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Valid_Username_56 t1_j469xey wrote

Liberals: This.

Also Liberals: "Why do they chant 'Let's go Brandon???'"


wclevel47nice t1_j47n79z wrote

No one gives a shit what the right chants


Valid_Username_56 t1_j47pzpt wrote

People get fired for wearing "Let's go Brandon"-shirts.
When that chant came up, I read newspaper articles condemning that hateful slogan. Never read something about Trump toilet brushes or people chanting "Fuck Trump" though.
I am not at all pro Trump, he is a lying mean fascist fuck, but the hypocrisy is strong in this.
(I am not pro sleepy Joe either, every US president is a warmonger if you ask... well, history books that deal with the post WW2 era. Also he is - also like every president - big money's pet, basically.)


Vladius28 t1_j49bzxc wrote

What a load of horseshit. There's NO lack of Trump 2024, fuck Joe and the ho, let's go Brandon, etc etc ad nauseum on cars trucks and shirts everywhere. But trumpers start getting pissy about a toilet brush.

>People get fired for wearing "Let's go Brandon"-shirts.

And fuck that. Don't make me pull up signs saying "won't hire Biden voters" etc


Valid_Username_56 t1_j4ak5gt wrote

Yes, both sides are just as bad. Exactly what I am saying. But I only saw newspapers or newssites condemning "Let's go Brandon" as hateful and tasteless.


Grand_Protector_Dark t1_j48e2w2 wrote

I don't see liberals actually selling these even ironically.

I bet it's some random junk from China that usually gets sold at those random cheap-ware stores


wmgh t1_j46us8h wrote

Exactly... Dems will just say Fuck Trump and can't figure out why Reps are scared to just say what they mean