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cheesedick999 t1_j24anpu wrote

Looks like a quarter note


Mistress_Mommy1 t1_j24utjm wrote

It's a bicep. We are looking for dudes. Nothing gay.


agIets t1_j245zq7 wrote



dandrevee t1_j24bymb wrote

Its a bicep. And hes a cool dude looking to hang. Nothing sexual.


EvilSnake420 t1_j24jpjy wrote

Oh I thought we were doing a penis cuz it's more masculine ya know, if you wanted it to be a bicep you'd go add veins


RandyRandom111 t1_j246laq wrote

If I had a sand dollar for every dick I saw at the beach….


GyroJiro t1_j24tykd wrote

Those things are ALIVE? (I always thought they were just a type of seashell bc of animal crossing)


acfox13 t1_j2552ec wrote

They're very pretty when alive. There are red, purple, and brown ones on the beach near me at low tide. They have tiny little feelers/feet on the bottom that helps them bring sand and food into their center mouth area, and move them along the ocean floor.

Here's a cool little video about them.


Liuqmno t1_j261kto wrote

You do know all seashells once had a living thing inside, right? Corals are living organisms too


surfershane25 t1_j27zi9w wrote

I think they mean like living in like a snail vs living around like an urchin


Liuqmno t1_j283j2t wrote

Maybe, but their phrasing kinda shocked me. I actually know sand dollars thanks to animal crossing too, but learned more about them once I got older. They're actually a type of sea urchin!


Wiggy_0000 t1_j2486nr wrote

It’s really cool when you flip them over and watch their little spines moving in unison. I’d never seen a live one before until I went to San Diego.


tracker-hunter t1_j24u4on wrote

That's like flipping a turtle over. WTF IS WRONG WITH YOUR SPECIES?


bigsoftee84 t1_j25m0b3 wrote

We're a complex and curious species. We sometimes do things that cause distress to other creatures out of curiosity, sometimes out of cruelty. Sometimes, we are unable to emphasize with creatures that are so different.

If you think flipping turtles is cruel, wait till you see what we do to each other.


surfershane25 t1_j27zpou wrote

Well no, the sand dollar is doomed once it gets washed to shore, they live in deeper water and only the dead/dying or soon to be are close to shore, at least in my limited SoCal sand dollar experience(and I’ve seen thousands here) there may be species elsewhere that are fine intertidally but the ones here form beds off shore in 8+ feet of water


Wiggy_0000 t1_j286cji wrote

I was curious as to why it was purple ish. Then I realized it was alive and put it back in the spot I found it. Chill out.


tracker-hunter t1_j2bera5 wrote

I just looked and can see the purplish color. I'm not sure, altho it may have been dehydrating, or suffocating from being out of water. Thank you for noticing and being aware, and being kind to it.


KmartQuality t1_j28efxs wrote

Was that your first beach?


Wiggy_0000 t1_j2946i7 wrote

First one that didn’t smell of sewage and oil


KmartQuality t1_j29k9we wrote

Ah, you're from the Gulf?


Wiggy_0000 t1_j2acjwl wrote

Yup Outside of the Gulf Stream We joke and call it the gulf armpit


KmartQuality t1_j2at3gn wrote

When I was 19 I drove across country from California with my girlfriend. Almost everything was beautiful until we got Oklahoma and then Texas. It just became, "at some point it'll change. It has to."

Then all of a sudden it got really green, there was a big high bridge over an estuary and there were egrets and waterways was changing! I kid you not there was a 🌈. We were genuinely excited. Then like a snap of the finger suddenly it smelled like garbage.

We parked just to stretch our legs. I walked up what looked like a random berm and suddenly the gulf opened up before us. I didn't even know we were by the sea until that moment.

What spread out before us just then was something I've only seen in cinematic future apocalypse scenes.

Oil rigs spread out in the distance, refineries in the far distance to the southwest, and a bathtub ring of discoloration and dead fish at the high tide mark for the entire beach left and right.

Oh, and dudes in 4x4s on the beach driving over the fish, and some kids building sand castles.

James Cameron couldn't have outdone it.

It didn't get better until we got north of Florida.

I even had a night wheny car broke down overnight in Alabama. It must have been a swamp. It was 90 at night and I got THREE HUNDRED MOSQUITO BITES. I counted them.

I don't know why the south fought so hard, but I do know why they needed slaves.


wolfebroe t1_j24mxa1 wrote

oh nice a quarter note


Givemebj t1_j24ofb9 wrote

Well ya, it's a little round starfish. It lives in the water and has little feet. It's going to try to stay in the water


dashinny t1_j24ri5j wrote

What’s a sand dollar and why is it called a dollar?


tracker-hunter t1_j24upng wrote

Sand dollars are named as such, not for their monetary value, yet because of their appearance. The white, bleached-out sand dollar skeletons resemble old americano and Spanish dollar coins, and thus the name was born.


pinniped1 t1_j24d0se wrote

Sand dollars are such filthy animals...every low tide is a low opportunity to draw a sand dong


AscendedAncient t1_j25agti wrote

Due to inflation, these are no longer called Sand Dollars but Sand Quarters.


TMMMA90 t1_j24kv3a wrote

My stoner ass thought this was kief in a grinder.


Zer0C00L321 t1_j24bceo wrote

Looks like it would make a great company logo.


Stupify_Me t1_j24bl2n wrote

Like a certain energy drink?


Top-Report-840 t1_j24fbex wrote

Reminded me of Plan B skateboards. They had a logo with a lower case b like that at some point. It's been forever since I've seen it. So, like, fifteen years ago lol


Nanaki567 t1_j24xkuf wrote

r/theyknew probably


CBT_Dr_Freeman t1_j256s0m wrote

That looks like the water pump gasket for a 1997 Toyota Tacoma


Cretin138 t1_j26obfo wrote

What is this sub, Mildly Phallic?


PReasy319 t1_j26p2gw wrote

Alternative title: Sand dollar draws a dick on the beach.


Armando_yo t1_j26vkts wrote

Stop sending dic pics


DutssZ t1_j26zimb wrote

Oh, a quarter note!


remudaleather t1_j26zmgk wrote

Sand dollar left a trail that looks like a fungi….


from_dust t1_j24e3uv wrote

Peter! Did you see that gigantic...


The_Powers t1_j24inb6 wrote

Bounced on my boy's shoreline to this


Euphoric-Carry1725 t1_j24rlnf wrote

I haaaate the texture of live sand dollars. They're covered in little taste buds and the bottom has a bazillion squirmy feet!


CZapGaming t1_j25j04d wrote

Now we just need it to get stuck in a sand M&M tube.


TeaKettleTheFirst t1_j265ppw wrote

The outline reminds me of hootie from the owl house


GhanimaAtreides t1_j26nei8 wrote

Aww. I hope you put it back in the water.


xBetty t1_j26zymm wrote

r/mildlypenis ?


secretsake t1_j275hwm wrote

Anyone else get tired of just like, incessant reddit dick refs..? (Stoked for the “tHeN dOnT gO oN rEdDit” comments)


SkirmisherOfTheYear t1_j27lz4r wrote

It looks like what would happen if a nautilus shell just kept going


StreetDealer5286 t1_j289q5h wrote

I will forever be weirded out by the fact sand dollars, starfish and scallops are actual living beings. I mean, I don't know what else they could be, I never thought about it. Their remains were always just a thing to me. Never thought of where they come from.

Then my ignorance was ruined. Ignorance is bliss, people, bliss!

Seeing videos of the little "legs" of starfish and sand dollars moving shudders


Slickness81 t1_j28z5oz wrote

He understood the assignment


noodlelaughter t1_j29dv8r wrote

Is a living thing that moves really mildly interesting?


DonNemo t1_j24b12n wrote

Tidal wang.


NotWhatIWouldDo t1_j27p1rs wrote

#MUST Throw these! .. I have never seen anything fly so far in my life! A sand dollar is completely covered in tiny feet like.. thousands, it's insane they all move individually.