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Master_Tape t1_j6mo03a wrote

East German?


Aldo_the_nazi_hunter OP t1_j6moue1 wrote

I know that West Germany had a lot of "classic US-Products" long before we had them in the east, and even after the reunion in October 1990 it took some time until American food reaches our shelves.


Substantial_Park_265 t1_j6n4iw9 wrote

Do most people in Gemany still think East/West?


Aldo_the_nazi_hunter OP t1_j6njue5 wrote

It depends, you have a lot more wealth, private property and heritage in the west. A lot of companies are in Westgerman ownership. Many eastgermans lost their jobs after the reunion so they tend to have some antipathy against the west because they feel betrayed by the government. This is more common around the working class and low income households.

After more than 30 years we should have solved all this problems, sadly their is still a lot of work to do .


Substantial_Park_265 t1_j6nstvx wrote

That's fascinating, and sad, and I’m not surprised. It could be several generations, before it will even out.