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Rum3ths t1_j23wx4p wrote

I don’t think toothfairy will accept those


CromulentBanter t1_j23zx1b wrote

I bet a pervert on the internet would pay top dollar, though!


Punisher41 t1_j251b32 wrote

Danhausen is not a pervert. Very rich, very evil though


awesomeroy t1_j26vmt7 wrote

Toothfairy's pay extra for those. They're called supernumeraries.

I believe the numbers are 52, 66, 67, and 82


5ammich t1_j244773 wrote

If you want them clean and shiny (and not smelling like rotten meat), soak them in hydrogen peroxide until the blood and tissue dissolves. This usually takes hours to days, depending on the amoint of tissie. To make them white, soak them in 30 strength hair developed for a few days. You'll have super-white, clean teeth to display!


raspberryscum OP t1_j246lzw wrote

Thank you for the tip! I’m still contemplating what I should do with them


Oohwshitwaddup t1_j24gatq wrote

What made you take them in the first place. No way in hell I wanted mine when they pulled them.


CubedSquare95 t1_j25o64c wrote

They give them to you. You decide what to do next, since its your physical property


NoNeedForNorms t1_j285dya wrote

Weird, I wasn't offered mine. But my Dad did get his. Maybe it just depends on the dentist.


ProgySuperNova t1_j26b6gh wrote

It's like when you get an orchiectomy. You get to take what they removed home in a doggy bag.


RedChaos92 t1_j249m1u wrote

I'm in the lucky 35% of the population that didn't get wisdom teeth at all.

Saw what several of my friends and my ex went through getting them pulled - no thanks.


clumsyc t1_j24nfky wrote

I only grew two! Maybe that’s why getting them removed didn’t seem so bad - just a few days of swelling.


bflatmusic7 t1_j2567hz wrote

I went to high school with a kid who had 8? He said they were genuinely all wisdom teeth and not just extra teeth being removed from crowding. Swelling is usually pretty bad, but his face was literally doubled the normal width


RedChaos92 t1_j256baf wrote

Jesus. Poor guy, that had to have been a rough recovery.


Mase598 t1_j27x41j wrote

Every time I see a post about wisdom teeth I'm reminded of my horrid experience.


Long story short, 4 wisdom teeth 1 on each corner. I only had them numb my mouth. If I remember correctly the right side was fine which happens to be where they started. They did my top left 3rd and it definitely wasn't as numb, but not too bad at all so whatever. 4th tooth, bottom left, felt like it wasn't numbed whatsoever.


The amount of force I put into my grip on the arm rests of the chair and how hard I dug into the rests with my elbows to not be shaking was insane. The chair along with my shirt was soaked in sweat from how much pain I was in.


They asked if I was okay from my facial expressions and if I could feel it, told them I was fine. I was not fine. I just wanted it to be over since they already started on it and it was the last tooth.


Now everything considered... Realistically speaking it's not that bad getting them pulled, but I'm also extremely comfortable when it comes to needles, dental work, etc. If I wasn't a hard ass about wanting them to continue since otherwise it was another 15ish minutes to numb more, it wouldn't have even been too bad.


RedChaos92 t1_j292sii wrote

They didn't knock you out for that? My ex had 2 pulled and they knocked her out cold for the procedure


Mase598 t1_j2ajwq6 wrote

Worth mentioning I'm in Ontario, Canada. Not sure if maybe it's different in different parts of the world but for me and my sister when we've done it, we had 1 of 3 options.


I believe it was the numbing thing which I did, I think it's laughing gas which I believe my sister did, and the good ol' knock out.


It was progressively more expensive and like I said I'm generally comfortable with all that stuff, so I chose the numbing. The knock out sounded the most fun though going off videos of people post procedure.


RedChaos92 t1_j2ao2z0 wrote

The post knockout loopies are very entertaining for everyone around you 😂


NestroyAM t1_j241pm8 wrote

When I was a kid I came into the dentist's room and apparently before I did so he took out a wisdom tooth from one of his assistant's. They told me it's the tusk of a sabretooth tiger, but the assistant's cheek was still swollen as fuck, so I knew they were lying and ran out to my mom.

If they lie to me before I even sit down, you can bet your ass they'd lie about "If it hurts, just say something and we'll stop"!

We had to switch dentists.


lawfulkitten1 t1_j27002h wrote

TBF that sounds more like a dad joke than the dentist trying to lie to you


chuckpaint t1_j240ux8 wrote

Damn guess they didn’t care about damaging the bones, they usually cut the multi-roots in pieces so it’s a smoother release.


literallyatree t1_j24y32a wrote

OP might've asked to keep the teeth. I asked if I could keep mine and the surgeon pulled them out whole like this. My sister had the same thing but didn't want them, and the same surgeon chopped hers up for easier extraction.


raspberryscum OP t1_j26r7o8 wrote

The first thing I asked during my consultation was if I could keep them lol


KookyTax9715 t1_j24ybvz wrote

i asked for mine and they still had to break the bottom ones to get them out. sucks 😔


kaliveraz t1_j241knv wrote

Did they removed all the wisdom teeth the same day? How are you even able to eat? Haha


bmt0075 t1_j243gpt wrote

thats how mine were done, didn't eat solid food for a few days.


Reddit-username_here t1_j246aoh wrote

Me too, only I was eating a cheeseburger later that night. I didn't have any swelling or anything.


LexLuthorsHairPiece t1_j24jrj6 wrote

When I had mine removed about 20 years ago I was chowing down on fried chicken a few hours after the surgery.


Reddit-username_here t1_j24k2ro wrote

I had mine taken out in the Army. I felt like they did a good job on me, but some of the people that went in with me were fucked up lol.


Mase598 t1_j27xmt4 wrote

idk why this is awakening a memory from when I got braces lol


I worked at a hot food department at a super store, I got braces and eating was difficult for a few days. I thought I'd be good by this point one shift so I bought a sandwich on a toasted baguette. I literally couldn't bite into the bread hard enough for teeth marks to be pressed in, let alone pulling off pieces.


I ended up giving up and just ripping off tiny pieces by hand and swallowing the chunks without chewing.


I legit think that trying to bite into this sandwich is like a top 5 in the most painful things I've had to do. #1 would be having a wisdom tooth pulled essentially without any numbing, #2 would be having 2 cavities filled with no anesthetic because I didn't want to go back a week later to do it, and probably the stupidest is #3 from a rollercoaster that I think gave me a mild concussion.


UsernameJonesHere t1_j244v16 wrote

Is this not common? I got all of mine out in one day and was back to normal 2 days later.


kaliveraz t1_j246w67 wrote

Not where I live, my dentist recomended to remove one by one so I can continue eating solid foods


Oohwshitwaddup t1_j24gikc wrote

More sense would be like mine where they did 1 side first (left) then the other right. Leaving 1 in on a side doesnt do anything since there is no tooth opposite side of it to help chew food.


raspberryscum OP t1_j246fnp wrote

Yep, all in one day! Luckily soup is one of my favorite types of food


SunnySloth93 t1_j244jt4 wrote

I had 8 wisdom teeth pulled and then another grew in about 10 years later... Got dry socket after the 8 were pulled and reeeeeally don't recommend it!


UBUYDVD t1_j267qh4 wrote

Can sympathize, Dry socket is like having a needle slowly pushed through your temple. Was on staggered doses of naproxen and codeine for 5 days just to function


Spiritual-Finance831 t1_j257soo wrote

I had 5 pulled all at once. Whenever I tell anyone that I usually get the "you must have extra wisdom" line but clearly I don't anymore as they were all pulled gif


MjauDuuude t1_j24hh8z wrote

And I have none. Did you steal mine?


PhotonWolfsky t1_j251nc2 wrote

How did you get lucky enough to have them whole? Dentist had to take a damn jackhammer to mine and extract like 40000 little pieces after breaking it apart.

Also, 40000 is a joke. Can't be too careful with Mr. Literals on the internet.


raspberryscum OP t1_j25dlrw wrote

The first thing I asked during the consultation was whether I could keep my teeth. My surgeon told me he would try his best to get them out whole :)


mrsunlight1 t1_j25i7jl wrote

Imagine how wise you would have been.


Reddit-username_here t1_j2466xe wrote

My oldest daughter was born without wisdom teeth. It's apparently some random mutation.


TacoMachine45 t1_j24n0vz wrote

I was also born without wisdom teeth. I had gone to the dentist and was curious if they were going to grow in soon. Doc had just finished my X-Ray before we started the cleaning and she looked at me and said: "Don't worry about it, they're not there."

I was confused, so she swiveled the screen around to me and showed me: "You don't have any wisdom teeth, and you never will." X-Ray had no Wis teeth on it, nor any signs of growth.

I consider myself extremely lucky after hearing different stories about removals.


Reddit-username_here t1_j24nx83 wrote

>I consider myself extremely lucky after hearing different stories about removals.

Meh. Mine was nice and easy. And I got high as balls!


Outside-Lunch4430 t1_j24fjo5 wrote

My youngest was born without wisdom teeth, too. We tell her she’s just more highly evolved than the rest of us. 😁


derustzelve1 t1_j24cgt6 wrote

I only had two of those present in my collection of teeth. It finally evened out then.


SteliosPo t1_j24dml1 wrote

hold on man. hold on

I had 2 wisdom teeth out at the same time and i couldnt even sneeze or talk much cause of the pain for the next whole week

how are you managing with 6??


dhidhfuud t1_j24f0lo wrote

I got 6 removed at once too. My entire mouth was sewed shut for a week. I also discovered what blended Kraft Mac and cheese tastes like. It tastes like a war crime.


raspberryscum OP t1_j25cz0b wrote

Lots of ibuprofen, Mac and cheese, and soup. I feel okay. The pain is almost completely gone


3shotsofwhatever t1_j24fesm wrote

Yup I had 6 as well. 4 on top and two on bottom.


bad10th t1_j24k0zo wrote

No dry socket issues? LUCKY!

I don't want to get into it, just so bad.



raspberryscum OP t1_j25d4ld wrote

I was terrified of dry sockets but luckily didn’t have to deal with that. I don’t really have holes. My were pretty flat straight out of surgery


beefstewforyou t1_j24mxg8 wrote

I kept mine. I’m currently 34 and they’ve given me no major issues yet. I don’t understand getting major surgery because something might happen. How about do nothing unless that complication happens?


EnterPlayerTwo t1_j24voed wrote

> How about do nothing unless that complication happens?

It'$ a my$tery


beefstewforyou t1_j24xfj7 wrote

I’m surprised no one has attempted to make routine appendix removal a thing. It’s just as illogical as routine wisdom teeth removal.


Alastor3 t1_j24p792 wrote

I got two wisdom teeth removed 2 months ago and they didnt asked me if I wanted to keep them... bummer


Paigelainey297_ t1_j24rv9g wrote

That’s so cool you got to keep them! I had 7 taken, 3 wisdom (4th one didn’t grow) and 4 just to make room for movement. Still have my X-rays I find this stuff super interesting


Dstrap t1_j24z13z wrote

I thought there where a maximum of 4 wisdom tooth.


Petronella17 t1_j25gl2p wrote

I had 4 wisdom teeth pulled when I was in college (1980's) and about 4 years ago had my 5th wisdom tooth pulled. And then I started getting stupider.


ZSnake t1_j25tphx wrote

Huh, so you got the two I'm missing. Neat.


Fthewigg t1_j2615ji wrote

I had 7 removed. Where were the extras? Mine were all on top.


raspberryscum OP t1_j26rbwd wrote

Mine were at the top as well


Fthewigg t1_j26tmz6 wrote

Did they do them all at once? They did mine one side at a time (left and right). They had to dig deep on the side with two extra.


raspberryscum OP t1_j27eej9 wrote

Yep all at once. I was under sedation so I didn’t remember a thing lol


Fthewigg t1_j27ftbf wrote

It must’ve been my first session when I was 18 or 19: coming out of sedation I asked the doctor when I could drink and smoke again… in front of my mom.


Thunder_gp t1_j261bwq wrote

I will never forgive the orthodontist my family used. I had 1 request. To have them keep my wisdom teeth after they took them out.

And they didn’t. They threw them out the moment they were removed. If I could sue them for emotional damages at the time, I would have. I left the place in anger and my mom at the time was thinking it was the meds that made me angry.

Fuck that place.


NerdMouse t1_j262q2v wrote

You could put them in a solution and keep them in a jar. It's what my wife did with her wisdom teeth


maruiti t1_j26o57r wrote

I never removed mine, I guess I have a big mouth.


trooooooooper t1_j26s6ti wrote

Wow they package them up so nice for you. I got mine back in a taped tissue


onward- t1_j26vjpj wrote

I also had 6 wisdom teeth! 4 regular and two supernumerary. I vividly remember the anesthesiologist not considering 2 extra teeth would take longer, so my anesthesia dosage was wrong. Woke up during them pulling a tooth out in an incredible amount of pain. It was 14 years ago and I still feel the convulsions and pain if I think about it!


mightymolar t1_j28mjz2 wrote

Congratulations! It’s a boy!!