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Sumdumdad t1_ixuswpo wrote

NSFW this shit, POST HASTE!


RustyU OP t1_ixwmfym wrote

Why? No tits and no gore. It's just a bruised nail and a regular one underneath.


RustyU OP t1_ixu0kr2 wrote

Back story: A couple of months ago I obliterated my finger in a car door. Hurt like a bitch. It grew out a bit but went funny and lumpy at the bottom, then stopped growing, I thought I'd be stuck with the damaged nail forever more. The lumpy bits were a bit on the snaggy side, so I filed them back and found the nail was paper thin with a lot of dried blood underneath, when the blood crumbled away I found the new nail.


mnbvcxz123 t1_ixu0wdp wrote

Yep, that's how nails regrow.


RustyU OP t1_ixu16ze wrote

I had no idea. When I was told I'd lose the nail ,I expected it would just drop off shortly after the crushing and be left with a bare nail bed until one replaced it. This is much better.


FireLordObamaOG t1_ixuajsc wrote

Eventually it’ll get to a point where you can just pull the dead part off


Elkanterax t1_iy3y0ko wrote

sometimes when my nails go long enough I'll make the end bit perpendicular to the nail bed, which reveals a thin nail growing underneath. Or I'll just use my nails to shave my nails. Still peels better than SOME plastic bags I know. Mfs adding ridges like you can tear it open, but then you try and the plastic is too resilient to care. So then you have to take the back flap and pull on both sides to open it.


the_sarcastic_co81 t1_ixvuuqg wrote

I’d struggle not picking at that on a daily basis


RustyU OP t1_ixvwbdy wrote

I picked it the other day and the whole nail moved, so I had a massive cringe and can no longer touch it.


nicolepeterson256 t1_ixu1va1 wrote

I went through this kind of situation, early in my teen age.


SEND_PUNS_PLZ t1_ixu3b7v wrote

Wow I can never get my polish that realistic


RustyU OP t1_ixub2rs wrote

What you have to do is be in a hurry and not pay full attention to closing the car door. Properly slam it on the tip of your finger. Go look at the shut line of your car door, your finger has to (somehow) fit into that to get this effect


ellefleming t1_ixv1t5p wrote

Slammed in a door?


RustyU OP t1_ixvo5nc wrote

Yep, car door. Completely shut on it.


chris782 t1_ixw6x4d wrote

If it happens again, take a needle and a lighter and get it red hot and poke a hole in the nail. Trust me. I heard of it and was like 'yea fuck no'. It took me a day of not wanting to try it but the throbbing and pain is instantly gone when you relieve the pressure.

You don't feel it at all either but it is a little intimidating. Did it with a chair in college, went to scoot up and the actual seat pad came up and I sat on my finger between the chair frame and wood on the bottom of the cushion.


RustyU OP t1_ixwb287 wrote

The throbbing was so bad. I wussed out of draining it though.


yrar3 t1_ixwh6sr wrote

Yo dawg, I heard you like fingernails...


Neofishy t1_ixukdlp wrote

Delete this shit and post it on r/makemesuffer instead.

You've ruined my feed with your nasty shit nobody needs to see. Like fuck me what made you think this was SFW ans interestjng?

Srsly delete this plz