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Skyfryer t1_j216c85 wrote

What kind of double talk horseshit is this lol


SadArchon t1_j219oo2 wrote

Maybe try improving your reading comprehension. I can help parse it for you if you are still having trouble understanding.


Skyfryer t1_j21bol3 wrote

Hey now. Learn to be nice to other lizards on the internet. You’ll have a better day, trust me.


SadArchon t1_j21bzpu wrote

Meanwhile OP is trashing their parents while freeloading in their house with extra guests, while simultaneously displaying the same behavior they are blaming their parents for:

>I'm visiting for the holidays with young children, apologies for not tackling everything during my hour of free time.


Skyfryer t1_j21dki0 wrote

All he did was say he thought something looked like a bob ross painting. There’s no need to look for a smoking gun like it’ll solve the ukraine/russia war lol


SadArchon t1_j21ec8d wrote

That faucet is disgusting, and needed comment