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spiderborland OP t1_j1xgja2 wrote

Reply to comment by liteferrari57 in My Simian Line by spiderborland

Kinda hoping a palmistry person jumps in. From a science standpoint, I’ve read that it’s associated with autism or hormone imbalances.

EDIT: it’s associated with Down Syndrome, not Autism, as they are two very different things. My mistake.


Global-Island295 t1_j1xl310 wrote

It is also present in people with Trisomy 21… but many people with normal chromosomes have a simian crease as well. Chalk it up to something cool and unique about yourself.


IDontKnowYouPickOne t1_j1xla5c wrote

I thought that it was primarily found in people with Down syndrome (but, not that it necessarily means someone has Down’s). I could very easily be wrong, though.


spiderborland OP t1_j1xomzf wrote

Welp. When I typed that, it was from a position of thinking that Down Syndrome was a type of Autism. Maybe that was a thought at one point, but I see that they are indeed two separate things.