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35Lcrowww t1_j6l7sg6 wrote

I wouldn't mind trying it, if it was new. Probably great with garlic bread after an edible


OneUpExtraLife OP t1_j6l8289 wrote

It's old stock obviously but it's brand new(unopened). Garlic bread sounds great.


TAU_equals_2PI t1_j6ldp6m wrote

Although it won't have any microbes in it (assuming the can is still completely sealed), it'll look and taste awful. Sealed cans only serve as a barrier to germs. They're not some kind of time-halting magic chamber. Chemical reactions still proceed inside. There's a reason manufacturers eventually started stamping "Best Before" dates on them. And no, it wasn't to fool people into throwing out perfectly good 10-year-old cans of food.

(Source: Have opened 5- and 10-year-old canned foods many times while living with a hoarder.)


OneUpExtraLife OP t1_j6le3qy wrote

Yes, my concern is that anything with liquid inside will start to absorb metal atoms of the container's lining over time.

Did you eat the food from the 5, 10 year old cans?


TAU_equals_2PI t1_j6lehw9 wrote

No, it looked way too discolored and gross. And it wasn't even uniformly discolored.


OneUpExtraLife OP t1_j6lg0vx wrote

Lol sometimes though I can't help but imagine what a can like that would be worth to someone living in Walking Dead times or some post apocalyptic scenario where food is really scarce.


blahbleh112233 t1_j6lec6i wrote

Yeah theres YouTube videos of people trying Billy beer and such. I think you can soak your tongue in it for a little whilr and that's about it


lordyeti t1_j6ljreh wrote

I've eaten 60 year old crackers and energy pellets from a fallout shelter at my high school. I couldn't fathom eating something liquid that old though.