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Cool_Cartographer_39 t1_j1qvhxq wrote

Is a screwdriver really cheaper than a slightly bigger box?


biggerBrisket t1_j1qvtmf wrote

Could be. Maybe with the handle sticking out it makes it a weird size and greatly reduces the number they can ship at once. And if you buy wholesale, a screw driver can cost $0.50 or less depending on how many you order.


Bierbart12 t1_j1qy5gh wrote

Still, could've just included one of those tiny extra cheap screwdrivers that usually come with ikea products


Andire OP t1_j1qyl05 wrote

Fuck it, this boy is going in the tool box 😂


brandnewreddituswr t1_j1s2six wrote

Leave it in the kitchen to handle all the other handles that need tightening


TheLumpyMailMan t1_j1s4tup wrote

Or the inevitable cabinet handle or knob that comes loose. I keep one in my kitchen just for that cause my OCD can't stand any of those fuckers being loose


Eldwyn t1_j1tjd15 wrote

If you run into this issue that frequently... use loctite?


TheBupherNinja t1_j1twtoj wrote

Gtfo out of here with your "proper solutions to common problems"

Although, just having a screwdriver around is a pretty free solution.


Abject-Picture t1_j1uh6vb wrote

If you catch it soon enough you usually just have to spin the knob to the right to tighten it back up, screwdriver not needed.
At least that's what my ocd learned.


TheLumpyMailMan t1_j1unfgw wrote

It usually just spins for me caus the actual hole in the wood of the cabinet is stripped and doesn't hold it tight anymore. My OCD already tried it lmao


idmfndjdjuwj23uahjjj t1_j1s712a wrote

Right next to every allen wrench that has come with something to assemble ever.


Muzzy637 t1_j1st0qe wrote

As a cyclist I save them all and I just lose them at some point


kahurangi t1_j1vbp5j wrote

I always tape them to the bottom of the desk or whatever it was they came in.


Zerafiall t1_j1sply7 wrote

“Damn it. I miss counted the little screw drivers and weee one short”

“Fuck it. Give them the test bench one.”

“Then what are we going to use on the test bench”

“I needed an excuse to get an LLT one. Not it’s a company write off” ¯(ツ)/¯


Eldwyn t1_j1tjfpj wrote

Ah yes Linus Lech Tips my favorite YouTube channel.


srcarruth t1_j1qyjn3 wrote

They could also not give you a driver at all, seems they made a choice


Andire OP t1_j1r2zr2 wrote

Glad they did, that's the easiest value ad for me lol


Einsteins_coffee_mug t1_j1rammp wrote

It’s the screwdriver that will ultimately always be used, even though it’s not the best one you own. Sometimes because you feel funny using a “good” screwdriver to assemble something cheap, or to open up a battery compartment real quick, or to make one little adjustment on something. Sometimes because this one was the first one you saw (likely because it’s always on top) and at the end of the day, it gets the job done, so it does every job.

It will never sit in a tool belt, but will never sit on the bench either.

Also, side note, do yourself a favor and rub the black nubs off the handle into the garbage as soon as they’re ready to go, before they decide to do it themselves and end up everywhere.


Andire OP t1_j1razia wrote

>It will never sit in a tool belt, but will never sit on the bench either.

It's not the screwdriver we deserve right now, but it's the screwdriver we need. So he'll be there. Waiting for the day to screw anything he can.


mtom17 t1_j1s1pjl wrote

"I'll give it me best shot boss, so chuffed ya picked me!"

30 seconds later

"Ahhh shit i'm slipping i'm slipping! Take it easy fella!"

30 seconds later

"Well what did ya expect from 50p screwdriver??"


jrhoffa t1_j1rjo0i wrote

You have screwdrivers that you think are too good to be used for their intended purpose?


Andire OP t1_j1rof31 wrote

Ngl, I have shit screw drivers I use for dumb shit like opening paint cans cuz I never seem to have a fuckin opener when I need one lol


TheFirebyrd t1_j1s4o6f wrote

That’s pretty universal, I think. There’s definitely a paint-splattered flat head screwdriver at my house.


Styr4c t1_j1qyien wrote

Those end up in a landfill, maybe the hope is that the buyer will keep this one. I probably would


Andire OP t1_j1r2xfd wrote

Definitely keeping it! Lol


HippCelt t1_j1s0fuc wrote

but instead they went the 'building customer goodwill' way crazy huh...


TheDoktorIsIn t1_j1sfbtv wrote

Maybe the pan company partnered with a famous screwdriver company and it's cross promotion? This is only one, now OP has to go buy the rest!

Or throw it in the toolbox with a the other mismatched screwdrivers like I do.


tarmac-- t1_j1scee0 wrote

That generally gets thrown out pretty quick after use. At least I assume that's what this company was going for maybe.


qa567 t1_j1spy0v wrote

They could have just written on box SCREWDRIVER NEEDED FOR ASSEMBLY


AholeBrock t1_j1unvrs wrote

I'm sure they just bought the cheapest bulk swestshop-made screwdrivers they could find at that moment


ohhepicfail t1_j1v6dmc wrote

who cares if it’s cheaper? everyone has one. it doesn’t need to be included, it’s waste pure and simple.


Fuckedby2FA t1_j1r33gs wrote

Yeah because the slightly bigger box is not only bigger but also means less being shipped, less being stored etc etc.


MilesPower t1_j1tzs0h wrote

But couldn't you save even more money but not including the screwdriver and just adding a note that says "Use a screwdriver and put this together, what do you mean you're an adult who needs a frying pan but doesn't own a screwdriver?"


cellardweller1234 t1_j1r62gx wrote

You need to think of the savings that happen by being able to ship many more units per pallet/container as well. Why ship air space when you can ship product?


Truthisnotallowed t1_j1s4o3b wrote

Yes - purchased in volume the screwdriver is a lot cheaper than the extra cost of a larger box.

I worked more than a decade purchasing boxes. They are not cheap and they are getting more expensive all the time.


Anonymous_user_2022 t1_j1rzu1r wrote

Not cheaper than the box, but way cheaper than only being able to stack half as many pans in a container.


Cool_Cartographer_39 t1_j1s3nr7 wrote

A triangular box, slightly deeper, could be packed two to a level and only take up marginally more space.


Anonymous_user_2022 t1_j1s4x27 wrote

Given a radius r, with the dismantled packing having an obvious footprint of 2(r+Wc)², where Wc is the thickness of cardboard, please find the length of a handle, lH, that minimize the triangular area of a pan as expressed by the maximum length of handle that can be stored inside the pan. For this assignent, assume that lH is r-10mm.

Argue your finding.


cmhamm t1_j1sqdrc wrote

If you order direct from China, you can get these screwdrivers for $0.12 each on an order of 5000. A slightly bigger box isn’t a big expense, but the extra space in transit and storage would definitely cost a few bucks extra per unit. And as a consumer, you feel like it was a nice, thoughtful addition to your purchase. It’s a win-win-win.


stalkerTXstranger t1_j1s23j0 wrote

Don't forget to factor in screwing the handle on. People are slow and factory solutions would have a giant upfront cost.


Trippler2 t1_j1u294k wrote

A basic screwdriver from China costs less than $1 in bulk.


antrky t1_j1ue7zl wrote

When factoring in shipping container costs etc probably worked out cheaper to just Chuck a screwdriver in the box. Looks like a pretty good screwdriver for the job involbed though


AholeBrock t1_j1unlfh wrote

Cheaper to buy bulk screwdrivers built by slaves than to pay a living wage to someone to put single screws into pan handles all day. These pans are proudly made in America after all.


snielson222 t1_j1up0dt wrote

Shipping costs are a huge part of retail prices.


User289603 t1_j1rkl1c wrote

It's clearly not about price, but about functionality for the user/customer.

Not only does it mean you can tighten the handle when it gets loose, you also get a free useful tool, and the experience of attaching the handle yourself 😄


trymypi t1_j1szhvt wrote

You're getting down voted because you have not made it clear how that leads to profit for the company. A business doesn't do things out of the kindness of their hearts, they do it if they think it leads to profits.


SonicMuaytime t1_j1qxius wrote

omg ur screwdriver came with a free pan!


bunga7777 t1_j1r5rpi wrote

Everyone looking at this as a positive thing. I have a pan that looks exactly like that and let me tell you, you’ll be tightening that thing every 2 uses. They gave you one as necessity


SuaveThrower t1_j1r8qmz wrote

Get yourself some high-temp thread locker, friend.


hearty_radish t1_j1rbagr wrote

Better yet, buy cookware that's riveted and avoid screws.


Andire OP t1_j1rx3xi wrote

Ngl, I have two riveted pans and I spend more time cleaning bullshit off the rivets than I do cleaning the rest of the pan! Lol


29979245T t1_j1ss4ml wrote

I have a different method. I figure that, since I don't eat off the rivets...


happygato t1_j1t8mrh wrote

Better yet hire a welder to weld it.


amplesamurai t1_j1v3o01 wrote

I’m a welder and no.


happygato t1_j1w68bx wrote

You may be a welder, but you certainly aren’t a joker.

Edit: I also weld. But the joke was that not only would it cost $100+ to pay a welder but due to the types of metals, it would be as shitty a weld as it would be to have a loose screw and screwdriver they provided.


Zncon t1_j1v70q1 wrote

Not an issue with this pan here since it seems to be some sort of non-stick, but with carbon steel pans you want a removable handle so you can toss the pan in the oven to season it.


Andire OP t1_j1rb1xf wrote

Damn, then I'm glad it came with a screwdriver! Lol


TheDefected t1_j1qw0iz wrote

I have some similar screwdrivers.
You can get fancy ground ones which will be silver, but with a matt grey tip.
These ones are the cheapo ones, but dipped into black paint so they look like the quality ones.


Training-Common1984 t1_j1r5jb2 wrote

Could it be possible it's just dipped to avoid scratching, since they shipped it to use with a finish screw? Maybe I'm projecting too much altruism onto the manufacturer.


TheDefected t1_j1r6sry wrote

It's there to sucker people like me, and it worked!


Andire OP t1_j1qy3s7 wrote

Yeah, black tips are usually magnetic to grab screws easier, but this one isn't I don't think... 😅


brandnewreddituswr t1_j1s2neo wrote

Use locktight. They are telling you the screw will need repeated tightening


WilcoLovesYou t1_j1r03tr wrote

My wife and I got the same pan (and screwdriver) a couple of weeks ago. So far the pan has worked great!


Andire OP t1_j1r2rma wrote

That's great news! I used it last night and it was pretty good!


ouchnow t1_j1r3qvc wrote

You know you overpaid for a pan when they can afford to throw in a screwdriver and still turn a profit.


NapkinTheBatDad t1_j1rpgxp wrote

I’d imagine that most manufacturers are making more than the $0.20 these screwdrivers wholesale for…


Andire OP t1_j1r463z wrote

This was a mid priced Chinese made pan, I believe. Which means they definitely had the room at the margins to throw in a free screwdriver! 😅


biggerBrisket t1_j1qvl5e wrote

Now that's customer service


husfrun t1_j1qvywj wrote

You're probably paying for the screwdriver.


Andire OP t1_j1qydvx wrote

The prices we pay just to get screwed... 🙄


NapkinTheBatDad t1_j1rpkt0 wrote

Paying the $0.20 they wholesale for instead of the $8 retail price though.


iAmUnintelligible t1_j1s0jp5 wrote

Lol they ain't passing off the wholesale price to you, they probably tacked an extra as $5-10 because of that


NapkinTheBatDad t1_j1s0psl wrote

You’re buying a pan, not a screwdriver. I doubt they’re marketing the free screwdriver and up charging because of it.


iAmUnintelligible t1_j1s119d wrote

Idk why marketing the screwdriver would even come to mind, but charging a premium on their costs involved, certainly.


Klotzster t1_j1qyggn wrote

My kingdom for a screwdriver


Andire OP t1_j1r57l3 wrote

Withdraw, my lord: I'll help you to a screwdriver. <3


rgray92082 t1_j1rapwb wrote

I have that very pan! It’s a wonderful pan. And I got fully screwed. Lol


Andire OP t1_j1ro98m wrote

Hell yeah, that's great to hear!


flunky_the_majestic t1_j1se5m7 wrote

Interesting. I just opened Reddit after tightening some doorknob screws with my pan screwdriver from the exact same pan.

Did they give you 2 screws for yours? They did for mine. There's only one place to put a single screw. So now I have a second screw to put up on Ebay.


nzdennis t1_j1s1eoq wrote

Perhaps you're supposed to remove the handle every wash?


Andire OP t1_j1wsbdw wrote

I don't think so, also that would be a huge pain in the ass


mchalky t1_j1sisul wrote

That reminds me, I need a new screwdriver, what pan is that?


mrtn17 t1_j1qzcpv wrote

did you screw it up?



Andire OP t1_j1r2uhh wrote

I did! Only once though. And I'm pretty sure I'll never have to do it again lol


mrtn17 t1_j1r3fd7 wrote

damn bro... that's a triple dad joke


Andire OP t1_j1r3l74 wrote

I mean, when you do a job right... 😎


mckulty t1_j1r2qe9 wrote

It looks like a star-shaped driver, unusual type you aren't likely to have at home.

See, the plan is you tighten this weird screw exactly once, then lose the driver. It's designed to stay tight 18 months. That's about when you've beaten up the surface and overheated it until it's no longer stickproof. Then the handle gets loose and you get fed up and go buy another pan.

I actually like this plan when Home Goods has decent replacements like Calphalon for $25. Except Calphalons don't fall apart and they already come assembled. You can burn 'em out tho.


Andire OP t1_j1r374n wrote

It was a regular Phillips head! I thought at first it would be a star head as well, but nope!


mckulty t1_j1r3ik1 wrote

Well that screws my narrative!

Have a Merry anyway!


[deleted] t1_j1rsqvi wrote

The Traeger Smoker I got for Christmas came with one too! There were maybe 6-8 screws that required it. I’ll definitely be using it now for other things around the house.


Andire OP t1_j1rx8qx wrote

Hell yeah, dude! The gift that keeps on giving!


nzdennis t1_j1s1406 wrote

Man, isn't that wasteful.


Andire OP t1_j1ws9gj wrote

I don't think so! I'm keeping it and will be using it when I need it! :)


The-Real-J t1_j1s3xya wrote

You’re paying for the screwdriver


blizzard36 t1_j1scih0 wrote

Ok, but what brand is this?


AncientMumu t1_j1rwz4r wrote

Nice, handles can come a bit loose over time. Just save it in the kitchen drawer to tighten those screws again.


OkSpecial4376 t1_j1ryxfm wrote

I like that handle. What is that wood?


iAmUnintelligible t1_j1s0sur wrote

OP, I'ma need you to slowly step away from the exclamation mark^^^^^^^^^!


khilly81 t1_j1s6ned wrote

How much is the pan?


websilversurfer t1_j1s6wda wrote

Anyone else commented "you're screwed" ?



BridgeNo4750 t1_j1s6zhb wrote

People asking why and making ideas of how it could’ve been shipped without the screwdreiver but noone appreciates the screwdriver


mromutt t1_j1z0x9v wrote

I get screwdrivers like that all the time with stuff (especially casters) and even though they are cheap crap I still appreciate them XD they strip quickly but can be ground into picks or other tools so they get a second life. Also always good to have a sacrificial screwdriver that you don't care if you ruin or lose it.


[deleted] t1_j1sdj5p wrote

just in case the person who doesn't have a single pan in their house also doesn't have a screw driver


jimtrickington t1_j1se0x7 wrote

May you hopefully enjoy more screws next Christmas


Willy_wolfy t1_j1sjlub wrote

Is it even a good pan? Looks like one of those generic things you buy off infomercials that'll be in the bin in a year or less?


crappydeli t1_j1skoda wrote

And Apple doesn’t sell charger blocks anymore.


n3w4cc01_1nt t1_j1snei7 wrote

probably buy from them again based off not providing a bullshit ikea flat pack screw driver


KarateLobo t1_j1swj90 wrote

Is it at least like a unique head?


griffteepdx t1_j1synd3 wrote

I got a knife block for Christmas with the same thing! A screwdriver to screw in two screws to hold it together. Seemed like a huge waste to me.


artmobboss t1_j1t1ix9 wrote

The full size screw driver market has tanked.


eDreadz t1_j1t1kal wrote

The screwdriver is a nice bonus but these pans are amazing. Hand wash only though.


here-is-a-username t1_j1t2vk9 wrote

I got the exact same pan! It works great. Screwdriver is an odd added bonus.


Grebreux t1_j1te8n9 wrote

That’s actually kinda helpful not gonna lie, hope it wasn’t too much extra because of that screwdriver though


NMazer t1_j1tf582 wrote

Could be a $1 screwdriver lol.


luigigaminglp t1_j1tnkky wrote

They could probably sell this as a set lol


sacarstic t1_j1tovff wrote

Yes. To justify the cost of the pan!


RedHotCommy89 t1_j1txsz7 wrote

IKEA: have this tiny hex key. We know you already have 5000 of them, but still...

Pan company: have this full size screwdriver for just 1 screw :)


Malinut t1_j1ubqh3 wrote

I've got an identical pan, it came pre-assembled. Bastards kept the screwdriver!


Freedom_Gamer_ t1_j1v0998 wrote

Omg I have the same pan! We love it!!


smoke99999 t1_j1v48al wrote

dafuq? when did IKEA start selling cookwares?


NOT000 t1_j1spfls wrote

bring it on a date

tell 'em its so u can start screwing right away


ycomono t1_j1tv200 wrote

That is so stupid!

"came with a full size screwdriver "...

NO You paid for that and for the shipping. Nothing is for free