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PurpleCabbageMonkey t1_iydwdxi wrote

Will we even know if the Romanian flag is also upside down?


Ceausescus t1_iye6ka9 wrote

It's correct


ursus-habilis t1_iye8dmc wrote

Username checks out...


smellybathroom3070 t1_iyel0v5 wrote

Whats that supposed to mean?


ursus-habilis t1_iyelove wrote

Uh... Ceaușescu was the communist leader of Romania, seemed pretty obvious to me...


TheLiquor1946 t1_iyem31n wrote

Maybe not everyone knows, seems pretty obvious to me...


ursus-habilis t1_iyemeuy wrote

Apparently worth downvoting though shrug


Waffles1846 t1_iyf7ir1 wrote

It’s ok. Clearly you only got downvoted because someone realized they were dumber than you


smellybathroom3070 t1_iyeslm5 wrote

Thanks! No need to be an ass tho, i was genuinly wondering :D


arcdare357 t1_iyf6ol4 wrote

I for one, thought Romania was a city. So it seems we've all learned a little something today. 🤷


graceful_london t1_iye2nce wrote

I've been seeing more and more American flags upside down. I think people believe the country is in a time of distress.


[deleted] t1_iye4esq wrote

were they asleep 13-14ish years ago? that was way worse than now and i don't recall people crying for democrat blood back then


tvtb t1_iyej950 wrote

Are we sure they're GOP crying for democrat blood? I'm left and I think this country is in distress too


puzzled91 t1_iyeq7eb wrote

The country has been in constant distress since 9/11. But things did got worse since 2016.


poopymcbuttwipe t1_iyf4ic2 wrote

I mean I rock my flag upside down because it’s a time of distress, but I’m mostly worried about the rising right wing fascism.


Extension_Ask_6954 t1_iydxkzu wrote

According to the U.S. Flag Code, flying the American flag inverted is legal, as a signal of dire distress in instances of extreme danger to life or property.


NeedsLoomis t1_iyebmcq wrote

The end part is interesting, the front part is a big duh.


ahmuh1306 t1_iydxkud wrote

When you're both a Trump supporter and Andrew Tate fan.


[deleted] t1_iye0dj0 wrote



superkuper t1_iye6j16 wrote

I have a bridge to sell you


[deleted] t1_iye6vfl wrote



superkuper t1_iye8te6 wrote

First, appreciate your willingness to actually ask and have a discussion.

Second, even if you personally favor his platform, I think it’s hard to make a case that he’s been successful in just about any of his endeavors. The pandemic response was a nightmare, the pull out from Afghanistan was abhorrent. Our current foreign policy appears to be just writing a blank check to Ukraine and hoping for the best. The solution to inflation is to just spend more money which exacerbates the problem while the Fed is playing games with interest rates to try to postpone the inevitable crash which also makes things worse. I can’t think of a single area where I would say the country is on the right track from the federal level. Nothing is trending in the correct direction. Honestly I think the only people left defending Biden are just doing so reflexively out of a distaste for the previous administration. I hope you don’t take this criticism of the current administration as praise for the previous one.


[deleted] t1_iyeai9e wrote



superkuper t1_iyebzj6 wrote

I’m not looking to draw comparisons. The presidency isn’t a 4th grade soccer match, you don’t get a ribbon just for trying.

People who made the choice and voluntarily took out a loan need to pay it back. You don’t get to use other people’s money to bail out your own poor decisions.

The “energy crisis” is a crisis of our own invention. We have plenty of resources. We went from being completely energy independent to being dependent on places like Russia, Iran, and China for our energy. We aren’t using less energy or creating less pollution just because we don’t use our own oil and natural gas, we just outsource it to places that are basically evil just to make ourselves feel better, and as a result we end up paying way more for the same thing.

“[democrats/progressives/Biden] may be bad, but republicans are worse” is not a strong argument. I’m here to talk about policy and results.


LeviathanGank t1_iyedysd wrote

how about they are all fucking shit, so what is the solution? right now I don't see one with everyone fighting over scraps like dogs.


superkuper t1_iyefm7y wrote

I think the most immediate and best solution is to foster more federalism and return more power to the states. The more localized you make government, the better it represents people.

Regardless of your stance on abortion, I think overturning Roe v Wade was a good thing at the federal level. We should let Texans be Texans and New Yorkers be New Yorkers, stop trying to ram down policy at the Federal level.

If the country is to survive we need more willingness to agree to disagree. You can’t just force half the country to conform to your way of thinking.


Buckmaster1971 t1_iyegenb wrote

Trump 2024 it's that easy!!


LeviathanGank t1_iyegko4 wrote

lol the worst one, what did he ever do that wasnt for himself?


Buckmaster1971 t1_iyehomn wrote

Onething he had was great gasoline prices during his presidency. That was for we the people.


minnesotafrozen t1_iyeq0zy wrote

Gas prices are not set by the president.


superkuper t1_iyes1iq wrote

I mostly gree with this, as long as you stay consistent and don’t give them credit for lowering it while saying they have no control over them going up.

However presidents do have control over things that directly affect gas prices, like controlling leases for domestic oil production and signaling policy changes like restrictions on fossil fuel use.


Waffles1846 t1_iyf81my wrote

Lol. Yep. Found the Trump supporter. The guy who thinks the president sets gas prices


Buckmaster1971 t1_iyf8cv8 wrote

Good job Sherlock!!! Did u find it all by urself


Waffles1846 t1_iyf8rp6 wrote

Lol. You’re not a smart human, are you? Right, I forgot for a moment: anti-intellectualism is a badge of honor now.

I hope things get better for you, sorry to hear about the brainwashing


superkuper t1_iyfdgcv wrote

If you’re a real conservative, I think you’re doing more harm than good here.

More likely, top level trolling. Seriously, bravo.


NeedsLoomis t1_iyegq17 wrote

> We need to take action on these problems, not make them worse like Republicans want to do.

That's exactly what Dems said when they gave us Obama care, and now we pay more for premiums and get even less covered, with total costs outpacing wages. Even the number of American healthcare jokes on Reddit seems to be at an all time high.

Everyone is tribal, you'll always see Biden, Obama, and Clinton as not that bad. The right will always see Trump, Bush Jr, and Bush Sr as less worse. Everyone in the middle will yearn for the left foot when the right one is stepping on them, and vice versa, as we all continue to march down the spiral of a fundamentally broken system.


minnesotafrozen t1_iyepulz wrote

I would gladly take a Bush over trump any day. Trump was just the worst.


Buckmaster1971 t1_iyegbmy wrote

Biden trys hard to mess up everything g in 2 years. Trump had us energy independent. And the economy was working great. I'm definitely worse off with biden in every way possible!!!


jess1up t1_iyecwfv wrote

Who fixes an energy crisis by shutting down an energy pipeline? 🤡


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[deleted] t1_iyen6qr wrote



[deleted] t1_iyeo2v5 wrote

It’s not a matter of Biden or not. If any president was failing this hard they would be a shit bird.


nitwit_frank t1_iyemyu0 wrote

If he's actually trying to fix inflation and the energy crisis and failing this hard? yeah. He kind of is the worst president ever.


kushupzz t1_iye53kt wrote

You mean the same inflation and energy crisis he caused?? 😂😂🤡


Stacking_Plates45 t1_iye5k0i wrote

Our inflation problem stems back before Biden was ever president. Our country is coming out of a massive multi year epidemic that shut down a lot of the economy.

To blame %100 of the inflation on Biden is very ignorant.


kushupzz t1_iye6txr wrote

This is true. Can’t blame 100% of anything on anyone that’s for sure.


Stacking_Plates45 t1_iye6ziu wrote

Oh yeah, it’s all big shitshow. I try to spread my blame out over many areas haha


[deleted] t1_iye5k5r wrote



kushupzz t1_iye6hf0 wrote

And yes I do believe they caused “covid” or the mass hysteria behind covid at least. By fear mongering and taking advantage of the lower/middle class. Which covid mainly affected. There’s plenty of proof linking them to the labs where covid Supposibly came from and what not but hey what do I know. I don’t really give af im here for a short time anyway.


kushupzz t1_iye647w wrote

I guess the multi billion dollar infrastructure deal was nothing.. the push for ev affecting our grids nothing.. all the money being sent to Ukraine to be funneled back into dems greedy pockets doesn’t have anything to do with it either or him stopping the drilling of oil and gas nope.. must just be us crazy conspiracy theorists


jess1up t1_iyedzl1 wrote

I hate Biden, but saying he’s responsible for it all is disingenuous. Every administration since I’ve been alive has had no balanced budget and has spent way more than we ever should have.


kushupzz t1_iyegibq wrote

Fair enough I didn’t mean just him literally I was just trying to show him how silly his sarcasm sounded because the biden administration thus far has been a complete dumpster fire🗑🔥


[deleted] t1_iyenkfl wrote

??? Upside down flags have been a thing in America before even your daddy was thought of being conceived. Don’t try to say it’s a trump thing bud.


WarEast466 t1_iye8i07 wrote

I remember seeing these a lot in 2009ish when the recession was hitting hard. Its a sign of distress. Plus black/silver flags as well which if I remember correct was something like, we have always been poor and the recession will not change that.


Odd_Relationship5175 t1_iyegs8m wrote

Black and Grey flags are a symbol of agorism. Agorism is the real GOAT. Also, enjoy the rabbit hole, friend.


Buckmaster1971 t1_iyeh8jt wrote

Always seems to be when democrats are in office the country is in distress.


Informal-Salad-7304 t1_iyevk7p wrote

Recessions just happen in economies. Big scary democrats arent behind them 😂😂


Juanior- t1_iyfaw8g wrote

The question is….. is it Chad or Romania


Misteral_Editorial t1_iyfbyda wrote

I've always wondered why conservatives call us the drama queens when they do shit like this. My military ass is offended, only do that shit when you really mean it, not when you get upset that the pansies are happy.


static-mitch t1_iyf62ri wrote

I work a job where every morning at 8AM our colours get hoisted up, you’d be surprised how many folks don’t realise flags have gone up upside down.

I don’t know how they manage it, one end has a “tail” the other end it the top side of the flag itself.


superkuper t1_iye6ca2 wrote

An upside down flag is flown to show that the people flying it are under duress. It has become common fashion to fly a flag upside down because they believe the entire country is under duress.


nick_4501 t1_iyez1jv wrote

I think it’s supposed to represent that the current state America is in so the US flag is upside down and I think the people that live there are from Romania or chad


nick_4501 t1_iyez4tr wrote

or someone could’ve accidentally the US flag upside down


Vondbee t1_iyf7jcf wrote

They need ah security detail 🇺🇲


chyna094e t1_iyf7mch wrote

My optimistic brain thought "well, they're from another country. Maybe they don't know the correct orientation?"


Adventurous_Soft_464 t1_iyf7sdz wrote

Upside down flag means distress or danger. Probably a political thing someone decided was a fitting gesture.


gilareefer t1_iye4927 wrote

I don't understand why everyone in the country isn't flying their flag like this... Regardless of political affiliation, you must realize the U.S.A. is completely fucked


OzarkMo t1_iye9qcf wrote

U.s.a is great if you don't let yourself become consumed by media


Waffles1846 t1_iyf88ca wrote

It’s the American way to be blind to the truth. Americans truly think the rest of the world is jealous, lol


Takeonlyone t1_iye6sye wrote

Naw it’s not fucked….what you read and hear is only angertainment…the hell bent 24 hour news cycle created it…go talk to people…enjoy the day…if anyone wants to say republicans/democrats etc tell them you do not discuss politics…let’s talk about something else….


Beast_Master1967 t1_iyfb8vw wrote

AN upside down US flag means the flyer requires help. Someone should call 911.


QuailandDoves t1_iydwd63 wrote

We had some of the trumpers in our town flying upside down flags too. I’m told it’s a distress symbol. I think they’ve all been put right by now.