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Holotropic_Waffle t1_j6aqiby wrote

First time getting these, there was for sure a fleeting moment of childlike wonder, like it is kinda neat. Soy for sushi in the shape of a fish. Clever.

Then again, microplastic from these containers will end up in the oceans and inside the very fish being used to make sushi - it's all very cyclical and tragic and there's nothing cute or convenient about it in the long run.


lawfulkitten1 t1_j6bauwb wrote

I wish the option in delivery sushi to exclude the soy sauce was more common. Even here in Japan, a lot of (most?) places by default include a small plastic contained of soy sauce, even though the vast majority of households probably have soy sauce at home...


trollcole OP t1_j6bc0gg wrote

I agree! Save the planet, save restaurants money. The only one who wouldn’t be thrilled are the packet makers. But they’ll reap the benefits of less pollution.