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tranquil45 t1_j9tw106 wrote

I thought the same, but then I saw titanic on this rerelease. It’s fantastic. Cameron really gets it.


Outrageous-Event785 t1_j9u4gw4 wrote

Titanic 3D 4K was great. I've watched that film thousand times but when I watch it in IMAX in 3D 4K, I saw some small details that I've never seen in previous watch.


katycake t1_j9uu3yr wrote

How did James Cameron turn Titanic 3D, and have it be good? I thought digital 3D sucked because true perspective has to be done with two cameras.

I wouldn't make the odds zero that he actually didn't go out of his way and film Titanic with two cameras. Just to flex.


MrFoxManBoy t1_j9v1ujf wrote

We converted Titanic to 3D. My first gig was 3D conversion and the first two films I worked on were some of the hardest— Jurassic Park and Titanic.

None of it was native like the comment below suggests. We 100% converted it by using a mixture of stereo-painting and compositing. From there I worked on all of Phase 2 of Marvel, Star Wars, Pacific Rim, and my personal favorite, Mad Max: Fury Road. If you care I can explain what we did. If you want the short answer, a lot of fuckin work.


punished_snake15 t1_j9v3gqq wrote

So we have confirmation, the CGI in Pacific rim is native 3d whilst the live action is converted? Because the work on that movie was incredible, in part inspired by the work on Titanic 3d as well


MrFoxManBoy t1_j9v3smn wrote

No. Pacific Rim was also 100% converted. We converted it using 2D plates. We didn’t even have access to the VFX assets back then like we do now.


punished_snake15 t1_ja10ouj wrote

Your entire resume could just hang on pacific rim, I have a 3d tv still, and whilst 3d is regarded as a gimmick usually, it's almost like a revelation to the viewers when I put pacific rim 3d on, quite literally they don't want to watch other 3d movies I own, just that one because it's so grand


MrFoxManBoy t1_ja12fkg wrote

No lie. That was one of the hardest movies we ever did. All that rain and dynamic camera movement. But I am definitely proud of that one. Glad you dig it too!


katycake t1_j9xj3wz wrote

Oh. That's cool. Didn't know it could be done.


MrFoxManBoy t1_j9xm6pj wrote

Little trade secret too. Even most movies that claim they were shot in 3D, a lot of the time have to get converted anyways because something as simple as difference in light entering the two lenses unequally. Meaning if you watched the playback in 3D, it would look like a weird shimmer that only hurts your eyes. So we would have to choose one of the outputs from one of the cameras and convert that plate to 3D.


CorneliusCardew t1_j9uxyjk wrote

I can't find it now but I remember some interview where he said all it takes is time, money, and attention to detail to get post-conversion to like 80% of native 3D quality it's just that no one wants to do that.


sadlibra OP t1_j9twj3k wrote

This post was actually sparked by seeing Titanic 3D. I really really wish it was an option to see it in its original format. I was so distracted.


tranquil45 t1_j9ty67u wrote

Oh interesting! I loved it in 3d, I hope you get to see it on the big screen in 2d in the future :)


ViolentAmbassador t1_j9u4zxv wrote

Yeah that doesn't surprise me, I just haven't seen the re-release. I'd trust Cameron to be worth seeing in 3D but he's basically the only one.