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Einsteins_coffee_mug t1_j1rammp wrote

It’s the screwdriver that will ultimately always be used, even though it’s not the best one you own. Sometimes because you feel funny using a “good” screwdriver to assemble something cheap, or to open up a battery compartment real quick, or to make one little adjustment on something. Sometimes because this one was the first one you saw (likely because it’s always on top) and at the end of the day, it gets the job done, so it does every job.

It will never sit in a tool belt, but will never sit on the bench either.

Also, side note, do yourself a favor and rub the black nubs off the handle into the garbage as soon as they’re ready to go, before they decide to do it themselves and end up everywhere.


Andire OP t1_j1razia wrote

>It will never sit in a tool belt, but will never sit on the bench either.

It's not the screwdriver we deserve right now, but it's the screwdriver we need. So he'll be there. Waiting for the day to screw anything he can.


mtom17 t1_j1s1pjl wrote

"I'll give it me best shot boss, so chuffed ya picked me!"

30 seconds later

"Ahhh shit i'm slipping i'm slipping! Take it easy fella!"

30 seconds later

"Well what did ya expect from 50p screwdriver??"


jrhoffa t1_j1rjo0i wrote

You have screwdrivers that you think are too good to be used for their intended purpose?


Andire OP t1_j1rof31 wrote

Ngl, I have shit screw drivers I use for dumb shit like opening paint cans cuz I never seem to have a fuckin opener when I need one lol


TheFirebyrd t1_j1s4o6f wrote

That’s pretty universal, I think. There’s definitely a paint-splattered flat head screwdriver at my house.