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SaltRevolutionary917 OP t1_iyaurq3 wrote

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This is fresh yeast. Which for whatever reason is uncommon in the US. Here in Denmark it’s pretty much the only thing we use in baking.

As far as I know neither is better (instant/active dry vs fresh) and I have no idea why the two cultures on either side of the Atlantic developed such stark differences in yeast preparation method over time, but it is … mildly interesting.


r1ch999999 t1_iyb5zqc wrote

Fresh yeast tends to not last as long, so if you're not baking on a regular basis dried yeast is better for you.

I use dried yeast or sourdough starter, depending on what I'm making.


Registered_User666 t1_iyb6i82 wrote

I worked in a restaurant (U.S.) when I was young and we used 1 lbs blocks of this yeast for making dough. You’re correct, It’s very uncommon to see it being sold to everyday consumers, probably because it very expensive compared to dry.


ReginaldSP t1_iybaxgf wrote

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