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Life-Stable-978 t1_jaa2moc wrote

You can love more than one person... Maybe her husband also had a first love that influenced his life in a big way.

Could she have done anything with the necklace? Didn't an insurance company pay for it?


misterfriend t1_jaa7zj1 wrote

If these speculations you offer are valid, they should be included in the film's narrative. Otherwise, Rose is depicted as someone who views others as pure utility. This includes the exploration crew who helicoptered her in to help them find the necklace. Fat neckbeard is portrayed to be a selfish pig, but he's actually right to be upset with her. Paxton's character on the other hand looks like a romantic fool.

Her granddaughter is standing right there while Rose talks about a man other than her grandfather. I don't know about you, but if my grandmother started talking about some mystery boyfriend from long before I was born, I'd feel really weird about her.

I love/am attracted to all kinds of people for various reasons at various levels of intensity, but my spouse is my #1 heart and my hero. I can reminisce all I want about past loves, but the person who put years of time, affection, patience and memories into me absolutely must be the love of my life. Nothing could supersede that on a human timeline.


Life-Stable-978 t1_jaahkrh wrote

I just think the idea that there must be one great love of your life a bit unrealistic, and pointless. Like you don't rank your children, why significant others? And I wouldn't mind if any of my grandparents spoke to me of a first love, I find it hard to understand why I would care (especially in context without Jack, Rose would never have met her granddaughter's grandfather). Even if you personally don't have any grandparents with more than one spouse or kids with other people, it's quite common

Rose isn't depicted as only caring about what she can get from others, what do you mean by that?


misterfriend t1_jaak4wt wrote

I presume perhaps it's our age difference and life experience that causes us to think differently, if you don't see what I mean. I could try to see it your way, but I just don't. I've had this discussion with others, and they haven't said anything substantial to sway me, based on what the film presents. "Maybe" or "if that was me" don't absolve the given evidence when I judge Rose.

I'm not interested in sitting through the film to provide anyone with supporting points, either, so one can take or leave my assertions. She's all about her love of Jack, and everyone else can hang (including Jack, if we say there's room on that door for two). If that makes her a good person, so be it. But I find that to be a little reptilian.