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Diesel-KC t1_j468b82 wrote

Make Toilets Clean Again!


roydepoy t1_j47sij3 wrote

My turds are huuuugggeeee!


tadlrs t1_j468lf7 wrote

My toilet deserves better


mjzimmer88 t1_j47d5cb wrote

It's better than the original brush, which had fewer bristles in a combover pattern. Also better than the original inspiration, which made a mess everywhere and didn't clean up after itself.


bjeebus t1_j47exzj wrote

If I saw this in a store I would never buy it. I would just assume it doesn't work and just spreads shit wherever it goes.


mbenzn t1_j49k8ls wrote

Yes the spray-tan will colour your toilet orange


anotherluke t1_j46ntty wrote

Idk. I think using a shit head to clean the toilet makes sense.


TheFlippingFurry t1_j46dwjt wrote

Seeing a business opportunity for one of these, but blue and with Marge Simpson mold


FizzgigsRevenge t1_j46doxa wrote

Who exactly is this for?


Fast_Bee7432 t1_j46tvlp wrote

The most obnoxious people on Twitter and Reddit


Jojos_Boring_Trip t1_j488j09 wrote

The beautiful part is you never have to ask who those people are. They are always willing to put themselves.


dr_xenon t1_j468oay wrote

Wouldn’t surprise me if selling these himself - if he didn’t have too much ego.

Col Tom Parker used to sell “I love Elvis” and “I hate Elvis” pins so he was making money off both sides.


Beef-Strokin-Off t1_j47phrj wrote

That's what I thought when I saw them a few years ago at 7-11. I just assumed it was another grift.


jjpenguins66 t1_j469gj4 wrote

Finally something he's qualified for.


Pocket_full_of_funk t1_j468e9n wrote

When you want to clean the shit out of the bowl, but there's still a little shit stuck to the brush


MordunnDregath t1_j469hi3 wrote

That's the best his hair has ever looked.


ESnake113 t1_j47i5ae wrote

What’s the difference between that and real Trump? I mean they look exactly the same


Amiiboid t1_j47w7h0 wrote

This one might serve a useful purpose.


PelosiGalore t1_j4698ds wrote

Haha. That’s a knee slapper. I have a roll of “Let’s Go, Brandon” toilet paper. Got his mug right where it belongs.


Nuker-79 t1_j46nndr wrote

If it’s anything like the real Donald trump, it will be worth it’s weight in gold as shit don’t stick to it.


EasternBoyo t1_j46pdzh wrote

We’re gonna wipe wipe wipe and keep on wiping!


pdxgti8v t1_j47g1x0 wrote

Sooooo damn awesome!


Stuck_at_Work_Till_5 t1_j4tp0yl wrote

My mom has one of these that she was gifted. She refuses to clean her toilet with it. Says her toilet is better than that. lol


fry258 t1_j470y7f wrote

Finally something he is good at, lol.


LeviathanGank t1_j472qwa wrote

The best toilet brush, everyone says it.. brushes and brushes and brushes and brushes..


Kahnza t1_j47n2ij wrote

When you want to clean the shit off The Don, stick it in the John!


ChooglinOnDown t1_j48yqgs wrote

He has appropriately piss-colored hair.


omninascent t1_j49mr6l wrote

Trump Supporters be like r/angryupvote


Minnotauro t1_j49odmf wrote

Hands are too big. YOU'RE FIRED!


Corgiopteryx t1_j49t50j wrote

The body looks like they took it from those old troll dolls and painted a suit on. You can see a belly button.


Medcait t1_j49wspz wrote

I had a patient once wearing a fuck Trump hat and she told me she makes and sells toilet brushes like that.


younocall t1_j4a0xjs wrote

I wouldn’t want that touching my shit. The whole point is to clean it, not make it worse.


[deleted] t1_j4axpro wrote

I think this is my favorite thing EVER!!!!


virgilturtle t1_j46jnfd wrote

The hands are unrealistically large.


SwiftIy2 OP t1_j46jppq wrote

And the hair is realistically big


TheUnspeakableh t1_j46m33q wrote

Hands are too big in comparison with its body.


Majeye t1_j4757rm wrote

I bet if you sent one to Biden, he'd sniff it all day long.


cellardoor30 t1_j482dqe wrote

I have this shit stick


SwiftIy2 OP t1_j482gsn wrote

Stick that shit in the toi and welcome to the fam, fam


AnnaF721 t1_j482mt5 wrote

My daughter got me one for Xmas a few years back. I love cleaning the toilet now!


justcallmetexxx t1_j48693m wrote

there really needs to be a Clinton or Biden version of this, they tend to clean shit better


ReginaldSP t1_j487ui4 wrote

there's no reaaon for anything bearibg his likeness to be in my home


beeafletcherberry t1_j48889u wrote

Probably manufactured by Trump INC…….made in China, of course.


SugarMadame t1_j488svw wrote

should’ve came with a toupee


DonPepe181 t1_j48fyz1 wrote

There is a Hillary version for those who are interested.


Valid_Username_56 t1_j469xey wrote

Liberals: This.

Also Liberals: "Why do they chant 'Let's go Brandon???'"


wclevel47nice t1_j47n79z wrote

No one gives a shit what the right chants


Valid_Username_56 t1_j47pzpt wrote

People get fired for wearing "Let's go Brandon"-shirts.
When that chant came up, I read newspaper articles condemning that hateful slogan. Never read something about Trump toilet brushes or people chanting "Fuck Trump" though.
I am not at all pro Trump, he is a lying mean fascist fuck, but the hypocrisy is strong in this.
(I am not pro sleepy Joe either, every US president is a warmonger if you ask... well, history books that deal with the post WW2 era. Also he is - also like every president - big money's pet, basically.)


Vladius28 t1_j49bzxc wrote

What a load of horseshit. There's NO lack of Trump 2024, fuck Joe and the ho, let's go Brandon, etc etc ad nauseum on cars trucks and shirts everywhere. But trumpers start getting pissy about a toilet brush.

>People get fired for wearing "Let's go Brandon"-shirts.

And fuck that. Don't make me pull up signs saying "won't hire Biden voters" etc


Valid_Username_56 t1_j4ak5gt wrote

Yes, both sides are just as bad. Exactly what I am saying. But I only saw newspapers or newssites condemning "Let's go Brandon" as hateful and tasteless.


Grand_Protector_Dark t1_j48e2w2 wrote

I don't see liberals actually selling these even ironically.

I bet it's some random junk from China that usually gets sold at those random cheap-ware stores


wmgh t1_j46us8h wrote

Exactly... Dems will just say Fuck Trump and can't figure out why Reps are scared to just say what they mean


mariogolf t1_j47n7n9 wrote

He never looked better


tschrute t1_j47o3yq wrote

Also useful for cleaning your My Pillow.


peachicecream1959 t1_j49a834 wrote

I voted for Trump twice and I think this is hilarious 😂 I would love to buy one except my Trump hating wife would veto


alecisabel t1_j46jfus wrote



biff444444 t1_j47jkkm wrote

The hands are way too big.


webster3of7 t1_j46y66c wrote

The left can't meme.

But this is pretty close to funny.


xxSQUASHIExx t1_j47ppvv wrote

There is a huge sub for people like you and you lack of ability to meme. Don’t try to claim it and turn it around, just shows how much you luck creativity.

Also, this is NOT a meme.


webster3of7 t1_j47qt9w wrote

If you don't understand the sentiment that the left isn't funny, I don't know what to tell you.

Also, maybe get some therapy. You seem pretty hateful.


xxSQUASHIExx t1_j47u7s6 wrote

Hateful lol? Check the twitter from MTG and other right wingers. Nothing but hate.

The projection you emit could make you the next power source to power a full country.

I again empower you to check out the right can’t meme and pass judgment on where “not funny” is. I am sure you find Trump hilarious though. You also like to sniff fart and laugh at “pull my finger” farts.