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tastyyellowbananas t1_j1zr01e wrote

Crisps? Crisps are fried thin potatoes, you either call them chips if you are British, fries if you are american, or hot chips if you are Australian.


Aidy246 t1_j20pfec wrote

No I'm British and they are fries we call the fatter ones chips


Zelensexual t1_j20x6g5 wrote

Can "chips" ever mean the same as what you call "crisps?"


GrouchyMary9132 t1_j217ips wrote

Only if you are German. We call crisps "chips". The photo shows French Fries or Pommes. Glad I could help to clarify this. /s


joestaff t1_j20zhhv wrote

It's now anything potato. You should check out their mashed crisps and gravy.