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Evil_Chaos_DX t1_j28j9nq wrote

Today I learned that curved escalators exist.


AntalRyder t1_j297f4w wrote

There is one in Vegas in the Greek mall thing

Edit: sorry, it's the Roman mall thing


defdav t1_j298cj0 wrote

Caesars Palace, shops at the forum.... *Roman

Edit to add: pic


Callme_Human t1_j298g2a wrote

This is just proof that the simulation operators are still after me


auad t1_j2axe5u wrote

The Ottomans just took over!


Incoming-TH t1_j29eyr7 wrote

There are also in Singapore, pretty old and common.


dewayneestes t1_j29pzit wrote

We have them at Westfield Center in San Francisco. They’ve been there since the 90s.


annie102 t1_j2ano9g wrote

Also one in the Starbucks in downtown Chicago


Sietemadrid t1_j2apl21 wrote

Also one in my living room since the 60s, nothing special


notsopurexo t1_j280gkh wrote

Wtf is this sorcery! 😂


JoCoMoBo t1_j28i8n2 wrote

It's a curved escalator. They are fairly common around the world.


ceojp t1_j28z2z6 wrote

I suppose if you built an escalator around the world it would have to be curved.

edit: the flat earth jokes aren't funny or clever.


byfourness t1_j297xxf wrote

False. The earth is flat, so an escalator around the world would be an airport-style moving sidewalk.


S79S79 t1_j29f4av wrote

There are 90 in the entire world given there is only one manufacturer - don't know if I'd call that fairly common


JoCoMoBo t1_j2aasts wrote

I think there's more than just 90 and more than one manufacturer. Either that or the escalators are stalking me.


DeeJudanne t1_j2ab2yp wrote

how common are we talking? i have never seen it before, Sweden


Boris9397 t1_j2afbka wrote

Having travelled around the world for years and never knew they existed before this post, I'd say they're quite rare.


Prinzka t1_j2aaas3 wrote

I take it you've not really traveled the world


JoCoMoBo t1_j2aankg wrote

I've travelled quite extensively and every so often I see curved escalators.


SB_90s t1_j28gcop wrote

Been to Japan and they have all sorts of weird, futuristic and cool stuff as part of their public infrastructure because it's not always built by the lowest bidder and/or to save cost, and money is actually spent to maintain it once they're in service. The lack of that mentality, as well as higher rates of unnecessary vandalism, is why a lot of Western countries can't have nice things like that in public.


Soviet_Beer t1_j28phnh wrote

And then you go in one of their offices and see a line at the fax machine xD


Teledildonic t1_j29jc9t wrote

And the bags of candy that are 50% plastic wrapper by volume.


justthisones t1_j2c4glj wrote

Lately I’ve been watching bunch of walk videos from Japan, especially from Tokyo and what you said is extremely visible. Plenty of stuff that’s absolute marvel to look at concidering the amount of people. Some of the busiest streets seem so ”clear” and clean that you could almost lick the pavement. It looks almost impossible. There’s also loads of different type greenery and lights everywhere that are clearly being kept tidy too.

Here it’s so common that even decent projects are very quickly left to rot without proper maintenence. It’s such a shame.


No_Perspective_7854 t1_j280o6g wrote

We have these in SF too!


superrrelax t1_j2c1z2j wrote

I’ve been on that thing a million times and it never even crossed my mind that it wasn’t a common thing. TIL.


Deathnfear t1_j28pn4e wrote

Looks like more maintenance.


krichard-21 t1_j292tr9 wrote

It looks amazing, but how far away do they keep the Out of Order sign?


Batrachophilist t1_j28t3wu wrote

Have you seen those buildings in Japan? They have curved escalators. Curved. Escalators.


vicelordjohn t1_j28q8bn wrote

There's one of these in Vegas I've ridden a bunch.


Yaancat17 t1_j29zq4c wrote

I'm sure you've ridden many curved escalators


sbvp t1_j2aqglg wrote

Wynn i think? They have an amazing buffet too


CinnamonBlue t1_j29jwru wrote

The one in Time Square (Hong Kong) was installed nearly 30 years ago. It’s still fun to see people trying to figure it out.


p1ntx0s t1_j28x4vy wrote

I believe there aren't many of these in the world. The wynn casinos in Vegas and Boston both have one.


FlashScooby t1_j296rus wrote

They have one of these at the Starbucks roastery in downtown chicago


GypsyButterflySpirit t1_j28x8lf wrote

Nice, that’s different. Usually it’s mundane with it being straight up/down or flat.


LMay11037 t1_j298zqm wrote

Nah that’s cursed af


JustkiddingIsuck t1_j29a2pb wrote

something about the person in front of them doesnt look quite right...


Maniac_Ransacked t1_j2a8z8c wrote

I thought so too. Her back is just really flat- can't see shoulder blades or anything. Maybe it's just a weird angle. 🤷


hyren82 t1_j29cziv wrote

There's also one in NYC at the Bloomberg HQ


Smirf_is_this t1_j29fr54 wrote

There's one in Chicago at the Starbucks Roaster


Emetthh t1_j28zny4 wrote

Im curious about what would an elevator engineer think, is this a simple change compares to normal elevators? Or are there hidden nightmares we dont know, like maintaining or manufacture


Lazip00k t1_j298p29 wrote

lemme guess yokohama? I might been there once, but I dont know its name


tampora701 t1_j29e7a8 wrote

It's inevitable now. Show me the spiral escalator.


OneFootTitan t1_j29pz9q wrote

My related mildly interesting escalator-related fact is that the word "escalate" in the sense of increasing rapidly or becoming more serious is a metaphorical back-formation from the word "escalator". Until the escalator was invented we just didn't have that word.


THE_NAMELESS125 t1_j29y2ko wrote

Not impressed. Show me a curved elevator then I'll be impressed!


danielszajkowski t1_j2brzn0 wrote

We kinda have one in Canada. Well not exactly a curve, but it travels at an incline and then straight up.

The peace tower in Ottawa.

In 1981, a new inclined elevator was installed. It travels on a 10° angle for the first 98 feet (30 m), shifting its position horizontally 12 feet 2.25 inches (3.715 m), and straight up for the 60 feet 9 inches (18.52 m) remainder of the climb. The elevator car stays level at all times during its movement because it has a gimbal-mounted double frame.


THE_NAMELESS125 t1_j2d4485 wrote

Fucking cool. I'm impressed now, and thanks for the info. Your comment can probably be a post on its own.


AUTOMATIC_RULES t1_j29zg9h wrote

They got curve escalators at the Caesar’s Palace as well. First time for me this summer in Las Vegas.


pixxllx t1_j2a2do1 wrote

How in the fuck


Space_Rat t1_j2a2sai wrote

This is nightmare fuel.


Kanejy t1_j2annov wrote

Their too futuristic


808morgan t1_j2ao6oq wrote

The Roppongi station is super deep, it's not curved but they are so long you start to get nervous.


Ship_Fucker69 t1_j2auovu wrote

My dumbass country fighting to make even looking stairs and these guys have curved escalators . Wow


theveryrealreal t1_j2ay4eb wrote

I wonder what the uptime on this thing is


TheLizzardMan t1_j2ay58d wrote

WTF phone are you using!? All those lines in sharp ass focus. If it's an iPhone your about to make me consider switching for the first time.


tdfast t1_j2cg3zl wrote

There’s one at the River Rock Casino in Vancouver.


jaxlee00 t1_j2dzanu wrote

Another at Shinsaibashi Big Step in Osaka


More_Cowbell8 t1_j29k93q wrote

Why can't we have nice things like this in the states?


riko77can t1_j29upxe wrote

North America struggles to keep the straight ones in service.


griffteepdx t1_j29liar wrote

Cool - is it ever working? Seems like it would break down often.


Lost-Length7535 t1_j2aybl3 wrote

This is edited to make it look curved... Cringe


OneFootTitan t1_j2903cj wrote

I guess mildly interesting is right, these are fun to see but fairly common


OvinceStPierre t1_j299pjc wrote

No. We had about 500 Escalators under contract. Zero were curved. Not common.


OneFootTitan t1_j29b95z wrote

I didn't choose my words well - not common as in they are everywhere, but "not *that* surprising to see" (from my perspective coming from Singapore previously), so mildly interesting is the right way to describe it. I do love the curved escalators though!


OvinceStPierre t1_j29kzbx wrote

Location is extremely relevant. I was referring to escalators in Los Angeles (didn't clarify either). Currently Mitsubishi is the only manufacturer of curved escalators. Assuming they have a stronger presence in Singapore. Mitsubishi is trying to establish construction of more units in the US, still low compared to Otis, Kone, Thyssen, Schindler etc.. Thank you for elaborating.


frealfr t1_j28bt9h wrote

My member is curved.