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twohedwlf t1_j5q0hu8 wrote

Jesus Fucking Christ and Taco Bell?


D-HB t1_j5qjxuy wrote

Jesus Fried Chicken and Kentucky Fucking Christ.

Or Jesus Fried Christ and Kentucky Fucking Chicken.

Or possibly Jesus Fucking Chicken and Kentucky Fried Christ.

Hard to say.


wingerktl t1_j5rg1af wrote

Jesus Fucked Children?


D-HB t1_j5tncme wrote

Based on his followers today... potentially.


winja t1_j5q1n5l wrote

The KFC is in distress!! Ring the alarm!


Onsidianrubucx t1_j5qw9wy wrote



liminal_sojournist t1_j5qwi8l wrote

Flying a flag upside-down is a way to display your ship is in distress


dr_xenon t1_j5q0nwt wrote

Australian Fried Chicken


Corg505 t1_j5q0757 wrote




nobolognastoney OP t1_j5q0d5k wrote

You’ve never had Jentucky Fried Chicken?

They have 13 secret herbs and spices. That’s two more than KFC.


on_ t1_j5q8k0r wrote

My guess: they flipped upside down so the back part , unpainted, is front. And it worked perfectly , until night came and the lights turned on. They had a bruh moment that night for sure.


jayg76 t1_j5q94yc wrote

I'm pretty sure those are pan faced signs and they are crazy expensive. (7-10x the cost of a flat face) I'm guessing they are waiting for the new sign to be installed without the KFC side. They very well could be waiting on the building department to approve the new sign. Some are PAINFULLY slow.


edit.... been in the sign business for 20 some odd years.


billyjoesam t1_j5qbf24 wrote

I knew a guy that was a Honda motorcycle distributor. He had a falling out with them so he could no longer display his huge 30 foot Honda sign, so he swapped two letters and became a "Hando" dealer.


h2opolopunk t1_j5q236q wrote

Make a run for the manger.


Sparrow1989 t1_j5tcrjf wrote

Hmm having some knowledge of that sign to flip it would cost more than just removing it. Something tells me this upside sign has other significance.


dasoomer t1_j5q65ut wrote

Those signs are far from cheap but I'm more amazed that corporate hasn't insisted on an immediate signage change.


LucidZane t1_j5saqdw wrote

Yum! never really was much for brand image.

I've been apart of Pizza Huts marketing and it's pretty well a joke.. just kinda feels like their doing stuff just to say they did stuff so they don't get fired.. the stuff never really hits public eye and it wasn't done well to begin with


ratowner t1_j5q9mrn wrote

The two kfc Taco Bell’s in my area both stopped selling Taco Bell, weird


UnnecAbrvtn t1_j5r1urr wrote

According to U.S. Code, this means that The Colonel is in distress


ChetManly91 t1_j5r2swh wrote

It’s a distress signal, the KFC employees need help making twisters.


Aquavious t1_j5reevd wrote

Or, are you in The Upside Down and they stopped selling Taco Bell?


WheelsMan1 t1_j5rgsqj wrote

Taco bell and nacho chicken.


Gizmorum t1_j5rhdui wrote

I know signage is expensive but come on


franktheguy t1_j5rok4z wrote

Sign maintenence companies will flip your sign if you don't pay your bill. It's kind of a public shaming thing, plus who are you going to get to come and fix it so it doesn't look embarrassing? Them, as soon as you pay your bill.


macroeconomicchaos t1_j5rwv6z wrote

Either that or Colonel Sanders got the facist special.


noob_lvl1 t1_j5s665j wrote

That’s pretty common for places that are no longer in business.