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Bburke89 t1_j1zp0qf wrote

That’s what you call a “happy little accident.”


valsr t1_j1zp5lm wrote

happy little eww


M-Kawai t1_j1zqoub wrote

I’m sorry, all, I see is lime scale, calcium deposits, mold and mildew. I guess I’m not artistic enoughgif


mrmike05 t1_j1zu4ln wrote

No, I'm sorry but no it doesn't. Clean this.


cheeze_whiz_shampoo t1_j1zwjqb wrote

Very cool op. Bobby would be proud of your creation. Now, go get some vinegar and an angle grinder and clean that shit.


BarfingOnYourFace t1_j2030mf wrote

Pop it off and put it in a glass box on a pedestal.

You’ll make millions.


SadArchon t1_j2034vo wrote

some one must be a renter


SadArchon t1_j21bzpu wrote

Meanwhile OP is trashing their parents while freeloading in their house with extra guests, while simultaneously displaying the same behavior they are blaming their parents for:

>I'm visiting for the holidays with young children, apologies for not tackling everything during my hour of free time.