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Heck_Spawn t1_ixtf15c wrote

When the price of hay went up a few years back, someone left their horse trailer unlocked at a Walmart in Redding, Ca. When they got back to their truck, someone had put a couple horses in it.


Sexy_Squid89 t1_ixtfodk wrote

Wait, so they just gave up their horses? lol


Heck_Spawn t1_ixtnti8 wrote

Two fewer mouths to feed. I can only imagine how bad it is these days.


andersonfmly t1_ixterbt wrote

Please tell me there isn't a Golden Corral nearby...


MactavishRoseneath OP t1_ixtf8ef wrote

Stater Bros


andersonfmly t1_ixth7ze wrote

Stater Bros... You must be SoCal. More specifically, Inland Empire. Hmm... Inland Empire... Horse Coralls... Stater Bros... Norco???


lunarfrogg t1_ixtn8jz wrote

What kind of yeehaw as town do you live in


Perfect_Caramel4836 t1_ixtiwis wrote

Amish or smth


squeegeeboy t1_ixtqz96 wrote

Yup, we have wooden barns constructed and this is just outside Mennonite country


Perfect_Caramel4836 t1_ixumwas wrote

I live in mid Michigan, I can go outside, spin around, and see three barns and nothing but fields and trees.


rodentfacedisorder t1_ixtjyyh wrote

Do people use it?


MactavishRoseneath OP t1_ixtk53q wrote

Not that I have seen but I’m very new to the area, just noticed this today for the first time.


LordDarkon t1_ixupa9w wrote

Yes, I've used this specific corral multiple times lmao


Quack_Shot t1_ixv1hd0 wrote

People do, horses is what Norco is known for. Horsetown USA is their nickname.

Disney keeps a bunch of their horses there as well.

When we go to the in laws in Riverside we go down the main track in Norco to get there so my daughter can see people riding horses. 99% of the time there will be people riding them along the roads.


activelyresting t1_ixtug7b wrote

That's fancy!!

My local general store just has a bar people can tie their horses to and a water trough. (But I live in a rural area where people still rude horses)


5ftfatalfury t1_ixu0b6r wrote

Depending on what the prices for fuel are in the certain area horses might be cheaper. In my small area people often ride four wheelers to the store.


operationfood t1_ixu9edr wrote

My parents recently moved near a Mennonite community and their local grocery store has 3 covered stable type parking spots for their horse and buggy. Apparently all spots are usually being used


AccaEmme t1_ixuahqw wrote

Do you live in this century?


Crawlerado t1_ixuei0d wrote

Fuck your Honda Civic I’ve got a horse outside!


Quack_Shot t1_ixv0xg2 wrote

Came to write that this is Norco, guess I was already beat lol


Mirabolis t1_ixv3y83 wrote

“Paper, plastic or saddlebags?”


Excivious t1_ixv41ps wrote

Whatta bunch of horse shit.