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[deleted] t1_j6agg0r wrote



trollcole OP t1_j6agtvc wrote

The States. I think a lot of Australians and Brits are used to these? Is that the case?


mfizzled t1_j6aio92 wrote

Yep, UK here and they're in literally every takeaway sushi


sltiefighter t1_j6c04ne wrote

Lucky fucks these are sooo cool. We get lee kum kee or kimlan brand theyre most popular


0xLeon t1_j6e0jfn wrote

Germany as well. I was at a Samurai museum today and in the gift shop, they sold designer lamps in the exakt shape of these soy sauce fish. Would have bought one if it weren't 250€…


futuresdawn t1_j6b2njl wrote

Western Australian too and this is almost all I've ever seen. I think it's just Woolworths who don't use these.


furstimus t1_j69qzng wrote

Isn't this really common? I rarely see these in any other shape.


Big-Blackberry8786 t1_j6amzw4 wrote

I have never seen anything outside of the rectangular plastic. These are awesome.


XogoWasTaken t1_j6bqeeb wrote

As far as I can tell from whenever these come up, they're incredibly common everywhere except America. At very least, everywhere in Europe and Oceania seems to default to them.


ThePsychrofugue t1_j6adhkv wrote

Just want to come out and say I've literally never seen these before OP, and I've ordered a ton of sushi. All I've ever gotten was the soft plastic packets. Definitely mildly interesting to me and super cute!


trollcole OP t1_j6aelo2 wrote

Yay there are two of us! I love sushi and ordered from a new place this weekend and got these little surprises. Anyway, thanks for relating to me.


msgnyc t1_j6bw4c1 wrote

I'm asian, live in the us, worked at a Japanese restaurant and frequently eat sushi. NEVER seen these before! 😳


jowsijows t1_j6b83c3 wrote

Don't worry op, some of us have never seen this either. I've only ever seen this on a scene from bluey lol


DeviatedFromTheMean t1_j6aey5l wrote

Fancy. Is there a brand name?


Holotropic_Waffle t1_j6aroqf wrote

The basic design goes back to the 1950s. There's hundreds of variations from a myriad of manufacturers, asking for a specific brand name is like asking for the brand name of rubber ducks or something equally generic and widely produced.


DeviatedFromTheMean t1_j6asjun wrote

Not in any city I have ever lived. Hence my question and my though this was unique


trollcole OP t1_j6afqnl wrote

Not that I know of, but maybe those who always get these may know.


Orange_comfort t1_j6a2nub wrote've never ordered sushi before, I take it?


Catsandcamping t1_j6bcygx wrote

These aren't available everywhere. I've lived in Alabama, Atlanta, and St. Louis and vacationed in California (all in the US) and never seen these prior to a previous Reddit post.


_droo_ t1_j6ag549 wrote

They suspiciously look like fish sauce...jus sayin


shiuball t1_j6am2o7 wrote

Fun fact: back in early 2000 someone made a web animation with this design called "Soy Sauce Warrior Kikkoman". It was a Kikkoman (popular Japanese soy sauce brand) branded superhero with this fish for a head:


trollcole OP t1_j6an5x3 wrote

Oh yeah! Someone posted it in my original post. Love it! Thanks for posting here!


joshuproar t1_j6aqebx wrote

Say "Fish Shaped Soy Sauce" 10 times really fast


Reborn_TM t1_j69rlux wrote

That’s adorable lol


Holotropic_Waffle t1_j6ann17 wrote

Not only are these widely available across the world, they're iconic. Been around since the 50s.


trollcole OP t1_j6aozmy wrote

Old to the world, new to me.


Holotropic_Waffle t1_j6aqiby wrote

First time getting these, there was for sure a fleeting moment of childlike wonder, like it is kinda neat. Soy for sushi in the shape of a fish. Clever.

Then again, microplastic from these containers will end up in the oceans and inside the very fish being used to make sushi - it's all very cyclical and tragic and there's nothing cute or convenient about it in the long run.


lawfulkitten1 t1_j6bauwb wrote

I wish the option in delivery sushi to exclude the soy sauce was more common. Even here in Japan, a lot of (most?) places by default include a small plastic contained of soy sauce, even though the vast majority of households probably have soy sauce at home...


trollcole OP t1_j6bc0gg wrote

I agree! Save the planet, save restaurants money. The only one who wouldn’t be thrilled are the packet makers. But they’ll reap the benefits of less pollution.


No_Pipe_8257 t1_j6bgsyq wrote

I swear ive seen this before on the same subreddit


trollcole OP t1_j6bhh5u wrote

If it was from earlier today, it was mine. Mods moderated.


w1nterrr t1_j6bllel wrote

they're not where i am . and i want some .


goldensavage216 t1_j6c0v68 wrote

They look a little like Lego accessories idk why


suhlone t1_j6c59c0 wrote

I’ve never seen these they’re so cute 😍


eutrapalicon t1_j6cc8bo wrote

Unfortunately they're not recyclable so they're terrible for the planet (like everything). There has been a bit of campaigning to get them changed to something more sustainable.


OddyTerra t1_j6dxncm wrote

Why does this keep coming up on here. Common in Australia. I guess weird for Americans?


ZombieLebowski t1_j6lfstz wrote

I didn't know these were real I just saw them in the live action r/gudetama series. So cute


toppolinos t1_j6bvg30 wrote

What would be interesting, is seeing any other packaging than the ubiquitous fish ones.


trollcole OP t1_j69ir5j wrote

Reposted because original title wasn’t descriptive enough.


Exotic-Architect t1_j6a3yc9 wrote

Even after people said this wasn't unique or interesting?


trollcole OP t1_j6a8vcd wrote

That’s not what was said in the original post. Some people said they’ve seen these, but I’ve only seen the rectangle packets. That’s why it’s mildly interesting to me, at least. Mostly the topic surrounded the waste of plastic pollutants was in the original post.