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Whydoyouhatefreedom t1_iyb9nnk wrote

It’s a pigeon! You can see the face outline and the wings are the wrong shape to be an owl


Zncon t1_iybzb2p wrote

Yeah, I'd say it's likely a pigeon as well. Most other birds (including owls I believe) have an oil gland they use to keep their feathers loose and moving freely.

Pigeons have this dust instead, and they make a lot of it.


Hattix t1_iyc3xgm wrote

Yeah, came to say this. The dust is called dander, and pigeons have a lot of it. Owls not so much, they have some (it's basically the equivalent of human dead skin, tiny fragments of feathers) but not enough to leave this kind of impression.

Finally, that's definitely a pigeon tail, not an owl one.

In good news, it was a bird which saw the window and was trying to stop, so it didn't hit entirely with its head and it was slowing down. It'll probably be okay.


HarleyBrixton t1_iyfd4ww wrote

Honestly, that’s a fully body slam- very much doubt that bird was ok. Most die, even if they fly off. (for context I rehab Wildlife, I have a freezer full of window strike victims)


Stillstuckinarizona t1_iyatkax wrote

Seems like a small wingspan for an owl.. must have been an adolescent maybe?

Either way, it was a bad flight and an even worse landing.. maybe the new mascot for Spirit airlines?


Snprphantom t1_iydiq7i wrote

The size isn’t a good indicator. NJ has a species fully grown owls with wingspans smaller than a pigeon


ldhiddesorr t1_iyatyrq wrote

Poor thing.

It's probably dead.


Hattix t1_iyc44hf wrote

Look at the shape of the imprint. The bird (probably a pigeon) had seen the window and was slowing down to avoid it. The impact energy isn't concentrated on the head and there's a a much more dense dander trace of the body. This means the muscular body took most of the force, not the head.

I'd say that bird flew away.


oakteaphone t1_iydw5gr wrote

>The impact energy isn't concentrated on the head

Because it hit it beak first, then the rest of the body hit the window.

It didn't hit the window while pointing upwards. That's why you don't see the head as much relative to the rest of the body.


bigbrothersrule t1_iybc9jn wrote

The American Flag in the background flies above the gate where United 93 departed on September 11th.


vanriggs t1_iyatxek wrote

Newark clearly needs to start investing more in bird baths.


CygnusX-1-2112b t1_iyawm0l wrote

Oh God Newark? What a shit airport, at least after TSA came around. It's design and layout did not lend itself at all well to security checkpoints. Literally nothing past TSA except a lonely self-service wall vender selling prepackaged lunch meat sandwiches for $18.

And you'd better hope you don't lay over there and have your connecting flight be out of a different terminal, because then you've gotta go through TSA all over again baby!


DonkeyTheWhale t1_iyeafko wrote

Absolutely the worst airport with the worst airport food I've even been through.


AntiqueGhost13 t1_iyb8hiv wrote

That's how I react to being at EWR too


Vapourhands t1_iyc2bz5 wrote

I would check underneath for a dead owl


uuuuuhhhh_okay t1_iyb9g8o wrote

Probably committed suicide when it realized it was at Newark.


Khaniker t1_iyb46gt wrote

Almost definitely died from an impact that hard. Hope it went to good use, would've loved to find that, unfortunately it seems to be in a restricted area.


Born_ina_snowbank t1_iyb898z wrote

For whatever reason I thought of Tom cruise yelling “pull up goose!” Which turns out he never said. But I found this when googling to see if it was a line in top gun. It’s not a line on top gun.


Mysterious_Lemon_204 t1_iybc673 wrote

That happened to a Blue Jay that hit my back window. I heard a huge bang, went to see what happened and saw the imprint. Peeked out to see if it was laying on the ground was knocked out (or dead).

Then a hawk swooped in and grabbed him right in front of my eyes, and carried him away 😥

It was kind of horrifying seeing that happen!


doughnutholio t1_iyc0fx9 wrote

hawk carries dead blue jay thinking

"hah! dumbass doesn't know about glass"

[crashes into skyscraper]


TappedIn2111 t1_iybyu96 wrote

r/superbowl will not appreciate that


808_mana t1_iydjp4o wrote

if anyone in NJ is wondering why they haven't received their Hogwarts acceptance letter yet


mayormcskeeze t1_iybls9s wrote

They need to hire some owl exterminators.


bananadingding t1_iybptgy wrote

Even the animals would rather be dead than in Newark...


Lumpy-Lead-875 t1_iybtl4z wrote

okay I really want to watch the security recordings from this window.


tubaman23 t1_iybu0oz wrote

Modern art is getting so weird


Corant66 t1_iybwjvs wrote

Any bird will look like an owl as it hits the glass.


yoriu t1_iybzvd7 wrote

La sindone ( the shroud) hahaha he was a messiah pigeon


GOATluhv t1_iycd4wq wrote

✨the art...but nah, fr


who-ee-ta t1_iychhv5 wrote

You are wizzard, Harry


quikfrozt t1_iychzy5 wrote

I suppose that’s why NYC is mandating bird friendly glass for future construction over a certain height. The bird supporting lobby has one hell of a influence.


Sarato88 t1_iycn7tm wrote

Is this the start of a mystery? Perhaps a Hoo-dunnit?


peroxidase2 t1_iycnawu wrote

Windows should be marked so that this unnecessary bird strikes does not happen.


Xxdosbeekeeperxx t1_iycp662 wrote

I'll pay someone to collect and send me that sweet, sweet, owl grease.


blaxninja t1_iycpp2e wrote

That’s his soul


fuxximus t1_iycxn18 wrote

Who took the letter?!!!


Flight_Radar_24 t1_iydf47k wrote

Am I the only one that thinks it kinda look like water flowing out of the terminal?


flashmanMRP t1_iydmjb4 wrote

It appears to be a pigeon.


Plurgasm0285 t1_iyartd6 wrote

I can smell this picture ... Ew.

Edit fuck all of ya cause it's my home state.


Kopites_Roar t1_iyayedb wrote

That owl needs a shower, and we need a less fake picture


[deleted] t1_iyaz686 wrote



T04STY_ t1_iyb11yp wrote

All flying birds are greasy. Otherwise they'd just drop out of the sky if there's a little drizzle going on.


pauciradiatus t1_iyb5cdq wrote

You make an excellent point, but I get the feeling it's going to be like water off a duck's back.


gotem2411 t1_iyapwl6 wrote

PETA SCREAMING "You need to keep your windows dirty for the love of owls you sick fuck"