’s corporate greed


supagirl277 t1_iy2prbf wrote

It’s more like “we’ve decided not to take advantage of you at this time, you’re welcome”


mwason t1_iy2zqy6 wrote

Shoppers Drug Mart and Canadain Tire are the kings of fake sales. Sticker said regular $8.99 on sale $7.99. Pull off the shelf sticker and regular price is $7.99. Sears at the time got busted for offering continuous sales wich were regular price.


Nda89 t1_iy476jd wrote

Canadian Tire is so bad, and a huge rip off! I purchased an air fryer from Canadian Tire a couple years back and was stoked to see it on sale. A few days later I went to Costco to see the exact same air fryer for $100 cheaper than CT's "sale" price. Haha. I don't shop at CT anymore for that reason!


myusernamestaken t1_iy31j28 wrote

Aussie supermarkets did this - my protein milk (1L) was $2.50 and has now been "locked" at $2.90 lol.


spookygirl13 t1_iy365ov wrote

Slow down. First off, they raised the prices of these items before locking them in place. These product should be cheaper than all of the brand name items however many brand name products are the same price or cheaper at the moment. This shows that Loblaws intends to increase prices more if they intend on NN being the money saver for customers. They have also slashed hours of employees working across the company, including Shoppers Drug Mart. T

Loblaws and Galen Weston do not care about you or I and only want to make more money.


Big_Dimension_3831 t1_iy36eoo wrote

Companies like cereal and soup companies will reduce the amount of product in the boxes or cans to keep prices the same. Of course with soup they will also change the shape of the can to help maintain the appearance of having more soup.

I imagine it would be similar with the lock company, where they will change the size of the lock, or find some way to cut costs with the materials they use.


Garrettchef t1_iy36nyo wrote

What about shrinkflation!? They can lock the prices and just reduce the product volume by 8-15% and very few people will notice.


tiiiki t1_iy39ghq wrote

It's sad how fast downhill no frills went. Two years ago they were my favourite hands down. Now I avoid the place.


BDunnn t1_iy39qp8 wrote

Haha. I bought a bag of NoName chips last week. Bag said 200g. I got my food scale out. It was 84 grams. I messaged NoName on twitter and they defended it by saying that air is necessary. Didn’t address, even for a second, that there was only 84 grams in the bag.

I even took a video of my opening the bag and pouring it in to the bowl on the food scale and sent it to them. I paid for 106 grams of air.


patrickivan t1_iy3np91 wrote

Did you weigh the actual bag? I'm guessing that's where the weight balance came from.


decclam t1_iy3aw64 wrote

Same thing grocery stores did here in Australia, raise the price of things and then lock them in for a few months. Raise price on other things while those are locked.

I mean it's basically saying "stockpile shit before this date because we'll put it up again"


LoloG3 t1_iy3i036 wrote

Screw loblaws. They already raised the prices before announcing this. They need to be stopped


_R_A_ t1_iy3jffs wrote

Prices are locked.

Sizes on the other hand...


patrickivan t1_iy3mh6s wrote

The important thing is that the Loblaw's group has been making crazy profits during and post covid.

Despite the alleged "razor" thin food profit margins. Apparently most of their profits are from anything non-food related.

Naturally those profits translate to better wages, and price savings for consumers, better returns for all related stakeholders (stocks, exec bonuses, ceo wages).

It's all about trickle up economics. And more importantly, about getting to use as little lube as possible before bending over, baby.

Obviously this has a lot to do with fuel prices. But ALL of it has to do with our free market based on competition keeping prices as high as possible. Since only a few very large entities own the majority of everything we buy, competition is gone. There is none anymore.

It's literally become how much we can be taken for, and not one cent (what the fuck is a cent?) less.


allanmonroe t1_iy3rg1r wrote

They raised the prices first and then locked them in btw


MathBookModel t1_iy3u4uq wrote

Yeah, they’ll just sneakily change 6-packs to 4-packs, etc.


savethearthdontbirth t1_iy3vc7f wrote

Record profits, ok now lock it at what we’re supposed to be 2030 prices.

The windfall tax needs to happen


ForgotToDieYoung t1_iy42c50 wrote

Its parent company Loblaws is making record profits in the midst of high inflation, and controls about half the groceries in Canada. This corporation is evil.


Bobbert827 t1_iy42k97 wrote

Well apparently they lock their prices every Q4 until the new year ... I think it's common among grocery stores


Songmuddywater t1_iy46ig9 wrote

Rises the prices then locks them temporarily. Then the signs fo away and they rise prices again.


Labrom t1_iy4awrd wrote

Have you guys tried the No Name beer? It’s awful.


Cogi_Policy t1_iy4hqva wrote

Reduced the size. But free impactful ad !


pepenepe t1_iy4ig90 wrote

The inflation is fake most brands are doing it for profit look at their stock prices specially for gas companies they are at an all time high they ate doing it for self profit no name is just keeping the same prices because they can profit if more people buy their lower priced items.


Lord_Muttonchops t1_iy4iwdd wrote

Modern markets in developed countries are a complete scam


Isthisgoodenoughyet t1_iy4ngww wrote

most places like that freeze prices around this time because vendors aren’t allowed to raise their prices from like november-march


TCxUFATIME t1_iy2ts91 wrote

This sounds a lot like Coles here in Australia


SeanG17 t1_iy33cf0 wrote

Gb8v Kvo9b gb


Waelagag123 t1_iy34ztr wrote

I believe that using “despite” here is incorrect. Despite expresses a contrast between two things which I don’t think is what you’re trying to convey here.


jacobg1031 t1_iy3p0mk wrote

Prices may be locked but suppliers may not produce more unless the price increases like the rest of the products. Government can create a price ceiling but they can’t force production of those goods. This is a good deal until the items run out.


TechJeeper t1_iy3tf3j wrote

USA be like, "This is the lock pick lawyer...."


epat_ t1_iy3yrbx wrote

and prices vary by province in what they decided to lock each item at. Butter in NS and Butter in BC are locked at different prices. edit: Also the NN regular ripple chips went up at the lock they were 99c for years and are now $2 a bag absolute BS


sherman614 t1_iy41zl7 wrote

I noticed Aldi stores started doing that before Thanksgiving. They had mentioned that they were going back to 2019 prices, idk for how long though.


Groinificator t1_iy4kvwm wrote

Was in econ class waiting for the lecture to start when I saw this so I asked my professor about it. He says he suspects it's the brand is wary of falls in demand and perhaps government regulation, and that the last thing a firm wants to do is lower their prices. Things like freezing prices or offering discounts are ways for firms to offer a lower actual price while keeping the nominal price the same, which is good.

If that didn't make sense I honestly didn't understand it too much either, but I think the main thing is that last bit.


Several_Inspection74 t1_iy4tkqq wrote

Except they raised all their prices first and then 'locked' them.


Necrontry t1_iy4we5t wrote

Normally prices freeze up in the winter months, so this is something that is always done for a few months around now. Secondly, the exorbanant price hikes have already happened during this year so too little to late to freeze prices. Thirdly, they just posted highest ever profit margins for this and the previous year off of blatant profittering hidden behind excuse of supply line issues. F**k this company and the peameal attempt to get B.S. positive PR spin on this shitshow they have complete control over.


jfl_cmmnts t1_iy4yrjg wrote

More bullshit from Roblaws I'm afraid. They're just past getting wrist-slapped for a price-fixing scandal over bread that ripped all of us off for a decade, and are ALWAYS slurping down government money that would be better spent elsewhere but gets wasted on supporting the business owned by billionaire heirs. Trust them like you'd trust Rogers, or Bell, or one of our Big 5 banks. That is, do not trust them at all


slappychappy04 t1_iy1ptni wrote

Not familiar with this brand of if this is even accurate, but I’ll say that’s a great marketing approach


lolmemelol t1_iy1ttxr wrote

Read the other replies in this thread and you'll see how this blatant PR move is actually working out.


Nasigoring t1_iy2o7uc wrote

Hedging their bets that inflation has peaked