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chaos021 t1_j6ks164 wrote

Needs a banana for scale.


Four_Duck_Snakes t1_j6kq4nb wrote

...I had that electric dry shaver.

It sucked


Golluk t1_j6n6ygq wrote

I'd have thought it would leave the worst razor burn of your life.


groot95 t1_j6l0aht wrote

this is the second one I’ve seen


DylanLockheed t1_j6m1tbl wrote

If I had a dollar for every time someone posted a picture of a cross section view of a power cable on this subreddit recently, I would have two dollars. Which isn’t that much, but it’s weird that it happened twice.


eerun165 t1_j6kwhwr wrote

Grounds power?


Quiet_Gorilla9482 t1_j6lseb8 wrote

As a journeyman electrician this reads like this is the grounding conductor for an electrical service that supplies 3 million people. That sounds impossible to me


Toughduck48 t1_j6ku72z wrote

I highly doubt this Cable supplies power to 3 Million people.

This one possibly...


689027015 t1_j6kya2h wrote

This looks like about as much copper as you get off of one 200-300 MW generating unit. Don’t quote me on that.

Op also said “grounds” so maybe he’s talking about an earthing conductor present for some kind of idontknowwhat at a coastal plant like Scattergood Generating station.


Toughduck48 t1_j6l427c wrote

There isn't anything to designate size. However the exterior rubber jacket is reinforced with fiberglass not steel jacketing. This tells me it's a smaller cable and although the insulation is correct for very high voltage, they look too small to handle the required amperage to supply three million people.


689027015 t1_j6lly9d wrote

lol there’s no single cable which would deliver that much ampacity and again OP said “ground” so we may never know. Probably an engineer in training just vibing in a new assignment.


cg1bs OP t1_j6lwxsd wrote

This cable was installed in a sandy area and did not require steel jacketing. I've commented a link for size comparison. Not an electrician. Just the guy who helped install the subsea cable.


cg1bs OP t1_j6lwin2 wrote

I've commented a link to add clarity


runndle t1_j6lpcxr wrote

Not anymore it doesn’t.


cg1bs OP t1_j6lwgya wrote

Well sorry to create a minor stir. This is one end of a 1000KV grounding unit. I am not an electrical engineer. I am a subsea navigator. I design routes, not cables.

This does in fact discharge the power that 2-3 million people use an hour.

The link below is the primary discharge cable that then ties into 36 separate grounding vaults, and one of the 3 primary cables that come from the originating overhead lines. US Quarter for a scale.



brad676 t1_j6mg54c wrote

It doesn't really make sense that they're using multicore cables for grounding. It also doesn't make sense to use insulated cables when you're working with steel towers and infrastructure so I'm really confused by your post. Especially as the wiki article mentions the use of ACSR conductor for the grounding system?

Also it would not be expected for a grounding system to be energized for this type of system unless there was a fault.


awq96 t1_j6lyy7y wrote

Wtf put it back I need to watch my soaps


Silent-is-Golden t1_j6l7h1o wrote

More interesting than mild I could ask a million questions.


Derp_Herper t1_j6lh19p wrote

What is that little auxiliary cable thing?


Theepot80 t1_j6m1e6z wrote

Where’s the banana?


Kuraio-Kadaver t1_j6kx3h9 wrote

Only 3 million? Talk about a power play.


Lofteed t1_j6mt46i wrote

ever heard of scale ?

This could be any size you want


cg1bs OP t1_j6oqukw wrote

Yeah I've weighed things on scales before.

I mean, it CANT be any size. It's this size. I can't make it physically bigger or smaller.