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wildadragon t1_j210hcf wrote

Or that's a decoy, better go inside and check anyway.


TheTwistedPlot t1_j21aocq wrote

Plot twist: the owners never left for the holidays


shmip t1_j22sm7c wrote

The store is open secretly, but only those brave enough to check will find out.


EndersGame_Reviewer t1_j23u5pe wrote

A bluff, double bluff, and counter-bluff.

Well it would be if they left this on the counter.


StainedMyShirt t1_j230dpi wrote

Weird I literally just saw your comment on the cancer mug post in memes. Might as well say hi. Hi.


FG910 t1_j21309n wrote

Brake all the glass maybe that helps


HRzNightmare t1_j219bsj wrote

Bravo, this is the first time I've seen this misspelling go the opposite way.


bambinolettuce t1_j21asfx wrote

hahaha fuck reddit is so passive aggressive sometimes i love it


SunChipMan t1_j21dug5 wrote

My first thought. But will a robber be smarter or dumber?


Deslah t1_j211pk8 wrote

Actually quite common for the smallest retail businesses to do exactly that: leave their cash till/tills open and visible when the business isn't occupied. It's a very real and rather effective intrusion/theft deterrent.


NomenNescio13 t1_j215vrv wrote

My mom owned a gym for women and did exactly this. Which, given her stories of people entering through open windows while she was cleaning up at the end of the day, was probably wise.


Deslah t1_j21qnu1 wrote

It was very wise. Repairing or replacing a cash register is not cheap (and not having a cash register because the thief thought it was full so he stole it) makes it that much harder to reopen and get back to business. Anything a business owner can to reduce the potential damages is a good thing.


STUPIDVlPGUY t1_j22l6aj wrote

imagine stealing a cash register, then taking it home, breaking it open, and finding its empty


No_Significance_1550 t1_j246isw wrote

They usually break into the register while it’s still in the store. The shitty part is when they steal a vehicle, drive it through the front of the store to break into said empty cash register. Tens of thousands in damages for nothing.


[deleted] t1_j245tfw wrote



NomenNescio13 t1_j246ao0 wrote

Just idiots looking for a buck. According to her, as soon as they realised she was there, they'd awkward their way out of there.


jdraconis t1_j21511n wrote

When I worked in a pizza shop, at the end of the shift we put the empty drawers on the counter. There was a window right next to the counter that you could see the counter from. No way to know exactly if it worked, but the owner said he had seen a few people peek in the window and move along on when reviewing the security cams.


GoldenHour_IU t1_j217gtc wrote

Yeah :/ Wish my friend's restaurant (her workplace) did the same. Thieves entered from the ceiling, cut the cords for CCTV beforehand to hide their identities, failed to steal money from the cash register due to its auto-lock system, and for some reason didn't think to take the entire cash register with them. But what did they take? All the employees' tips that hadn't yet been distributed out to them. The thieves were busy on Christmas Eve (or I guess, 12AM Christmas day). The employer suffered no losses; only the employees.


bambinolettuce t1_j21b5m5 wrote

If it were a decent workplace, they'd have given the employees the missing tip money and either reimbursed themselves via burglary insurance or eat the (relatively) small loss


ShorteagleFTW t1_j21jieo wrote

That and if someone gets in, a register will not deter them. It at least prevents you having to buy a new register


day7seven t1_j24ymah wrote

My car got broken into, the small window at the back got smashed. So I startef leaving the empty glove box and coin holder open. A couple months later it got broken into again! So I started leaving my window rolled down. And a few months later they smashed the little window again without even checking the window was open! Cost $300 deductible each time to replace the glass.


JimmmyDriver t1_j216lhc wrote

Pretty standard retail closing duty to leave empty drawers open. Nice touch to leave it in full view


JGCities t1_j22rr4n wrote

Exactly. Every retail store I worked at left empty registers open like this because the registers are dang expensive and dont want them destroyed by some idiot looking for money.

You keep the money in a safe if you have any brains.


Cristinky420 t1_j216q4t wrote

I live in a neighbourhood where transients, drug addicts and those passing through often explore yards and bins for whatever they can obtain that isn't secured down. I had an old vehicle that was broke down and parked in a rather accessible area of the property I rent. I pulled the battery, opened all of the compartments and put a sign in the window that said "broke down, no valuables". I left it locked mostly because I feared finding a dead person in it. No one touched it.


sixx761 t1_j214qb3 wrote

Where do people live that this is normal?


Cala_42 t1_j22cavi wrote

The sign says YEG which is the airport code (and nickname) for Edmonton, Canada. I have worked retail in both Edmonton and Vancouver, and can confirm, this is a common practice in both cities.

I was told it was partly to show no cash was kept on the premises, but also because the cash register drawers were very expensive to repair, so it was better to leave them open.


PixelatedConor t1_j22gmwq wrote

I live in Edmonton and you're correct. This business and it's neighbours have had their windows smashed several times in the past couple years so it's understandable they're doing everything they can to avoid it happening again.


DanelleDee t1_j2364ol wrote

I only clicked on the post because I saw my hometowns airport code!


Ventghal t1_j2128ru wrote

Back when MCDs still closed, that’s what we had to do at the end of the night, open all the drawers and leave them that way.


tf749 t1_j211zec wrote

All well and good until they forget one night and people think it's ripe for plunderin'.


Successful_Cup_1882 t1_j220cpj wrote

Sad that small business have to resort to shit like this to get by. People have gotten too soft on scumbags.


Absolut_Iceland t1_j266f3a wrote

You don't understand! The scumbags are the real victims. ^^(/s)


Bamcanadaktown t1_j21ctw3 wrote

It's surprising what works. My grandfather use to leave on talk radio in his work shop. We saw people run full tilt away from it a couple times. Thought they heard someone and bolted.


herbtarleksblazer t1_j216iuu wrote

My stylist has been doing that every night for 20 years. Stops stupid break-ins.


TyrannyOfBobBarker_ t1_j21nw5z wrote

We do the same. All cash gets locked inside the safe inside a locked office. All the tills are left open and on the counter in full view from the front door. To get to the cash you’ve got to get through 3 locked doors and a safe. No robberies yet thankfully.


Ford_Prefect3 t1_j22qv35 wrote

OK, I'm confused. Do they reopen on Jan 3rd or 4th?


Hologram_Bee t1_j2133i0 wrote

oh shit free cash tray


shwashwa123 t1_j22txeg wrote

Haha imagine, look up the register it belongs to and check the price of a new one, and then hold the cash tray for ransom of half whatever a new register would cost them


captain_redballs t1_j220g1n wrote

A former colleague of mine was part owner of a self serve yogurt shop with his son. They would leave the cash tray exposed like this.

He showed me security footage of some guys breaking in, checking the tills for money, finding a lock box under the counter and then getting frustrated, so they went into the back and stole bags of toppings.


Honeycomb0000 t1_j221mo5 wrote

My uncle has a sticker on his SUV that says NO 💍 NO 🔫 NO 💵 & usually leaves his hatch opened a crack so if someone wants to take a look they can just open the door all the way


J03-K1NG t1_j22ia1o wrote

They know the Wet Bandits are out and about this time of year.


System_Nomad_ t1_j22ig2e wrote

Oh boy free cash register I'm braking in and selling this for a rock. Got to be worth something


vrenak t1_j23cdx0 wrote

It's literally just the tray from it though, it's worth squat.


System_Nomad_ t1_j24lh5l wrote

Just imagine a crackhead stealing a tray that would be so petty and crackhead like.


aphasial t1_j2110n9 wrote

I've seen that in quite a few spots, actually. A few fast food places here in SD basically did that in the 90s too.


allthepoutine t1_j215fsi wrote

Yeah because fixing those cash drawers is more expensive than what we’ve usually got it anyway.


BigDisk t1_j219m98 wrote

See you Turd

Jan 3



Budmanes t1_j2245qn wrote

Not the dumbest idea


magicmurph t1_j22r5t7 wrote

I do that with my car when I park in a shady area - glovebox and console open, sun visors down. Make it clear there's nothing to take.


Kwintty7 t1_j23f0zm wrote

I have to explain this all the time. Yes, we know there's nothing worth stealing in that bag. But the guy who smashes the car side window doesn't. Don't leave anything in view that looks like it could even possibly be worth money.


piefanart t1_j232oe3 wrote

The gamestop i work at does this too. We leave the lights on a registers open to show they are empty at night. Still be broken into though


GeshtiannaSG t1_j23epcu wrote

Does anyone keep money there any day when closed? You’d assume it’s in the safe.


MrRGG t1_j23ryqj wrote

A local storage facility used to have a lot of unit break-ins. They put a cutout of a policeman in an upper window, very visible from the street. Looking at it for a few seconds, you can tell it is a simple cutout. The break-ins stopped anyway.


Majik_Sheff t1_j23s5pi wrote

We have some ATMs in seasonal businesses(ski lodges and such) and we do the same basic thing in the off-season. Vault door open, big sign that says EMPTY.


ivovis t1_j243326 wrote

yeah we all know the full one is under the counter


FishEyedFoole t1_j24oan8 wrote

They should have left a large shit beside the drawer to also help deter theft


CharleyNobody t1_j24pjik wrote

Owner comes back to smashed glass door with a note….. “Just checking!”


stardustdriveinTN t1_j25kbid wrote

We leave the cash register drawers open every night after we close at my business. Always have. Since I'm the one who has to pay to replace them, we just leave them open so no one tries to break in and destroy it only to find there's nothing in it.


foodforthedeaf t1_j25vdwg wrote

It's like those "no tools kept over night" stickers you see on work vans. You just know the is they keep more tools over night then during the day.


LegendaryPQ t1_j24iu23 wrote

This is just depressing I presume this is some American city that's lawless


mpworth OP t1_j24skjh wrote

Nope, Edmonton, Alberta.


LegendaryPQ t1_j24u4jt wrote

Fair I was wrong, It a nice city or high crime rate the fact this is done


wiggiag t1_j22f4hf wrote

What is a democratically ran city for several decades for 1000, Alex.


JGCities t1_j22rwie wrote

We did that in Republican run areas too

Just smart practice as the registers are usually worth more than any money that might be inside them.

So remove the money and leave them open so no on destroyed the register looking for a few dollars.


vrenak t1_j23cgoz wrote

Republicans create crime and criminals that seek out non republican areas because they kinda want to live.