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olioli86 t1_iy0lsq1 wrote

3 hours and nobody mentioned the spelling, made me start to doubt myself!


endresz t1_iy0xooc wrote

I think Americans are allowed to spell it wrong.


logicoptional t1_iy1wyu0 wrote

Am American. Always thought it was spelled with an a in front and I feel like I've only seen it spelled without it a few times in the last few weeks and never before that. Having a real Mandela Effect thing going on here actually...


queenofcaffeine76 t1_iy3fu10 wrote

American as well and it is supposed to start with an a (aesthetically); you are correct.


0xB0BAFE77 t1_iy21nr0 wrote

Stopped caring about trying to call out spelling.
I've learned you get downvoted when you attempt to help people learn something on this site.
Ignorance truly is bliss.


GhostInTheShadow t1_iy0t70a wrote

“Little boxes, on the hillside”…


TheENThusiest95 t1_iy1i3xs wrote

Where can you watch weeds now that it’s not on Netflix?


GhostInTheShadow t1_iy1ndec wrote

I have watched it on both Hulu and Peacock. But it’s been a while. Quick google search says it’s still in both but im not 100% sure


hpierce11 t1_iy06i09 wrote

looks exactly like a small development south of oklahoma city -- wheeler district. pretty neat community.


nosleeptilbroccoli t1_iy1vy7a wrote

It actually is! This row of houses faces Western.


hpierce11 t1_iy3ru42 wrote

The interior is pretty remarkable. The juice ain't worth the squeeze though haha. Pretty photo.


WalkerBRiley t1_iy0axwj wrote

Carbon copy homes on a carbon copy road in a carbon copy neighborhood.

And they have the colors out of order, too.


PhelesDragon t1_iy00e8b wrote

We all march to the same beat, here.


NoNameBut t1_iy0fxu8 wrote

Honestly I hate it when houses and stuff all looks the same


piroteknix t1_iy0hg23 wrote

thank you for being brave enough to say this


NoNameBut t1_iy0hl5y wrote

What do you mean brave


piroteknix t1_iy0oa7x wrote

It just seems like a really quirky and unique perspective, I don't hear it a lot so i thought you were brave for voicing that opinion is all


myusernamehere1 t1_iy1agib wrote

Neither quirky or unique, but i agree with the sentiment


piroteknix t1_iy1k96x wrote

Whaaat? I've never heard of anyone hating houses that look exactly the same. This is news to me, I thought it was a brand new thought.

Are there any, idk, movies or albums or TV shows that explore the theme of a sinister suburb? If not there should be.


TarmacSr t1_iy0ig68 wrote



LordRumBottoms t1_iy0slr2 wrote

Fake San Francisco. haha. Don't get the hate. Yes they are similar but that means building materials and processes are the same, so more affordable and people get a place to call home. It's what's inside that matters.


Songmuddywater t1_iy164r4 wrote

I like this much better than the endless dream of gray and tan monstrosities were creating now.


JPSofCA t1_iy23fmx wrote

"Avon calling!"


[deleted] t1_iy0iqdf wrote



BeauAT t1_iy17bfp wrote

This looks a lot like Wheeler District near downtown Oklahoma City. I live nearby in the metro area and have seen some construction progress recently as a lot of it is still being built.


Good_nuff t1_ixzzrlv wrote

This looks like something out of a horror movie.

No thanks.


PinkamenaDP OP t1_iy01l4a wrote

It did give off an odd vibe of sameness, like no individualism allowed. Haha. The next streets over were all different designs though, but still situated very close together. Once I got past that initial weird vibe it all started to look really nice and symmetrical.


PocketSpaghettios t1_iy04tj2 wrote

I'm a mailman. There's a development of condos and apartments that's been built in our town over the last ten years. My coworkers call it Whoville. My first time there it really did have a creepy/unsettling feel, like the condos went on endlessly in all directions


Truthisnotallowed t1_iy0y2un wrote

Morse code?

Treating the single wide gaps as dots and the double wide as dashes:

Top row reads: U D R U D R

Middle row reads: B V F L B V

Bottom row - hard to read due to trees but if the doorways count as dashes then it reads: W G G K G K

That's as far as I got.

Can anyone decode it from there?


3Effie412 t1_iy13jlm wrote

They are all the same :/


guzzonculous t1_iy17i5c wrote

It's nice but I'd rather see an esthetically pleasing ho of rome.


PocketPlays t1_iy1k28b wrote

Your local HOA sends their regards.


Trips-Over-Tail t1_iy1zgkm wrote

Should be starting on red and ending on purple. THE SPECTRUM DOES NOT WORK THAT WAY.

I would lose my mind living there.


AshDenver t1_iy1zuhj wrote

I’m getting strong Edward Scissorhands vibes from this picture.


plumcactus t1_iy28ztp wrote

Is no one going to talk about the sudden black and white home to the right?


lumpthefoff t1_iy2evf8 wrote

It’s like when they put out samples next to the paints so you can see how it looks.


Snufflepuffster t1_iy300mj wrote

what is this shit. Taste cannot be taught or bought, clearly.


SolSeptem t1_iy36x8t wrote

Does uncanny valley apply to buildings?


CoalNight t1_iy4aquv wrote

This seems like an HOA thats actually cool


GSblitz116 t1_ixzy9aw wrote

Oh no the gays are coming.


JudgeAdvocateDevil t1_iy0eyrv wrote

If part of their agenda is vibrant homes, I'm okay with it.


Sassy-irish-lassy t1_iy0jg04 wrote

That's like 90% of what they are fighting for


GSblitz116 t1_iy170of wrote

Those aren't the gay people we have issues with, I've met plenty of amazingly down to earth gay people, the ones we have issues with are the ones who feel the need to tell our children about what kind of sex they like to have. The ones who walk around practically naked letting random kids see shit they shouldn't be subjected to, those are the ones we have issues with.

They literally have parades where it's half naked people touching eachother. It's weird and needs to stop.

Go on be gay, but in the sanctity of your own home, please.


WorshipNickOfferman t1_iy2h0s8 wrote

Why are you taking your kids to the gay pride parade? We don’t usually see many homophobes like you there.