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jeanyous t1_j23tj5j wrote

I think these do more harm than they help. Everyone knows smokers but basically no one knows people who are fucked like that. I know people who died from lung cancer, but have never seen anyone losing a leg or something like that from smoking. They should put something more realistic on it


vid_23 t1_j24hxqg wrote

Most of them have Lung cancer and other lung related stuff on them


jeanyous t1_j24krxr wrote

Yes that's true. But if you say smoking makes your legs fall off and no one has ever seen someone lose a leg due to smoking, the majority of people will think it's bs and ignore it


Illustrious-Scar-526 t1_j25ctam wrote

That picture isn't BS though, and no one said anything about a leg. You are right in that we shouldn't lie or exaggerate these things because then it just makes people not trust, but that mouth cancer is a real thing. And it is a real slow and real painful way to die.

People talking like you, saying something isn't real and then using your own speculation as evidence (when tobaco does in fact cause mouth cancer, and can get worse than that photo). That's how people become misinformed. No one ever said tobacco makes your legs fall off, you just made that up. That's how people become misinformed, by doing exactly what you are doing. Don't just speculate and then use your own speculation as a fact. No one said anything about a leg, you just made that up, and now you're saying that it's wrong to lie about people losing their legs. You are causing misinformation, you are not preventing it.

I hope you never have the proof that I have experienced. I don't want anyone to watch the horrors of mouth/lung cancer take over the life of someone they love. Especially when they are the ones who caused it on themselves. I tried to make them stop smoking for years, if only they had a little more convincing..... But luckily they did not lose their legs, that would be horrible!


jeanyous t1_j25g7n8 wrote

I didn't mean that it doesn't happen. It's just rare. Lung cancer is the most common thing among smokers. And I know 3 people who died of lung cancer due to smoking too. Here (in germany) there are also people with missing legs or feet for example on the cigarette packs. They don't exactly fall off but have to be amputated due to blood cloths i believe.