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blade_torlock t1_iy8ukav wrote

The toilet paper always went under when I was growing up, my mom always said that people who put it over never had kids.


OfCourseIKnowHim t1_iy8vfzs wrote

I don’t put mine on the roller. I just put the roll up on the back of the toilet.


fmshobojoe t1_iy9t752 wrote

my mom always put it over, I guess she never had kids :/


blade_torlock t1_iya3h13 wrote

Different mom's different tolerances.

Mom had 5 kids so her tolerance was zero.


jakob767 t1_iy8vsux wrote

Are you guys saying the paper should go a long with the wall??


myeff t1_iy8v1zr wrote

Or cats, or a light breeze, or...