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SuaveThrower t1_j1r8qmz wrote


hearty_radish t1_j1rbagr wrote

Better yet, buy cookware that's riveted and avoid screws.


Andire OP t1_j1rx3xi wrote

Ngl, I have two riveted pans and I spend more time cleaning bullshit off the rivets than I do cleaning the rest of the pan! Lol


29979245T t1_j1ss4ml wrote

I have a different method. I figure that, since I don't eat off the rivets...


happygato t1_j1t8mrh wrote

Better yet hire a welder to weld it.


amplesamurai t1_j1v3o01 wrote

I’m a welder and no.


happygato t1_j1w68bx wrote

You may be a welder, but you certainly aren’t a joker.

Edit: I also weld. But the joke was that not only would it cost $100+ to pay a welder but due to the types of metals, it would be as shitty a weld as it would be to have a loose screw and screwdriver they provided.


Zncon t1_j1v70q1 wrote

Not an issue with this pan here since it seems to be some sort of non-stick, but with carbon steel pans you want a removable handle so you can toss the pan in the oven to season it.