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Trisket42 t1_j6fyun1 wrote

I feel there is much more backstory needed on this


MrDownhillRacer t1_j6gsgas wrote

At first I thought it was just the owner doing a "I don't like current president; haha, president I don't like owned" joke, but then I realized it was the other guy's face circled.

Now I'm wondering what the story is, too.


McLayan t1_j6h7c4m wrote

Maybe your original thought is right, just someone wanted to mess with the author and circled the other guy afterwards.


ButtBuster99 t1_j6iawhk wrote

It’s obviously a play on that joke. That’s why they circled the other face… that’s the joke


ladycrazyuer OP t1_j6fzu77 wrote

I don't think it would be in the best interest of my job if I ask that unit about it but I thought about it!


Bozigg t1_j6g06sw wrote

On the other hand, it could be in your best interest to know since he might be a dangerous individual, and that is something I would like to know so I can be more attentive and aware of them if I do see them.


224109a t1_j6g8np3 wrote

Exactly that.

"Hey if that man besides Biden shows up should I be worried about anything?"

No need to pry if they don't want to tell you what happened but it's certainly in OPs interest to find out if the dude is a psycho.


ladycrazyuer OP t1_j6h3ypr wrote

I agree. Especially considering how close it is to the Whitehouse.


freebirth t1_j6gghrg wrote

its far mroe likely to be some VIP


GusTheKnife t1_j6gauy2 wrote

“Tony, tell this cabron how many people you killed in Vietnam.” “Not enough Sir.”


ladycrazyuer OP t1_j6nj57n wrote

Considering I'm their security guard 2 days a week and it's day 2 ---yeah backstory would be appreciated on my part too.

I've spoken to 3 people from the concierge and none of them know what's going on, but we all assumed if it was a huge thing, they would have logged it, warned us, told us more etct.

But hey, $14 an hour is such great money with rent averaging at 2k it really makes since that they would micromanage me/track my location constantly to make sure that they're really getting their money's worth.

I put it in the log, and I asked my supervisor about it - no response

But at least did a foot patrol every hour and logged every miniscule detail to "make the client happy". Well I've met a few board members and they not only appreciate my doing my job- they actually like me.