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Rahdit42 t1_j611c0p wrote

Pastor Barbie Playset?


archiotterpup t1_j60wfap wrote

So cool! It's dome makes me think it's an Eastern Orthodox church.


sumpuran t1_j60ywvd wrote

Wouldn’t it have an Easter Cross instead of a Latin Cross, if it were Eastern Orthodox?

To me, the architecture comes across (heh) more like Spanish Catholic.

EDIT: I found the church. It’s in West Virginia and the building is Spanish Colonial Revival, but it’s an Episcopal church.


helena_girl OP t1_j610mru wrote

That's really neat! I definitely missed the sign for the church so I didn't see what kind it was. Thank you!


BuckNutley t1_j613x1e wrote

Another weird "in my hometown" post...why not go all the way, throw caution to the wind and name the town?


Traumfahrer t1_j61bfxx wrote

Maybe he thinks that he might find other cool things and keep them for himself.

I'd say, turn that church in to the lost-and-found collection, but who am I to do so?

Finder's keepers, OP now owns a pink church.


mekdot83 t1_j61ixxn wrote

I see black. I see brown. I see white.