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liteferrari57 t1_j1xg4mr wrote

Reply to comment by spiderborland in My Simian Line by spiderborland

My left hand is the same. Line goes all the way across. Never met anyone else with it. Does it mean anything?


CheezeStick t1_j1xgizz wrote

i have it on my left hand too o:


omegajakezed t1_j1xi3ym wrote

Left hand single line squad! I have it as well


Outrageous_Chicken95 t1_j1xtw75 wrote

I have it on my left hand too!! So did my grandpa. He said it’s supposed to mean we’re going to live a long and healthy life but I think he was just saying that for fun lol.


spiderborland OP t1_j1xgja2 wrote

Kinda hoping a palmistry person jumps in. From a science standpoint, I’ve read that it’s associated with autism or hormone imbalances.

EDIT: it’s associated with Down Syndrome, not Autism, as they are two very different things. My mistake.


Global-Island295 t1_j1xl310 wrote

It is also present in people with Trisomy 21… but many people with normal chromosomes have a simian crease as well. Chalk it up to something cool and unique about yourself.


IDontKnowYouPickOne t1_j1xla5c wrote

I thought that it was primarily found in people with Down syndrome (but, not that it necessarily means someone has Down’s). I could very easily be wrong, though.


spiderborland OP t1_j1xomzf wrote

Welp. When I typed that, it was from a position of thinking that Down Syndrome was a type of Autism. Maybe that was a thought at one point, but I see that they are indeed two separate things.


lurq_king t1_j1xgof2 wrote

It doesn’t mean shit.

But people will find a way to explain something when they perceive it as being unusual.