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gilareefer t1_iye4927 wrote

I don't understand why everyone in the country isn't flying their flag like this... Regardless of political affiliation, you must realize the U.S.A. is completely fucked


OzarkMo t1_iye9qcf wrote

U.s.a is great if you don't let yourself become consumed by media


Waffles1846 t1_iyf88ca wrote

It’s the American way to be blind to the truth. Americans truly think the rest of the world is jealous, lol


Takeonlyone t1_iye6sye wrote

Naw it’s not fucked….what you read and hear is only angertainment…the hell bent 24 hour news cycle created it…go talk to people…enjoy the day…if anyone wants to say republicans/democrats etc tell them you do not discuss politics…let’s talk about something else….