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yurimow31 t1_j1e9fg5 wrote

seems fair. indicated airspeed isn't really useful for a car.


egordoniv OP t1_j1ed8qv wrote

But to specify ground speed as if there is another option?


JackieMcFucknuckles t1_j1emxsz wrote

GPS speed and Ground Speed don’t always match. That would be really the only other option, but it’s negligible.

Example: a car traveling over mountainous terrain will have a higher ground speed than gps speed since the gps speed is only accounting for position and not elevation. Traveling up a mountain and back down the other side is a longer ground distance (sum of 2 sides of a triangle is always longer than the length of the 3rd side) than the straight line distance if there were, say, a tunnel through the mountain.

It’s really not useful data though because it’s usually a negligible difference.


tonyswu t1_j1etj72 wrote

Why would a driver care about GPS speed though?


JackieMcFucknuckles t1_j1euwx8 wrote

Yeah, that’s kinda what I was saying. It is another option, but it would be mostly useless. I guess I just felt like it was a nerdy fun thing to share.


MeltsYourMinds t1_j1g2yuw wrote

On a flat track it’s more precise. Older speedos, due to the way they measure, get more imprecise as speed increases.


Full_Temperature_920 t1_j1ep0z7 wrote

Didn't even know GPS speed was a thing


A_Tad_Bit_Nefarious t1_j1g5vgl wrote

If you use navigation apps like Waze, Google Maps, or a dedicated unit like a Garmin, they typically have an option to tell you your speed. Sometimes they tell you the speed limit of the road you are on too so you can easily tell by how many mph you are breaking the law lol.


NemosGhost t1_j1g8g9s wrote

It is and it isn't.

GPS can measure speed/velocity and display it different references or units. It's a tool to measure, not the unit or datum itself.

Saying GPS speed is kinda like saying ruler length.

We do often say it out of habit though to compare it to air speed or boat speed which are the speed of the vessel moving through air or water that is also moving.


NemosGhost t1_j1g6ydm wrote

GPS measures position and therefore speed three dimensionally as long as it has at least 4 satellites or combination of references.

It's just a matter of what you want displayed. Modern units can do SOG or 3 dimensional speed.


hearnia_2k t1_j1evs25 wrote

But calling it ground speed is not exactly right either.... GPS speed in a straight line should be pretty accurate. Most systems use more accurate positioning satellites than GPS in addition, and they all offer altitude so that can easily be factored in.

Ground speed could be off if the car is drifting for example, since the wheels will be rotating at different speeds.


PhasmaFelis t1_j1gu6iq wrote

You're not wrong, but this amuses me because, in aircraft, "ground speed" means what you're calling GPS speed. Basically just the horizontal component of your speed. An aircraft in a vertical dive has a ground speed of zero even if it's close to breaking the sound barrier.

(For extra confusion, "air speed" is your speed relative to the air around you, and that air may also be moving. If you're in level flight, heading due north into a 50MPH wind blowing due south, you might have a 300MPH airspeed but only 250MPH ground speed.)


boomgoon t1_j1f7835 wrote

Just a nod to the Mustang fighter plane the car is named after


AKchaos49 t1_j1fd89f wrote

Trust me. Mustang owners are interested in air speed as well.


Raynafur t1_j1fo4q7 wrote

I see you've been to Cars and Coffee.


Penske1 t1_j1eay7m wrote

The Mustang was named after the P-51 Mustang fighter plane so this is a reference to that plane and aviation.


egordoniv OP t1_j1edfem wrote

Whoa. I thought it was named after the Mustang horse, since there are horse emblems all over the cars.


RealllTurbulentJuice t1_j1ewx9y wrote

I always assumed the P-51 plane was named after the horse, and the car after the plane.. so its basically both lol


El_Boberto t1_j1f3xwm wrote

And a Camaro is a, "a small, vicious animal that eats Mustangs.”


tfctroll t1_j1fw8gz wrote

It's not actually an animal is it? That has to be some marketing bs right?


El_Boberto t1_j1gwkxm wrote

100% made up. They went all out when they announced the Camaro. They sent out cryptic invites to automotive journalists for the reveal and made up a fake organization for the eradication of panthers, it’s code name during development, and invited them to join. The press conference was the first and last meeting of said organization.


eatingmyfist t1_j1ejjfy wrote

Not sure why you’re being downvoted, you’re 100% right


JackieMcFucknuckles t1_j1enyel wrote

Wikipedia says it was named for both although Ford credits the guy who liked the planes as the person who came up with the name.

One of the people who suggested the name apparently liked the planes, but someone in marketing also suggested the name because he liked the horses. I assume the latter is how it got it’s badges.


A_Tad_Bit_Nefarious t1_j1g6c4f wrote

They could have kept going with that. A Ford Avenger or Ford Spitfire would be pretty neat.

Ford Hurricane? Ford Tomcat.

Oh wait, they do have the Ford Raptor.


Elikorm t1_j1g3rfx wrote

Me and my family have an ongoing argumejt about this lol

I claim as you do but they say why is there a hose on the logo and what’s the plane named after

I’m taking solace that I’m not the only one who says this


OldTimeyMedicine t1_j1ep6j9 wrote

I think it's Car Speed, it only seems like the ground is moving but it's actually the car


Schroedinbug t1_j1f1tjp wrote

More like wheel speed. Not ground speed due to things like drifting or dyno, not air speed due to wind, not car speed as you can lock the brakes up and it'll show zero while sliding into the sunset at speed. GPS speed would be closer to "car speed", but there are still issues with z-axis movement.


hearnia_2k t1_j1ewg7i wrote

Wouldn't it be both? Equal and opposite forces blah blah means if a car drives in one driection then it applies the same force on the ground in opposite direction. So, the ground speed is the different between the speed of the ground in one direction and the car in another direction.

Otherwise the car would have to do some pretty unnecessary calculations to know how much force the car was putting on the earth in the opposite direction, and how much that impacted the speed of the earths rotation etc. Plus the speedo would likely have to show pretty close to 1.3 million MPH?


OldTimeyMedicine t1_j1ezp6r wrote

Setting aside speedos for a moment, the Car Speed would be relative to the frame of reference, or more appropriately, the rate at which the wheels are turning since the speedometer is measuring that based on the wheel rotation. So if the car is drifting, the speedometer will present the speed according to wheel speed rather than the resolved components of the speed vectors, where the datum isn't defined here.


hearnia_2k t1_j1ffmaf wrote

Yes, it's true, and I even mentioned this in another comment, but it's also not what you previously states, where you said it's the speed the car is actually moving; but it's not, it's based on having a value for the outer circumference of the tyre, and speed of rotation etc.


hackulator t1_j1ggoln wrote

Well, all motion is relative so it really depends on your point of view.


PinkPickledOnion t1_j1e9qsy wrote

This is the “aviator watch” cosplay trickling into cars. Not shocked it’s on a mustang


[deleted] t1_j1etkwh wrote



PinkPickledOnion t1_j1etoh2 wrote

Yes hence the cosplay. You proved my point.


[deleted] t1_j1ettti wrote



PinkPickledOnion t1_j1evo8l wrote

No I just think it’s stupid and made for a market of wannabes. People can drive what they want as long as they are insured and the car is road legal imho. But I can still judge their purchases in the same way I judge people who buy Louis Vitton.


[deleted] t1_j1ew997 wrote



PinkPickledOnion t1_j1ewmqo wrote

That and wannabe sports car fans. Just save up and get a real sports car like a Ferrari or something if that’s their thing.


[deleted] t1_j1exr04 wrote



Schroedinbug t1_j1f1gef wrote

That and if you're into modding cars, mustangs are a great choice due to the aftermarket selection with quality options.


Mister_Brevity t1_j1ffpx4 wrote

I wonder how often p51’s crashed into telephone poles trying to show off


PinkPickledOnion t1_j1f1z30 wrote

Man dude below me so butt hurt about his mustang that he denied he owned one at all then deleted his comments or blocked me....oh the tears of success.


wombey12 t1_j1g1tbx wrote

"Success" my ass. He blocked you because he was fed up with your obnoxious shit, just like anyone else would be. And the downvotes on all your comments/upvotes on theirs prove who everyone else is siding with.


PinkPickledOnion t1_j1g47vn wrote

Found the other account 😂

People get so offended on jokes about the stuff they buy because they identify with items. It’s late stage capitalism in a nutshell.

And last time I checked my first comment still has upvotes so they sided with me. Thanks for pointing that out.


Irvingdls t1_j1ej6po wrote

Been like that for a while thought it was mildly interesting too

The fact you can change the dash and ambient color is my favorite part. That’s more interesting.


IAmTheClayman t1_j1exujm wrote

If it changes to read Air Speed it means you’ve accidentally driven off a cliff


Unit147 t1_j1fvdc4 wrote

Does it come with an ejection seat tho


Juan-More-Taco t1_j1ednf8 wrote

Makes sense given that Mustang is named after a plane obviously. Haven't they been doing this for awhile?


Extension_Ask_6954 t1_j1ehd7x wrote

Groundspeed... Anything not to call it the Metric system...


kadinshino t1_j1g9w2k wrote

Instant this throwback to the P-51 Mustangs because they took design elements from it or something?

Introduced in the Mach 1 in the 1960s


[deleted] t1_j1egccc wrote



jparadis87 t1_j1es1j4 wrote

They said newer and most people consider a 2015 a newer car


Lebowski99 t1_j1et4nq wrote

0 to 52.14 knots in 5 seconds


pandoras_dreams t1_j1fr5ox wrote

As opposed to....?🤔


ButWhatIfIAmARobot t1_j1ik3pu wrote

If you are burning out does it stay at 0mph? If it's sensed from the front wheels only then it's more of a relative speed to the crowd you are about to hit. RCS. Relative Crowd Speed?


berkeley_solipsist t1_j1ez03x wrote

In all honesty, I thought it was a subtle joke about how fast the car can go.


simonf75 t1_j1fb4sf wrote

the fact that it doesn’t match the curvature of the numbers is fucking killing me


Savitar-1 t1_j1fmwu0 wrote

Probably going a lot faster in the air. Terminal velocity is no joke.


doosher2000k t1_j1fz5dr wrote

This would be cool in like a Veyron - in a mustang it just screams small dick energy


VJimbobjohnsonRising t1_j1gck55 wrote

This is in homage to the flight cockpit it is designed to mimic. Its the same reason that there are flip up toggle switches below the touch screen.


SportsterDriver t1_j1gu3gz wrote

There should be a switch to airspeed somewhere, used when leaving shows


Ptakub2 t1_j1gva5v wrote

Why the hell would anybody grind it?


iwillneverreadthiscr t1_j1h15wn wrote

The lettering is all crooked -it is only loosely following the curvature of the speedometer; it looks like someone with poor photoshop skills added that...


jasonreid1976 t1_j1hdun1 wrote

Makes sense. It couldn't be the Airspeed Velocity of a Dew Laden Swallow.


Agreeable-Scholar483 t1_j1hmcvy wrote

That’s in place of the one that gives you your speed as your drifting into a curb, three parked cars and a fence. It is a Mustang after all.


a_useless_farmer t1_j1i1fer wrote

Can’t be sure, but maybe it’s a joke on the car’s inspiration from the p-51 mustang?


Flawdahwatah t1_j1i471i wrote

It’s just a stupid way to help sell the car.. it’s a way of fooling chuds into thinking they have some upgraded sensors or whatever funny business they come up with to justify paying way too much to drive to the grocery store


mikdre03 t1_j1fnwlx wrote

My 2017 mustang has this


Super-Brka t1_j1eb8v1 wrote

Ready to take off?