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somesparetime t1_j2fevjr wrote

They use that in Savanna, GA quite a lot.


hellothere1975 OP t1_j2ffqtc wrote

So they do use this in the States! I just replied to someone else saying that I’ve seen it in multiple places in Europe but never here.


Longjumping-Dog8436 t1_j2fjn2y wrote

Have seen in Louisiana, but I believe it's illegal in most of the Great Lakes states.


Yilidus t1_j2ff29u wrote

I have seen such things more than once. It is used as a deterrent for thieves to avoid them climbing over the boundary wall or fence. Broken glass bottles and shards of glass mixed into the concrete that finish off the top of the wall.


Xaionara t1_j2fhflm wrote

What if you throw your jacket over the shards and just climb on that?


Yilidus t1_j2fihvc wrote

Well that could be fine, as you might find the owner with a nice shotgun pointed at you...or a nice big dog ready to play with you ;)


terrih9123 t1_j2fn83z wrote

I brought bologna and pot brownies we gonna be fine


Yilidus t1_j2fqffm wrote

If you bring food to an Italian, be prepared to be exorcised :)


terrih9123 t1_j2frub8 wrote

I’ve had to be exercised after leaving an Italian. So much pasta and pizza


hellothere1975 OP t1_j2ffk8f wrote

I recall seeing it around other places in Europe too. Never in the states. Incidentally this was taken the day of Kayne and Kims wedding there. RIP.


ghostsofbaghlan t1_j2fmufc wrote

Where I was in Afghanistan, the Head Mistress(?) of the girls school did this to the walls around their school because Taliban would jump up on the walls and throw acid on the girls. I don’t recall seeing these walls in any of the boys’ schools.


jocem009 t1_j2fs241 wrote

That is fucking awful. Acid wounds are horrific.


SirHerald t1_j2fh8qt wrote

I first saw that in Mexico about 30 years ago.

Zoning in the US pushes towards the more elegant decorative spikes.


WhistlingBread t1_j2fg6w0 wrote

My understanding is most places in the US won’t allow this, and barbed wire is only allowed in places not zoned for residential. Pretty silly but them are the rules


kingofwale t1_j2fvb0t wrote

Very common sight in most third world country….


HanMaBoogie t1_j2fum28 wrote

It is pretty common in Mexico.


ronswansonsego t1_j2fgfr7 wrote

Surprisingly, in Texas that’s a felony.


IronGhost3373 t1_j2fh72r wrote

Houston, TX. Allot of places in bad neighborhoods will bury heavy glass bottles in cement sticking out of the top of cinder block walls, then break them off to keep thieves out of car repair storage yards, etc.


BanMonger t1_j2fk89q wrote

I went to Venezuela when I was 12, and all the yards and stuff in the little town I was in, had fences like this. With sharp metal and broken glass.

Seems necessary when windows are just holes.


jiminak46 t1_j2fw6ye wrote

The walls at the royal castle at Windsor have the same.


jfm1324 t1_j2fwh4l wrote

Throw a thick rug over top like you see in the entrances of restaurants or stores and that glass is no problemo


BigGreenBallOfLuck t1_j2fkcr9 wrote

100% illegal in the UK. That's pre meditated assault


Fox_go_sckree_981 t1_j2ffc2z wrote

Ow ,holy shit, imagine accidentally parachuting on to that.


Beneficial_Step9088 t1_j2fggp6 wrote

I could have sworn I saw this on top of the wall around the Dupont estate as a child, but I could be misremembering.


AtTheLeftThere t1_j2fion3 wrote

Broken glass is a common deterrent in third world countries. I've seen it in India, Chile, the middle east, and Africa.


LeviathanGank t1_j2fl7y2 wrote

Florence, Florence, who the glass is Florence?!


Bognut t1_j2fmd94 wrote

Often seen on tops of residential garden walls in the uk