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LeviathanGank t1_iyedysd wrote

how about they are all fucking shit, so what is the solution? right now I don't see one with everyone fighting over scraps like dogs.


superkuper t1_iyefm7y wrote

I think the most immediate and best solution is to foster more federalism and return more power to the states. The more localized you make government, the better it represents people.

Regardless of your stance on abortion, I think overturning Roe v Wade was a good thing at the federal level. We should let Texans be Texans and New Yorkers be New Yorkers, stop trying to ram down policy at the Federal level.

If the country is to survive we need more willingness to agree to disagree. You can’t just force half the country to conform to your way of thinking.


Buckmaster1971 t1_iyegenb wrote

Trump 2024 it's that easy!!


LeviathanGank t1_iyegko4 wrote

lol the worst one, what did he ever do that wasnt for himself?


Buckmaster1971 t1_iyehomn wrote

Onething he had was great gasoline prices during his presidency. That was for we the people.


minnesotafrozen t1_iyeq0zy wrote

Gas prices are not set by the president.


superkuper t1_iyes1iq wrote

I mostly gree with this, as long as you stay consistent and don’t give them credit for lowering it while saying they have no control over them going up.

However presidents do have control over things that directly affect gas prices, like controlling leases for domestic oil production and signaling policy changes like restrictions on fossil fuel use.


Waffles1846 t1_iyf81my wrote

Lol. Yep. Found the Trump supporter. The guy who thinks the president sets gas prices


Buckmaster1971 t1_iyf8cv8 wrote

Good job Sherlock!!! Did u find it all by urself


Waffles1846 t1_iyf8rp6 wrote

Lol. You’re not a smart human, are you? Right, I forgot for a moment: anti-intellectualism is a badge of honor now.

I hope things get better for you, sorry to hear about the brainwashing


superkuper t1_iyfdgcv wrote

If you’re a real conservative, I think you’re doing more harm than good here.

More likely, top level trolling. Seriously, bravo.